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Hounded is here!!! Arooo!!!

Wolf shifters in Underhill!

“Never go into the woods.” Abuella said….But that’s exactly where I had to run. And I’m not looking back…

Carmine: I’ve fallen head-over-heels into a world of enchantment—where wolves shift into men, fairies fly through the air, and I might be a lost fae princess with magical powers. Even Alice didn’t have it this crazy.

To top it all off, my only hope to get back home is a too-sexy man who isn’t a man at all. He’s a wolf. And he’s bitter as hell.

Culann: This has been the day from hell. The pack that threw me out needs me to rescue them, but I’m busy rescuing a woman who shouldn’t even be here in the land of the fae—a woman who’s never seen magic. Or has she?

I don’t have time to teach her to survive. But I can’t abandon her. Especially not when I find out she might be the one—my fated mate.

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This overworked secretary finds sanctuary in the arms of a rogue shifter—is it magic… Or is it fate?

Little Red Riding Hood * lost princess * reluctant hero * fairy tale twist * alpha hero * fish out of water*shifter romance

Immerse yourself in Jessica Aspen’s fast-paced fantasy romance…clever, sexy, and just a little on the dark side. Read HOUNDED today.

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