Tales of the Black Court

The Dark Huntsman

book one: Tales of the Black Court

the dark huntsman by jessica aspen

An evil queen, a dangerous man, and a witch, tangled together in a tale of Snow White… Click HERE for more of book one, Tales of the Black Court.  buyAZ




   Prince by Blood and Bone

Book Two Tales of the Black Court

prince by blood and bone by jessica aspen

A rebellious prince, a reluctant witch, and a mysterious prophecy, twisted together in a tale of Beauty and the Beast…click HERE for more of book two, Tales of the Black Court.




The Other Side of the Mirror

book 2.5 Tales of the Black Court

The Other Side of the Mirror, cover art by Viola Estrella

Jessica Aspen’s fantasy prequel to BROKEN MIRROR, book three in her spicy fantasy romance series.

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Broken Mirror cover art by Viola Estrella

Broken Mirror

 book three, Tales of the Black Court

 Caught in the Black Queen’s spell, ignorant of who she is and why she should hate the queen,  the only man who might tell Cassie the truth is the court trickster…and everyone knows he’s not a man to be trusted. ♥♥♥

Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance ♥♥♥

RED-1600x2400 A sexy shifter fairytale romance


When Red packs her goodies to Grandma’s house she gets more than she bargains for seducing the new forest ranger, Evan Brewster. (click HERE for more)

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snow: a sexy shifter fairytale romance


The Queen of Bitch’s stepdaughter is on the run and a human hating wolf shifter is her only chance. (click HERE for more)

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goldi: a sexy shifter fairytale romance


When wolf shifter Goldi breaks into the house of three bear shifters, it’s more than just a fairytale gone wrong. (click HERE for more)

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Scarlett: A Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance by Jessica Aspen


Trapped in an isolated cabin with trouble on the way, how is Scarlett to know that the man who could be her prince is actually a bear shifter in disguise. (Click HERE for more)

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Silver: A Sexy Shifer Fairytale Romance by Jessica Aspen


In all the best fairytales, bear shifters mate for life. Right? (Click HERE for more)

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Cinder by Jessica Aspen


When curvy Cinderella meets a charming reluctant alpha, can he save her from a step mother who means murder? (click HERE for more)

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Discover all of Jessica Aspen’s Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romances

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Haunted Holidays

Sexy, short, contemporary love stories with a Gothic twist

 ghosts of christmas past by jessica aspen

 All Jen wants is a quiet Christmas, but her sexy landlord, Nate, has other ideas.

And then there is the ghost…    

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Rogue Enforcer by jessica aspen

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  13. Tomara

    Hi! I’ve read all three of your “Tales of the Black Court” novels, I LOVE them they’re amazing and I’m hooked! Please, pretty pretty please would you tell me roughly when the fourth book is coming out?

    • Hi Tomara,
      I hate to tell you but it’s going to be 2016 before I can get the next one out. They take me longer to plot, write, and edit. But the good news is I’m plotting away and I’m super excited about the next one. Are you on the mailing list? That’s the easiest way to get the information.
      So glad you enjoyed them!

  14. Tomara

    I am on the email list, thank you for letting me know the next book won’t be out til 2016, I look forward to it! 🙂

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