Wolf Enforcers

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Choosing between lovers isn’t the way to start a job—neither is being stalked.

wolf enforcer by jessica aspen

Serena Lowell’s move to Colorado isn’t going as planned. Her new boss hates her, she’s falling in love with the wrong twin, and a stalker is sending her roses.

When the sexiest woman alive walked up to Gabe Wulfric and demanded to make love, he knew he’d met his mate. But falling head over tail for Serena turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

Now both twins are suffering from mating fever and Serena has to make a choice. A choice that will give one twin the mate of his dreams—and set the other up for a chaotic fall into the wild. If she can survive the obsessive love of her secret stalker.

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LONE ENFORCER, available July 2017 in the boxed set ALPHAS OF SUMMER