Wolf Enforcers


Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of romantic shifter suspense…

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Choosing between lovers isn’t the way to start a job—neither is being stalked.

wolf enforcer by jessica aspen

Serena Lowell’s move to Colorado isn’t going as planned. Her new boss hates her. She’s falling in love with the wrong twin. And a stalker is sending her roses.

When the sexiest woman alive walks up to Gabe Wulfric and demands to make love, he knows he’s met his mate. But will falling head-over-tail for Serena turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life?

Now both twins are suffering from mating fever and Serena has to make a choice. A choice that will give one brother the mate of his dreams. And set the other up for a chaotic fall into the wild. If, that is, Serena can survive the obsessive love of her secret stalker.

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Glenna McReynolds just wants to go home, but the strangers holding her captive say she’s one of them now—and she can never go home again.

It was just another ordinary day for Glenna Mc Reynolds…until she was violently attacked and ended up in the hospital. Now, Glenna is on a whirlwind discovery of the world of wolves, dreamwalkers, and spelltalkers—a world she never knew existed. And she is hell-bent on escape.

After nearly going wild wolf, Sam Wulfric is back and sane—mostly. The last assignment he wants is babysitting a new wolf shifter, and all the chaos that involves. Even worse, she’s one of the sexiest women he’s ever seen and she’s driving his inner wolf crazy. But when everyone from the US Government to an unknown assailant comes after Glenna, Sam’s instincts take over. Now, he’ll do anything to keep Glenna safe—even if her new found mating urge drives him over the edge.

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PACK ENFORCER-book three


In order to solve the mystery of her sister’s disappearance Sarah McReynolds will take on everyone and everything—including her dead sister.

Glimpses of her dead sister Glenna, alive and with a dark mysterious stranger, push Sarah to leave the safety of her rich, privileged life and venture into the dark. But when pursuing the truth leads Sarah into more than she’s bargained for she risks not only her life, but the life of her sister—if Glenna is still alive.

Wolf shifter Caleb Lupen has been tasked with keeping Sarah safe and out of harm’s way—as well as hide every detail of her sister’s new existence as a wolf. But how can he do that when sexy Sarah is determined to turn over every rock and ferret out the pack’s secrets? And when a mysterious informant contacts Sarah—Caleb is sure she’s in grave danger.

In order to protect Sarah, Caleb will risk his job, his status in the enforcers, and his life. But most of all…he runs the risk of losing the woman destined to be his mate.


Available November 17th, 2017





Rogue Enforcer by jessica aspen

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Alphas of Summer Ebook


 On the hunt for her best friend, Natalie discovers it’s more than murder…

it’s wolf shifters.

Armed with her best friend Yvette’s last known location, Natalie Fisher, heads out into the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. When the trail leads onto private property, Natalie doesn’t hesitate, but her dangerous search for clues only leads her to a blood soaked piece of land, and a trip down a rocky ravine.

Volunteer pack enforcer and full-time ranch hand, Luca Weylyn, has been a loner his entire life. When riding fences he finds Natalie trapped and injured near what could be a murder site he realizes—her big brown eyes and determined attitude have finally given him a reason to break free from his lonely cowboy’s life. But Natalie is a human, and Luca is a wolf shifter. Can there be any future for Luca with a woman with whom he can never share his secrets?

When Natalie’s insistence on hunting down the truth conflicts with the pack’s needs, will Luca reveal being a wolf shifter in order to keep her? Or will the other enforcers insist that Natalie’s life be sacrificed for the good of the pack?

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Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of romantic shifter suspense…and discover your imagination.


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Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of romantic shifter suspense…

and discover your imagination.