Tales of the Crimson Court


ASHES: a twisted Cinderella tale of romance and magic



An enslaved princess, a charming thief, and a power-hungry step-mother out for revenge…

Princess Ellasin has been living a life of drudgery in her own castle working for her step-mother, the Crimson Queen. When sexy, devil-may-care Finn Aduain breaks in and invites her to take a walk on the wild side, instead of danger—Ella sees opportunity.

Disgraced prince turned charming thief— Finn has his own secrets. But when he meets the charmingly innocent ash-girl, he’s intrigued. Seducing Ella into leaving the life she’s always known becomes his new mission.

Desperate to for power, the queen has decreed a ball for Ella’s step-sisters to find husbands and Ella decides—this is the perfect night to escape. With the assistance of Finn, the castle ghost, and her own surprisingly strong magic, Ella finally discovers freedom. But freedom comes at a price. Ella learns that her step-mother drained Ella’s father of his life and his magic—and now intends to drain her too. Ella vows to take back her throne and put an end to her step-mother, once and for all.







GRIM: a Fantasy Romance of the Crimson Court

Book Two in the Tales of the Crimson Court

When a princess is kidnapped by a fae with a grudge, she discovers…when it comes to love, a beast may be better than beauty.

 Grim Ni Brennan lost his leg, and his sister, to the enemy. Now, all he wants is to resurrect the past and save his sister from the dead. To fulfill the spell, he must get a princess to spin straw into gold. When the perfect enemy princess falls into his hands, he’ll sacrifice anything—even the princess herself—to see his sister again.

Ana isn’t sure she’s a princess any more, not since her step-sister Ella took over the throne. All she wants is a new purpose in life. Just as she gets up the courage to find out what that is, she’s kidnapped by a man intent on revenge. Now, all Ana wants to do is stay alive, and get back to her old life as fast as she can, but to do that she can’t do the one thing Grim needs her to do: turn that straw into gold. For as soon as she does—she knows she’ll be dead.

But Grim wasn’t counting on liking the enemy, nor was he counting on how attractive she’d be and as the hours roll into days, and Ana becomes more than just the enemy, Grim has a choice—at what point do you sacrifice the future to save the past?

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A Fantasy Romance with a Rumplestiltskin Twist 

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a Fantasy tale of the Crimson Court

The night Rapunzel has been waiting for is finally here—the night of her birthday ball, when she will be acknowledged as princess and heir to the throne. And, not only will she be the bell of the ball, but she knows the man of her dreams, Slaine ni Brennan, will be there. Kissing Slaine the last time she saw him was enough to prove that she loved him, but it’s been a long winter, will the fierce warrior still feel the same about her?


But a night of romance and dreams is not to be. Instead, war comes to the kingdom and Gothel, the Crimson Queen, attacks.  Unable to sit and wait, Rapunzel  takes off her fancy ball gown , puts on her armor, and heads to the battlefield. But before she can get there the battle comes to her—and Rapunzel’s whole life changes in an instant as her world comes crumbling down.

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Dare to discover Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance in her brand new twisted fairy tale series: Tales of the Crimson Court