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Romancing the Sprint

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fairy tale rose in mirrorHappy Labor Day!

You may have caught my goals re-visitation post HERE and wondered at how I get all that spicy, fairy tale, paranormal romance writing done. Well it might not seem romantic, but like any fairy tale ending, writing romance requires determination, discipline, and grit.

And a timer.

Yes, a timer.

Wonder how I do it Jessica Aspen style? Here goes!

Ready, set, write!

I discovered the art of sprinting through author, Sherry Isaac. We were chatting online and Sherry said that she, and fellow author Gloria Richard, were sprinting- would I like to join? My response? Sure, why not? How do you sprint?

Set the timer for forty-five minutes, and get ready, set, write!

Turns out in writing it’s more of a long running writing session with breaks, than actual sprinting. If you were to run on the trail for 45 minutes to an hour, would you call that a sprint? No, I don’t think so. You’d call it over and done and move on to the donuts. But when you write and only set your timer for forty-five minutes, then it’s a sprint. Who knew?timer and laptop

Well, I do now.

I believe Sherry and Gloria now sprint in sixty minute increments, but I love the forty-five minutes with a fifteen minute break. It feels solid to start every hour on the hour, re-set the timer for my three-quarters of an hour and focus. Do not look at Facebook. Do not tweet. Do not even answer the phone. Unless it’s your mother. Then you have no choice but to answer the phone and re-set the timer for an uneven number of minutes. Sorry writing muse, mom’s come first.

The best thing about sprinting?

I use it everywhere all the time. Those fifteen minutes of break time from writing become house cleaning mini-sprints. Fifteen minutes is enough time to get a snack and clean the bathroom. Or dust. Or vacuum a room and a half. Then it’s back to the writing.

And I sprint in my exercising too. Turns out varying your speed of exercise for short bursts is a very efficient way to boost your metabolism. I now sprint twice a week. Mondays and Fridays you’ll see me flying down the trail, dog in tow, for sixty seconds. Then I walk until I catch my breath and take off again, feet pounding into the dirt, dog’s long pink tongue lolling from her mouth.

That’s the secret. That’s how fairy tale romantic endings fly from my typing fingers at the speed of light, how my house stays clean, and how my thighs are firming up. I’ve learned to do everything in moderation and because of that I’ve become a super sprinter!

Do you sprint when you write? How about cleaning or exercising? Have you ever tried it? What would happen if you did?

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