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Writing Linkies for Monday

Moonday Mania

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I’ve been all over the net lately sucking up valuable information and insight from other authors and bloggers, so today I thought I’d share some of my favorites. I’m taking a page from Jenny Hansen (Jenny calls this “pimping”) and asking you to share your own favorite links, either a post you love of your own crafting, or someone else’s that you love.

1. For a good kick in the keister check out Writer’s in the Storm guest author Jane Porter’s Ten Keys to Success and Survival in the Romance Industry.


she's gone country by jane porterJane’s been an author for a long time and she’s seen many of the changes that have rocked out publishing world. I first was introduced to her with her single title She’s Gone Country, the story of a divorced mom of two going back to her home on the range. Loved it!

There are so many lines in her blog post that I wanted to quote here that I realized I ran the risk of copyright infringement! So here is just one, and you’ll have to visit Writer’s in the Storm for the rest.

“I put Attitude near the top of the Survival list because attitude is everything.

Your attitude will make or break you.  Your attitude is what will set you apart from other authors.  Attitude is what will get you to the finish line—will define how successful you’ll be.  And attitude doesn’t just happen.  You make attitude happen.  You choose your outlook, the way you cope with rejection.  You choose your friends.  You choose when and if you’re going to keep writing.”

See! You want to read the rest of the article now, don’t you?

And there is a follow up blog Ten Keys to Success and Survival Part 2


2. Another fascinating post is by one of my favorite bloggers, Dean Wesley Smith. Dean (Yes, I am assuming first name basis here. After all I visit his blog all the time.) If you want to know what is really going on with our crazy industry, you need to be reading his blog, and his wife, Kathryn Rusch’s blogs as well. They’ve done it all from script writing, to working with the Big Six, to owning their own publishing company and they spend a lot of time thinking and reading and writing about publishing. This blog is about how Indie Authors can sell in book stores and why it’s not just feasible to try, but it’s happening now. To them. This will change how print books sell. Actually, it already is.


3. Her Story Calls is a fun writer run blog where some of my pals write about all sorts of topics from their day to day lives to OMG writing! But starting May 25th they are dedicating their blog to fighting cancer. If you are an author with a cancer story: survival, friends, family, whatever has affected you and yours, they want you as a guest blogger. Check out their site for this amazing opportunity to share your story and to raise money for The American Cancer Society. And if you are lucky enough to be someone who hasn’t been affected, hop on by May 25th-June 25th to support those who have.


That’s all folks! So, what links do you love this week? You can pimp your own or someone else’s, or both!


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Kara Lennox plot fixer-moonday mania

The summer before last I attended a Colorado Romance Writers mini-con put on by Kara Lennox. It was an incredibly invaluable day. So I was thrilled to find some of what she taught us at one of my favorite blogs, Writers in the Storm. Sometimes you know there is something wrong with your manuscript, but you aren’t sure what. Kara’s plot-fixers help you identify the ten main problems writers encounter.

Take for instance, lesson ten on Loss of Focus. This lesson not only covers when you are drifting away, but why. You need to figure out your theme.

A theme is a “universal truth,” though it doesn’t have to be “true” for everyone, and you don’t have to believe it. It just has to be true for this book.”

Themes are tough, I’m not sure I even know my theme when I start outlining a book, it’s only after I have figured out why both my characters get together that a theme starts to gel. But then to stay with it throughout the book? That’s a tough one. I try to focus on  a theme of growth through love of another person. To me true romance is finding that person who forces you to grow, even if you don’t want to!

Let’s say your heroine is afraid of heights. You could write about a hero who is kind and understanding, unlike her bullying parents who forced her to go rock climbing. That hero would be a nice guy, but he wouldn’t support my theme of growth. Now the hero who helps her confront her fear and have a successful rock climbing trip would be more my kind of hero. Of course since I write more suspenseful books it would likely be rock climbing in the rain to get away from the villain!

But you get the picture.

Theme can be book specific or you can always write the same theme. When you have the same theme running throughout your books that contributes to your voice and to forming a solid brand. That is the goal: to find your voice, identify your personal theme, and make sure that theme runs under each book. When you’ve done that, you’ll know you are well on your way. But it starts with just one book.

For example, in Little Red Riding Wolf, Red is searching for independence from her family and pack. So independence might be the book’s theme, but throughout the book Evan is supporting her in her attempts at independence, so that hits on my personal theme of growth through love. She wouldn’t separate from her family if she didn’t have his support.

What is the theme of the book you are currently reading or writing? Does the author have that theme throughout their writing? Do you as an author have an overall personal theme that runs through all of your books?

Want to start with Kara’s Lesson One? Click HERE  to learn about why your premise is not compelling.

I’m on a promotional blog tour this week, so don’t forget to drop by Romance and Beyond, where I blogged last week about love and icecream and then on Wednesday hop on over to Sherry Isaacs Sizzling site for a Wildflower blog.


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Bring a Little Sunshine to Your Life

Moonday Mania

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Thank you Sherry Isaac!

winner of the sunshine blog awardSizzling Sherry has passed on to me the Sunshine Award, and while I’m not too sure exactly what the Sunsine Award means for a paranormal blog, I do know what it means for my Moonday Mania Writers blog. It means I answer ten questions and then I pass it on to a few more quality bloggers.

So, since I can’t pass this award back to Sherry (though I ‘d really love to) I need to pass it on to someone else. And since this is Moonday Mania, I’m going to not only choose writers, but writers who write about writing.

First of is Kristen Lamb. Kristen is the social media guru and the mastermind behind #MYWANA. She turned me on to changing up my web presence, and if I am lagging behind, it is not her fault. I’m just slow. Kristen has a fabulous blog for writers, she teaches fabulous classes and she writes books. She does it all. Find Kristen HERE and tune into her amazing knowledge, and while you’re at it, cruise through some of her old posts, she has a ton of good ones.

Second Writers in the Storm. Want some good writing articles mixed with some fun? Try Writer’s in the Storm. One of my favorite people is on their the last Friday of the month, Tiffany Lawson Inman, Tiffany brings her acting background to the editing table and serves up a killer piece of writing advice once a month. Add in their weekly Crit Group feature, Amazon advice,  and all the different interests of the group and you have a stimulating writing blog.

I invite Kristen, and Writers in the Storm to select and pass on this award to more blogs, two, four, six. Whomever and whyever they choose.

Here’s my Q&A:

  • My favourite color: Do I have to pick one? I used to say green, but the truth is I love ’em all.
  • My favorite animal: Right now, my black Lab Molly. She is so sweet and loves me now matter what.
  • My favourite number: 7. I don’t know why, but that’s the one that comes to mind. Lucky number 7.Snazzy author friends at Linger
  • My favourite drink: I now have a new favorite drink. I went out to dinner at a fab restaurant in Denver, Linger, and they served a terrific Ginger Collins. Picture a sweltering hot evening, the companionship of amazing author friends, and the cool slide of Canton Ginger Liqueur, vodka with a hint of lemon over ice. Mmmm, I think I need one now.
  • Facebook or Twitter: Twitter first,  https://twitter.com/#!/JessicaAspen, Facebook second, https://www.facebook.com/jessica.aspen
  • My passion: Writing, writing, writing
  • Prefer giving or getting presents: I’m not all that into presents, I’d rather have the present of your presence.
  • My favorite pattern: I love textures. Bumpy patterns woven into sweaters, the soft swish of silk. I love to touch.
  • My favorite day of the week: Saturday. No work and you still have Sunday left of the weekend. Or it could be Monday, if I’m not working everyone leaves the house and I get to write. Do I have to chose?
  • My favorite flower: Purple iris.

Have fun visiting Sherry, Kristen, and the authors at Writers in the Storm and spread a little sunshine when you go. What writing blogs to you love? Any that have won the sunshine award? What should a sunshine award do anyway?


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