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Other People’s Book Reviews

Thursdays Bite

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I did it. I played hooky and I took yesterday off. It was a spur of the moment thing, so the blog didn’t get posted. Yesterday is supposed to be my paranormal book review, but I put off writing it. Why? Because I haven’t been able to squeeze a paranormal book into my reading schedule. So instead I am providing links to other people’s book reviews.

Just so you know I’m not typically a slacker, here is what happened this month to throw me off schedule. First of all I had my edits come through, and there were more things to do then I realized. Then I’m running CRW’s AOE contest. Wow! That takes a lot of work during January, and I didn’t realize how crazy it was going to be. And I’m judging a panel for RWA’s Golden Heart as well as a panel for CRW’s AOE. That is a ton of reading.

And even if I were reading the paranormal category (which I’m not, since that’s one of the categories I’m organizing) it would be unethical to post a review. So I’m reading five books that I can’t review. Oh and there is the CRW book club book, a nice contemporary suspense from Julie James, A Lot Like Love, not paranormal this month. What else… oh, family member in hospital for a week. Everything is fine now. And then there is just life. Crazy life.

So I couldn’t squeeze a parnormal book in this month, but here are are a few people who did. Hillary Seidl did a wonderful book review on The Fallen Queen by Jane Kindred. You can always find great Paranormal book reviews on RT, this week they reviewed Wild Cat by  Jennifer Ashley. And Literal Addiction reviewed Lara Adrian’s latest, Darker After Midnight.

I hope to be reading more paranormal after this month, so look for another review in February! Don’f forget to enter my contest HERE, you might win a copy of Little Red Riding Wolf or a Rocky Mountain Chocolates gift certificate


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