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It’s time for Magic! Come support our Thunderclap.

Fantastic Fridays


If you haven’t yet supported the Magical Romance in New Mexico Thunderclap, now’s your chance! Just click HERE and add your Facebook or Twitter support for our release. We’ve gotten our 100 supporters, but I would love to see how many more we can achieve, so click and support and join the Thunder for Magical Romance!


Touch of Beauty, my brand new twisted fairy tale romance, joins 15 brand new science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy romances set in the magical land of New Mexico. All these amazing romance books release on September 19th. That’s just a few days!

So, if you love magic, romance, and New Mexico, join us for some fabulous reads!

Touch Of Beauty_with logo

What happens when a brand new Fairy Godmother, a witch, and a troll, are caught up in a twist of Beauty and the Beast…Magic!

Ever since the day a bedraggled fairy walked into his casino and turned him into a troll, Tanner Scott has been in a bad mood. Now, the casino is losing money, the dwarves in the family mine are on strike, and he can’t keep a housekeeper to save his life. When one of their clients nearly drains the casino’s bank, Tanner loses it and decrees the man must pay the consequences.

Bonita can’t help wanting to rescue her dad from his downward spiral so she heads to the casino to face the man who owns her father’s debt—Tanner Scott.  What she doesn’t expect is how desperate being a troll has made Tanner. Or that behind the scenes is a magical fairy with a mission. Or that love might finally conquer all—trolls, kidnappings…and her own disbelief.

Discover Jessica Aspen’s fairy tale twists—Magic New Mexico Style.


Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at http://JessicaAspen.com


Your Jessica Aspen Starter Library is waiting.

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jessica aspen starter library



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Happy Halloween!

Thursays Bite

Happy Halloween!

Today is the last day to leave a comment on the Quarterly Release Blog Hop to win! On my site, just leave a comment in the box to win an ebook. You need to enter at the Rafflecopter site for the general Huge Swag Pack including copies of my twisted fairy tale, spicy, new adult, paranormal series, Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods.

Also the last day to participate in Sam Cheever’s Trick or Treat contest. Tomorrow I’ll be drawing names for the prizes on my site and sending one lucky winner on to Sam’s super prize swag pack including a kindle paperwhite and a copy of The Dark Huntsman.

Crazy Halloween Week!

I was going to have my fantasy romance, The Dark Huntsman, Free today and with everything going on in my life, I forgot that I needed to schedule the free day! So it will be free on November 1st and November 2nd on Amazon. Check in tomorrow for the links and details!


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What’s the new trend and are you chasing it?

Moonday Mania

a blog for romance lovers everywhere

A little business first. If you haven’t tricked or treated, click on the link to the Trick or Treat page, send me your answer to the treat bag question, then hop over to Sam Cheever’s blog for the entire list of authors where you can enter for fabulous prizes including a Kindle Paperwhite, a print copy of my fantasy romance The Dark Huntsman, and other fabulous romance authors books. 

And this is also the week to check out the Quarterly Release blog hop. More fabulous authors, romance books, and prizes. And for that one I’m giving away my Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods spicy, paranormal, new adult novellas. Werewolves and werebears fall in love in a twised fairy tale setting. What could be better than that?

Now on to my ramblings for Monday…

I’ve been thinking about authors and writing and rejection and I’m wondering if sometimes we don’t understand why we are rejected. I see authors whose writing is stellar. They are good writers, but not getting published and they think it’s because they can’t write. But when you look at the evidence, it’s not true for everyone. They are excellent writers. But what they are writing may not be the “thing” at the moment. Or it might be, but the publisher already has four authors writing that sort of trope and they don’t need more. Those issues are not the writers fault. They aren’t anyone’s fault. They are a result of a publisher trying to decide what it can afford to sell and what will be sell-able two in the future. What are the trends in romance publishing?

When I first started writing twisted fairy tales I had responses like “oh, that’s interesting, is anyone reading those?” And now look at the marketplace, twisted fairy tales are everywhere. Paranormal is part of the mainstream. Even now the publishers are turning down paranormal right and left, especially vampires, and look what new series debuted this week? Dracula 


The TV and movie people don’t think paranormal or twisted fairytales or even vampires have passed as a trend. So why do the publishers? And are they right?

Paranormal is hot right now, shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time have huge followings but large publishers have to consider what will be hot in the future. It takes 2 to three years for a large publisher to take your book to market. Now make that a three book series. You are looking at what will be popular 2016-2020. And since publishers have seen trends come and go, they are nervous that paranormal will not be sustainable for that length of time.

Let’s look at romantic suspense. I was just told by a publisher that my in process paranormal romantic suspense series would be great, if I took out the paranormal element. Really? That would be an entirely new book and while I might want to publish with this publisher it would mean not just re-writing, but starting over. I’m not really ready to do that. And I think paranormal suspense has a market. If romantic suspense is hot, why not paranormal romantic suspense?

A few years ago the big publishers were clamoring for new paranormal and not really interested in romantic suspense. What changed? Well, independent published authors are doing well with RS and traditional publishers want a piece of that pie. Independent publishers kept writing what they wanted to write and enough people bought the genre to give them a good living and now it’s growing as the tides of genre shift. Publishers see paranormal sales dropping and RS sales increasing and it’s enough to tell them they’d better jump into the next boat or they’ll get left behind.

But should I do that? Should I stop working on projects that I’ve been working on for several years and are now ready for the marketplace.


This is a huge opportunity for me to write what I want to write and still have the trend be hot. Don’t forget, big publishers are looking far ahead, forecasting two, five, ten years into the future. I have books ready now that can go out now. And, if I want to, I can work on a RS series for a few years into the future. Why not? I would start writing it now and have it ready to go just when the predictors think it will be hot.

And what about my twisted fairy tales? My fantasy romances? My paranormal suspense?

I’ll be publishing them now and enjoying all the fantasy and paranormal readers frustration when they can’t find enough paranormal to satisfy their appetites. That’s what happened to RS, and to Western Romance, and I see it happening in several areas of historical romance as well. While there may not be enough readers of any of those genres to have all the big publishers interested in those trends, there are lots of readers who love all those genres. And I think there are going to be lots of paranormal romance readers in the future who will be searching for what they love and finding…me!

That’s why I decided to stop querying and get my series out there now. I don’t want to wait while publishers decide that they have too many fairy tales or have one of them take me on only to spend two to three years getting the book to market and miss the wave. I want to be out there now. And maybe it will be a springboard for bigger things. Meanwhile I’ll be writing and supplying readers with the wonderful twisted fairy tale romance that they desire right now.

And as for that romantic suspense? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see!

What are you reading right now? Are you tired of paranormal? Do you love it, but just wish there were something new, some new twist? Do you read RS and are you hungry for more?

the dark huntsman free on kindle on halloweenThe Dark Huntsman will be Free on Amazon for your kindle on Halloween and November first. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, be sure to do so. And please be kind and review after you read. Thanks!


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Goldilocks Cometh

Thursday’s Bite

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I’ve sent the third book and possibly final novella in my Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods series off to Passion in Print. Last year as my edits approached for Little Red Riding Wolf, I found myself unable to commit to starting a large new project. I thought about writing the sequel to Little Red, but I wasn’t sure of my direction. Should I write about Red’s brother, the erstwhile villain in Little Red Riding Wolf (next time I pick long titles, someone stop me)? Seth has depth. He’s a good older brother, watching out for his little sister and at the same time there’s something dark and tortured about his soul.

It was definitely an interesting idea. The prodigal brother finds love. Hmm, maybe. Or should I focus on the other brothers. The ones you never see in Little Red Riding Wolf, but you know exist. They are all blank slates waiting for stories. And there are so many fairy tales to chose from. Any one of the werewolf brothers could twist his own tale.While Seth’s story intrigued me it wasn’t the one I started last year.

I played with the idea of setting another story in the small town of Radon? Create a new hero or heroine. Someone to play a modern werewolf Belle or Cinderella or even Ariel. The possibilities are endless. I’ve found that I could, if I so chose, write the same fairy tale over and over. Twisting it in a different way each time so that each plot, each heroine and hero have their own setting and story.

In the end I started two stories. Seth’s, now Snow and the Seventh Wolf and Goldilocks, and Goldi and the Bear. So look out Radon, I’ve created a storm that’s brewing nearby. Close enough to cause trouble for the wolves, but with a distinct bear flavor. I’m not giving up the wolves, nor am I leaving Radon too far behind, but Goldilocks calls. And bear shapeshifters present a whole new idea. Hmm. How many bears were there? Now that’s a romance.

As much as I love shapeshifter romance and twisted fairy tales. As much as I love the way my paranormal romances have turned out, I’m working on some new ideas right now and all my twisted shapeshifter romances will have to wait until my current muse is satisfied. While I’m putting my Radon stories on the backburner, I’m up for suggestions on which fairytale to twist next for the series and I need title. It’s tough to keep the original title and the shapeshifter theme going, so I’m calling on you to use your imagination and give me some suggestions. When I’m ready to write I’ll have a whole slew of ideas ready to go, so let me have ’em!


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Grimm Suvivial

Thursday’s Bite

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We’re on a second season of Grimm, and I’m thrilled. I wasn’t too sure when the show first started (Check out my post on Will Grimm Survive? HERE), but I’m a fan now.

My main complaint last season was that the hero, Nick Burkhardt played by David Guintoli, had no depth. He just wasn’t dark enough for the show. Too nice, too good looking, too naive. It was tough to believe him as a homicide detective, let alone as the alpha male to take on all the supernatural beasties. But they’ve developed him nicely. He’s accumulating secrets, and has developed some street smarts. He’s still not a tough guy, he just misses the mark. But he is now a more believable character and I love tuning in.

The show has fantastic make-up artists, and I love the German themes that flow through the show. They’ve made a real effort to not only include the Grimm Brothers fairytales, but they have a dark forest feel to the entire set. Everyone lives in a lovely jewel of a craftsman home, with exposed beams and stained glass. While that may not be realistic, it helps set the cottage in the woods feel of the show. And they’ve developed some nice secondary sub-plots with my favorite character, Monroe; the clock-maker vegetarian reformed Blutbad (read werewolf). Even Hank, Nick’s detective partner, is growing in depth. And of course the main mystery of the show, the prince disguised as the police captain, is tantalizingly being developed.

Will Grimm survive? This season for sure. If it were up to me, it would get a third season. I’m thoroughly enjoying this season’s character arcs and story development. But I loved the Dresden Files and the mainstream network cut those. Who can guess what motivates the execs?

Do you watch Grimm? What about Once Upon a Time? I love the twisted fairy tales and I’m thrilled they are in the mainstream. Just curious about how long they’ll stay. What do you think?


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Why Snow White?

Thursdays Bite

a paranormal blog

When I first started to write twisted fairy tales, no one else was doing it. Okay, that’s not exactly true. There were a few die hard people like me messing around with Grimm’s and Charles Perrault’s works, but not many. Now they are everywhere. Authors who typically write in other areas are twisting tales with a vengeance.

And the movies, wow! How many versions of Snow White does Hollywood think we need. And the crazy thing is that the original Snow White barely has a romance. The prince swoops in at the end, kisses her, and off they go to get married. It’s really about Snow’s relationship to her stepmother. Maybe that’s the reason why out of all of the fairy tales it’s the one the scriptwriters prefer. My Evil Step-mother, a reality movie for a new generation.

We love the idea of the evil step-mother. And even evil mothers. For some reason fairy tales are full of evil mom’s and the dad’s are just side notes. Remember Hansel and Gretel. Dad is a wimp who does whatever the stepmother says. She must have been a hottie for him to abandon his children, not once, but twice.

And on TV, it’s Snow White, again. While Once Upon a Time has all the fairy tales appearing, the central story has been built around Snow White and the evil step-mother. Something about this tale must resonate.

I’ve done it too. My latest book, Snow and the Seventh Wolf release January 2013, is based on Snow White. Why?

I think Snow White has it all. It’s long and has many plot twists. The Queen is a great villain. We understand her need to get rid of the lovey princess due to her vanity. Who likes getting old? And Snow ends up cleaning house for seven little men. Of course in the Russian version its seven handsome woodsmen, but still, that’s a lot of men for one girl to clean up after. And her reputation isn’t sullied in the least. After being in the woods, unaccompanied with all those men, she still gets to marry the prince.

Personally, I think the prince being absent lends itself to all kinds of creativity. We can’t fathom that he just rides in at the end. We want him to be there the whole time; helping Snow sweep mine tailings out from under the beds, or making sure she doesn’t bite the apple. We’re romantics. How could he sweep in and save the day without being there, somehow disguised the whole time as a dwarf?

Snow White has got it all. Mystery. An opportunity to fill in the gaps in the romance. And, of course, the evil step-mother. Who could resist twisting it one more time?

How many versions of Snow Lego Maleficent White are you familiar with? Which is your favorite? Did you go see any of the movies? Mirror, Mirror?  Snow White and the Huntsman? And don’t forget that Angelina Jolie is about to re-create Maleficent for Disney, are you going to go see my favorite villain?


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Success! Snow and the Seventh Wolf Submitted!

Sensational Saturdays

Thank goodness this is a blog for whatever I want to write!

I did it! I finally finished the sequel to Little Red Riding Wolf. I’ve turned it in, so now we’ll see what happens next. One of the things about hitting send is that I now think that everything should have been changed. I start second guessing myself and my plot and my characters. But I had fun!

This story is a little darker than Little Red Riding Wolf, which makes sense. It’s a  tale of two people who desperately need to trust each other, but have lots of reasons why they should never have met in the first place. Take one anti-hero and put him in a situation where no one else will step in, add in a  dark haired damsel in distress, then mix in hot chemical attraction and what do you have? Snow and the Seventh Wolf.

mirror mirror adOr at least that’s the title I’ve been working with. Hopefully you guessed that it’s based on Snow White, and given the amount of Snow White stories in the media it should get some attention. Between Mirror Mirror, and Snow White and the Huntsman, there have been lots of Snow White stories out there. But mine is about werewolves and hot spicy romance.

If you’ve read Little Red Riding Wolf you know Seth as the bad apple. In Snow and the Seventh Wolf he’s been sent up to Wyoming to stay with his  six cousins. (I couldn’t do dwarfs, not with hot muscular werewolves to choose from instead.) Seth is moody and unhappy, but when he has the chance to shine, he does. Even if it’s with a good dose of reluctance.

Jackson Hole. WyomingI moved my wolves from Radon, Colorado, mostly because I wanted to make the story darker. Many of the characters in Radon have taken on a lighter cast. Shapeshifting grannies just lend themselves to a little bit of humor. I wanted to create a dark background and the steep mountains and gorgeous forests of Jackson Hole just did that better. Also Seth needed some kind of punishment for his actions in Little Red Riding Wolf, and exile suited my needs.

I’m still intending to write more about Radon and the wolves there. Luckily there are a lot of fairy tales still unwritten in my world of tongue in cheek, spicy-hot, Radon. Next on my list is Goldilocks. Watch out whose house you wander into!

Have you seen any of the twisted fairy tale movies? I have yet to watch them, but as soon as they are in Redbox, I’m on it! I know some of you watched Grimm and Once Upon a Time with me. I’m excited for next season. What stories do you think would lend themselves to hot, twisted, romance? Any favorites you haven’t seen done yet?

If you are a paranormal author you can sign up for the Paranormal Freebies Bloghop, HERE.


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Find Answers to the Question Everyone Asked

Thursday’s Bite

a paranormal Blog

Just a little reminder: if you’ve won a prize, please contact me through my contact box and send me your address, so I can ship your prize. You can check the list HERE.

Little Red Riding Wolf by Jessica Aspen

With the advent of Little Red Riding Wolf I’ve been zipping around the blogs, and there have been some inventive and challenging questions. But there have also been some questions that every blogger asks in their interview.

What made you write this story? or Where did you get your inspiration? or Why twist a fairy tale? or Where do you get your ideas?

It seems we are fascinated by the idea of creation, especially story creation.

I, of course, started with the seed of a story from a traditional fairy tale. Actually most of my finished works are twisted fairy tales. Why? Well not only is it easier to start with a framework, I think it’s fun. Fun to take a classic story, strip it to it’s bones and re-flesh it with your own ideas.

I’m doing that now with the sequel to Little Red Riding Wolf. I’m taking Seth, a character from Little Red, who has really taken on the role of the Big Bad Wolf and morphing him into the prince. Taking a villain and changing him into a hero is a challenge, but changing him into a character that doesn’t even really have much of a role in the story is even tougher. There are very few bones for Seth.

But while I don’t have much structure to play with (Do you even remember the Prince in Snow White? He comes in and saves her with a kiss.) that means I have a ton of flexibility. I can make up as I go. And that gives melot’s of play, extra rope to hang him , or to rescue him.

Since I’m really adding an entire character arc to the story I need to make sure that my other twisted character arcs have a strong relation to the original. When you twist too far people can’t recognize the old story, and funnily enough, that can be upsetting. I have another story that I entered in a contest, and it is obviously a twisted fairy tale, but when I introduced less elements from the story one person got upset. They felt that if I was going to twist a tale, I should stick to it. Needless to say that’s not the point of twisting fairy tales, but what is the point?

As I play with Snow White and write Snow and the Seventh Wolf I find that staying within a familiar story line gives us the structure, taking it out of the familiar gives us the interest. It’s that balance that keeps us hooked.

Leaving you today with the trailer from Mirror Mirror, another twist on Snow White. Looks to be very fun!


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