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What’s the new trend and are you chasing it?

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Now on to my ramblings for Monday…

I’ve been thinking about authors and writing and rejection and I’m wondering if sometimes we don’t understand why we are rejected. I see authors whose writing is stellar. They are good writers, but not getting published and they think it’s because they can’t write. But when you look at the evidence, it’s not true for everyone. They are excellent writers. But what they are writing may not be the “thing” at the moment. Or it might be, but the publisher already has four authors writing that sort of trope and they don’t need more. Those issues are not the writers fault. They aren’t anyone’s fault. They are a result of a publisher trying to decide what it can afford to sell and what will be sell-able two in the future. What are the trends in romance publishing?

When I first started writing twisted fairy tales I had responses like “oh, that’s interesting, is anyone reading those?” And now look at the marketplace, twisted fairy tales are everywhere. Paranormal is part of the mainstream. Even now the publishers are turning down paranormal right and left, especially vampires, and look what new series debuted this week? Dracula 


The TV and movie people don’t think paranormal or twisted fairytales or even vampires have passed as a trend. So why do the publishers? And are they right?

Paranormal is hot right now, shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time have huge followings but large publishers have to consider what will be hot in the future. It takes 2 to three years for a large publisher to take your book to market. Now make that a three book series. You are looking at what will be popular 2016-2020. And since publishers have seen trends come and go, they are nervous that paranormal will not be sustainable for that length of time.

Let’s look at romantic suspense. I was just told by a publisher that my in process paranormal romantic suspense series would be great, if I took out the paranormal element. Really? That would be an entirely new book and while I might want to publish with this publisher it would mean not just re-writing, but starting over. I’m not really ready to do that. And I think paranormal suspense has a market. If romantic suspense is hot, why not paranormal romantic suspense?

A few years ago the big publishers were clamoring for new paranormal and not really interested in romantic suspense. What changed? Well, independent published authors are doing well with RS and traditional publishers want a piece of that pie. Independent publishers kept writing what they wanted to write and enough people bought the genre to give them a good living and now it’s growing as the tides of genre shift. Publishers see paranormal sales dropping and RS sales increasing and it’s enough to tell them they’d better jump into the next boat or they’ll get left behind.

But should I do that? Should I stop working on projects that I’ve been working on for several years and are now ready for the marketplace.


This is a huge opportunity for me to write what I want to write and still have the trend be hot. Don’t forget, big publishers are looking far ahead, forecasting two, five, ten years into the future. I have books ready now that can go out now. And, if I want to, I can work on a RS series for a few years into the future. Why not? I would start writing it now and have it ready to go just when the predictors think it will be hot.

And what about my twisted fairy tales? My fantasy romances? My paranormal suspense?

I’ll be publishing them now and enjoying all the fantasy and paranormal readers frustration when they can’t find enough paranormal to satisfy their appetites. That’s what happened to RS, and to Western Romance, and I see it happening in several areas of historical romance as well. While there may not be enough readers of any of those genres to have all the big publishers interested in those trends, there are lots of readers who love all those genres. And I think there are going to be lots of paranormal romance readers in the future who will be searching for what they love and finding…me!

That’s why I decided to stop querying and get my series out there now. I don’t want to wait while publishers decide that they have too many fairy tales or have one of them take me on only to spend two to three years getting the book to market and miss the wave. I want to be out there now. And maybe it will be a springboard for bigger things. Meanwhile I’ll be writing and supplying readers with the wonderful twisted fairy tale romance that they desire right now.

And as for that romantic suspense? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see!

What are you reading right now? Are you tired of paranormal? Do you love it, but just wish there were something new, some new twist? Do you read RS and are you hungry for more?

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