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It’s time for Magic! Come support our Thunderclap.

Fantastic Fridays


If you haven’t yet supported the Magical Romance in New Mexico Thunderclap, now’s your chance! Just click HERE and add your Facebook or Twitter support for our release. We’ve gotten our 100 supporters, but I would love to see how many more we can achieve, so click and support and join the Thunder for Magical Romance!


Touch of Beauty, my brand new twisted fairy tale romance, joins 15 brand new science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy romances set in the magical land of New Mexico. All these amazing romance books release on September 19th. That’s just a few days!

So, if you love magic, romance, and New Mexico, join us for some fabulous reads!

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What happens when a brand new Fairy Godmother, a witch, and a troll, are caught up in a twist of Beauty and the Beast…Magic!

Ever since the day a bedraggled fairy walked into his casino and turned him into a troll, Tanner Scott has been in a bad mood. Now, the casino is losing money, the dwarves in the family mine are on strike, and he can’t keep a housekeeper to save his life. When one of their clients nearly drains the casino’s bank, Tanner loses it and decrees the man must pay the consequences.

Bonita can’t help wanting to rescue her dad from his downward spiral so she heads to the casino to face the man who owns her father’s debt—Tanner Scott.  What she doesn’t expect is how desperate being a troll has made Tanner. Or that behind the scenes is a magical fairy with a mission. Or that love might finally conquer all—trolls, kidnappings…and her own disbelief.

Discover Jessica Aspen’s fairy tale twists—Magic New Mexico Style.


Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at http://JessicaAspen.com


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