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Virtual Bookstore in Second Life

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the book nook in second lifeLast winter I placed The Dark Huntsman, a Fantasy Romance of the Black Court on the shelves of The Book Nook, a virtual book store in Second Life run by fellow fantasy romance author Sharon Clare. If you are unfamiliar with Second Life, it’s a place online where you create an avatar of yourself and you can visit locations all over the world, different countries, cities, museums. In this case The Book Nook is a romance only store located in virtual London, Victoria. Isn’t that cool? My book is available in a virtual bookstore in London!

The Dark Huntsman pic_002 (2)

You can take your avatar and walk down the street in London, and walk right into the bookstore. It looks just like this, except these were taken December 2013, so I doubt Sharon has left the snowman and holiday rug out. When you click on the book you can read a blurb and there is a purchase link that takes you directly to Amazon, so you can buy the book. It’s just like buying a book in a real bookstore except you make the final purchase through your Amazon account and it shows up on your e-reader.The Dark Huntsman pic_001 (2)



This month I added Prince by Blood and Bone to the virtual scene and I’m pretty excited to see it up on the shelves.

You can discover the Book Nook in London: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London%20City3/214/146/24

Like The Book Nook on Facebook

Add it to your circles on Google Plus

Follow on Twitter @BookNookVirtual


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Golden Quill Finalist For a Second Year in a Row!

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the dark huntsman 2014 golden quill finalistWoot! The Dark Huntsman is a Finalist in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi category of the Desert Rose RWA Golden Quill 2014 contest. (Say it ten times fast!). If you still haven’t read my fantasy romance, The Dark Huntsman, check out the Prince by Blood and Bone Blog tour for opportunities to win an e-copy. Several of the sites are hosting giveaways, and there are lots of chances to win.

I’m having a terrific 2014. My hot paranormal romance, Goldi and the Bear, is a finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence and the second book in the Tales of the Black Court, Prince by Blood and Bone, is having an amazing blog tour with several five star (or fangs, or paws) reviews. It seems that readers like it even more than The Dark Huntsman, and that’s really good news for me since I was super stressed about it being just as good a book. I guess it was worth taking that extra time to make it right. 🙂

You can still enter to win one of five print copies of Prince by Blood and Bone on Goodreads, so add it to you Goodreads Shelf and enter to win!

I’m not doing an additional blog today, because I’m busy putting the final touches on my New Adult Gothic romance, Ghosts of Christmas Past, before I send it off to the first editor. If you would like to read an actual blog then hop on over to the Indy Book Fairy to read an interview with me HERE.

Happy May to all!


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The Dark Huntsman Nominated for Best Paranormal Romance in the Rone Awards

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2014 rone award badge


It’s time to vote! The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court has been nominated for a RONE Award and voting starts today! Please jump over to InDtale Magazine and vote in the fantasy romance category.

This contest is a total popularity contest, which I have a tougher time placing in because I’m still a relatively small author, but with your help, I might just make it. 🙂

Voting runs April 14th-20th, so head on over and make your opinions known!
I’m super excited! The RONE award nominations to help decide the best in romance are out and The Dark Huntsman has made the list! (I’m not sure there are enough exclamation points for something like this.) InDtale Magazine nominates all of their top reviewed romances, so once The Dark Huntsman received 4.5 stars it made the list. As if getting such a fabulous review wasn’t enough. ‘grin!’

And if you feel like tweeting or spreading the word on Facebook, go right ahead. I could use any help you are gracious enough to provide.

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading and reviewing The Dark Huntsman. I love reading all the fabulous reviews and I’m so excited that people are enjoying the book. Thank you for voting!



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How to Discover Paranormal Romance

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fussy librarian seal of approval In this day and age of digital shopping, how are we supposed to find paranormal romance books we love when there are masses and masses of new romance titles every day?

In the old days, I would go to the library and look at the shelves, check out a book and see if I liked the author. If I did, then I would go buy all their books. And that was if my library carried romance. Or paranormal romance. Usually  I would go to the bookstore and check out the new, romance covers and decide that way. But now, both of those ways of shopping for books have deep flaws.

With publishers shrinking their mid-list authors, the only new authors on the bookstore shelves are the same old authors. And bookstores do not carry very many indie-authors, the most prolific and inventive authors out there. As for libraries I found out that ours gets rid of books that haven’t been checked out in a year. That means many of my favorites won’t be there for new readers to discover. Or they only have books two and three, and I really want to start with book one. And libraries also are unable to include many indie authors. They have to discover them too!

So what’s the best way to find new paranormal romance books? And new paranormal romance authors to love?

If you want to try the newest romance authors you need to shop online. But if you go to Amazon, you are at the mercy of what they think you might like. My inbox is full of Amazon letters suggesting mostly books I’m not interested in. Here’s where my new way of shopping comes in.

Lists, like The Fussy Librarian, help readers discover new books to read. You may have heard of Book Bub or Kindle Daily Deals, but The Fussy Librarian is different. Not only does it sort the books into categories, like paranormal or mystery, but it also sorts out your heat and violence preferences. Here’s how they put it:

With millions of books out there, it can be time consuming to find the good stuff. We can help! Only The Fussy Librarian remembers what genres you like and your preferences about language, violence and sexual content. Like only cozy mysteries? We’ll only send you an email when there’s a mystery that doesn’t have sex, violence or profanity. Read everything? We’ll send you lots of suggestions each day. It’s that easy!  http://www.thefussylibrarian.com/

This is terrific! Not only are my books sorted by the genre I want to read most, but I won’t be getting too many sweet novels mixed in with my spicy ones. Or vice versa, if you prefer the sweet ones, you won’t have to look at BSDM covers! It’s a terrific idea and I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

Tomorrow my paranormal romance novel, The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court, will be featured in a mailer from The Fussy Librarian.

Check out the Fussy Librarian today and see how to sign up for targeted emails that are aimed at exactly your reading preferences. Discover new books, romance, mystery, horror, and only get the ones in your inbox that you want. Click HERE to sign up today.

How do you discover new books? Do you subscribe to any mailing lists? Do you depend on Amazon to suggest reading for you?


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Taking the Day Off!

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My Goodreads Giveaway ends soon! If you haven’t hopped on and registered to win one of two print copies of the first book in the Tales of the Black Court series, The Dark Huntsman, then click on the link below and enter. It is open to International, so I hope all my friends in other countries take a chance!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Dark Huntsman by Jessica Aspen

The Dark Huntsman

by Jessica Aspen

Giveaway ends February 28, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

I’m taking today off from blogging. That’s it, no blog, no writing, nada.

But wait! If that’s true, then why are you reading this, right now? 

Well, it’s because I’m taking the day off from finding a subject. I have a terrific list of ideas that I looked at just now, and none of them sparked my interest. Okay, that’s not true. One did, but it requires my full attention to write, so it will have to wait until I am more awake. You see, this is my first full day off of caffeine. YAY! (If you didn’t hear the sarcasm in that yay then you need the caffeine more than I do.)

jessica aspen's coffee cup

My favorite coffee cup, because it has coffee in it!

Why would any sane person give up America’s number one drug? (Maybe sugar is our number one drug, but given the number of Starbucks on any city street, I’m choosing caffeine.) Because I’m going to be going on a strict eating regime (any day now!) and one of the things I have to give up is coffee. And the almond milk that is the only thing I now put into what used to be a delicious, sugary, creamy concoction. Yes, even the decaf has to go.

So I’m sitting here at quarter to six in the morning, drinking my last cup of decaf with almond milk (no sugar please!) and trying to get enthusiastic about blogging.

And it’s not happening.


I haven’t talked about it much, because it doesn’t relate to my writing, books, or where I want my life to be, but I have some immune issues. And since my fall going into December was so incredibly stressful my body is falling apart. Okay, not literally. Thank goodness for some things. But I’m experiencing lots of my symptoms and it’s affecting my writing schedule to the point that I’m fed up! So I’m going on a strict diet to sort out if some of the things I love, like eggs, coffee, and almonds, are stressing my immune system.

I toyed with the idea of starting a seperate blog for talking about this, like Carole St. Laurent’s Writing Healthy, but instead decided that I my immune system didn’t need the stress of another blogging site. (Yay for me for resisting the lure of more work!) So instead I’ll be doing a series of guest posts. If you want to know more about my immune system issues, food struggles, and my trying the Paleo diet this year, I’m in the process of writing a series of blog posts for Angela Quarles blog, When Paleo Met Sally and I’ll let you know when they post.

Meanwhile, I have fun herbal tea to get me through until I can (hopefully!) add the coffee back in. Keep me in your caffeine laden thoughts, and I’ll be more awake on Thursday, I promise!


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Thursdays Bite

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FYI I have my fantasy romance, The Dark Huntsman, on a Goodreads Giveaway. And I’ve included international! If you are interested in a print copy of my book then hop on over to Goodreads and enter the Giveaway, HERE.

For the last few Thursdays Bites I’ve shared some of my paranormal TV faves. This week’s show isn’t  paranormal, romantic, or fantasy, but I think it is so amazing, that I just have to share. If you are interested in the posts on other shows that I watch, you can check out my Vikings post HERE and the Long Island Medium HERE.


How can you not love that title. And the song that opens it up is so not my music, but I love it, too. It’s rap and hillbilly combined, perfect for a show about the darkest side of Kentucky hill country.

I’ve read stories set in rural mountains before. In, Christy, the very sweet school teacher come to the mountains to share her knowledge with the poor folk. The shadowy mysteries of Sharyn McCrumb combine death with a hint of supernatural and are well worth the read. But I’ve never read the books that inspired this series, by author Elmore Leonard, and now that I watch it, I want to. Oh, yes, I want to.

I’ve been trying to figure out what is it about this show that captivates me, and I’ve narrowed it down to a few things. One is the villains. They are so real. They are bad, very bad. In fact, this is not a show I let my kids near. But, if you want to see bad guys made not only real, but likeable, watch Justified. Every person has a dark side. Every person makes mistakes. But these guys do some horrible things. And you feel for them while they are doing it. All of the bad guys have soft sides. They have mothers who need to be taken care of, or they are in love with their girlfriends. They grew up abused and just want some of the good life. I have never seen a show, or even read a book, that takes as much time developing it’s villains as it’s heroes as Justified.

timothy olyphant

The gritty and super-sexy Timothy Olyphant plays flawed hero Raylan Givens in Justified.

Maybe it’s Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens (best name ever for a hero). Raylan is played by sexy (and Emmy nominated) Timothy Olyphant. If you want a deeply flawed hero, full of complexities, this is your show. Even when he’s making those bad, bad, bad choices, he’s motivated by the right things in life. Protection of children, women, and his family. His deep loyalty to his friends, the Marshal service, and the people of the area he grew up with, make many of his decisions conflicted. He knows they often have no choice but to live like they do. Or, that they don’t think they have a choice. Or, why should they? They always get screwed.

And of course there is Boyd Crowder (played by Walton Goggins). He’s both Raylan’s ex-best friend and the closest thing to family he has. We shouldn’t like Boyd, he’s got some terrible things in his past, and he does terrible things on a regular basis, but when things go wrong for Boyd I still find myself rooting for him. Why? I think, once again, it’s because the writers have done an amazing job showing his motivations. How do you make a drug-dealing murderer sympathetic? That is a tough order, but Justified has done it. I don’t think he’s right and I wouldn’t want to actually know him, but I understand him. He loves, he hates, and he’s not only trying to survive, but to thrive.

One of my favorite characters is Dewey Crowe. He is super pathetic. Nothing every goes right for Dewey. This season he was sent to kill a man who is one of his childhood friends, and it was painful to watch. And funny. It was while watching this horrible scene, and realizing it was funny, that I knew this show had true genius. Only Justified gives us slapstick comedy during such a dark scene as a man trying to kill an unsuspecting friend. It’s horrible, it’s amazing, and it’s something I can’t turn off. I think it’s because in real life, when things get bad, and I mean really bad, we still laugh. Dark laughter, without any real amusement, but it’s still there. Not many shows will go there. This one does.

I have a last reason why I think this show is incredible. I watch a lot of mysteries and suspense on TV. One thing you can count on is they won’t kill the kids or hostages. There will always be a satisfying ending. And the good guys win in the end. You will not have that watching Justified. Favorite characters are always at risk. They could kill off any one of them, with the exception of Raylan Givens, and the show would still go on. Just as in real life, the hero doesn’t always win, and when he does win, there is usually a price.

If you haven’t watched Justified from the beginning, I’m not sure you’ll be able to just jump in. I recommend getting on Netflix or Hulu and starting from episode one. I think it’s the type of show, that if you try to jump in now,  not only will you be lost in the complex plot, but you will miss out on the building of these characters. I think it is well worth your time. But don’t be deceived. It is a violent, dark, extreme show. Don’t watch it with your kids. Don’t watch it expecting a glow. Watch it because you can’t not watch.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Dark Huntsman by Jessica Aspen

The Dark Huntsman

by Jessica Aspen

Giveaway ends February 28, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win


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Discovering Also Boughts

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I’m giving away two copies of The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court, and guess what? I’ve included international in this one. Many authors don’t include international, because of the shipping, but I want to make sure everyone has a shot at winning. So, if you live anywhere besides the USA now is your chance to enter to win! (Okay, I included US as well, you guys can enter to win.)  Giveaway ends soon! February 28, 2014.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Dark Huntsman by Jessica Aspen

The Dark Huntsman

by Jessica Aspen

Giveaway ends February 28, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

When you look at the purchase page on Amazon for The Dark Huntsman, at the bottom, you find the Also Boughts. They change based on the day to day sales and purchasing, but for one moment in time these were the books that were Also Bought by people who purchased The Dark Huntsman. I thought you might enjoy taking a peek!

Magic Academy (A Fantasy New Adult Romance) [Kindle Edition]

Jillian Keep

Entreat Me [Kindle Edition]

Grace Draven

Taunting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)by Amelia Hutchins,Genevieve Scholl

Lizzy Ford

Charred Tears (#2, Heart of Fire) [Kindle Edition]

What other fantasy romances have you purchased? Do you look at the Also Boughts on Amazon to decide what you read? If not, how do you decide what book to purchase next? What about other websites?


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All Romance Ebooks, B&N, and other Venues

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It’s official! Abracadabra Publishing is now on All Romance Ebooks and Barnes and Noble. You can get The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court in both epub and mobi formats on ARe, and epub on Barnes and Noble.

After working with Amazon I was a little nervous to load somewhere new, but ARe went off without too many hitches. The interface was a little tricky, and it had to have a cover photo of a very precise nature, but after several tries (and an emergency email to my cover artist) I got it loaded. And I’m super excited! This is the first time The Dark Huntsman has been available anywhere besides Amazon and Createspace.

all romance ebooks

If you haven’t gone over to check out All Romance Ebooks, you should. They are a dedicated romance readers website, so they not only have some fabulous books, but they also have a great support for them. The ARe Cafe has interviews and reviews of books available on the site, and there are even purchase incentive programs available.

One of the nice things is that many of the books are available in different formats, so if you have one of the esoteric e-readers, then you can still find books to read. I had the choice of several different formats, but I only loaded mobi and epub. Those are the most popular formats, and they are the two that I’ve done successfully. At least I hope they are a success!

It is a member site, they  have a form of chat and I think you can find a reading buddy, as well. Since it’s all romance, it’s easy to search for what you want. And you won’t get children’s adventure books! All four of my books are available there and I was able to find them by title, publisher, or by author, without any trouble. They also let authors post information about themselves and blog. I’ll be a guest on their blog in February writing about Happily Every Afters in my stories, something I hope I know a little about.

Now that I’m free of the restrictions of Kindle Select I not only have the book up on ARe, but also Barnes and Noble and soon Kobo and Ibooks.

If you’ve read any of my books and have posted reviews on Goodreads or Amazon, please consider leaving a review on Barnes and Noble as well. I don’t seem to have as many reviews there and the only one for The Dark Huntsman was someone who apparently doesn’t even like paranormal romance, and got my heroine’s name wrong. Needless to say, I would love a few more reviews from readers who actually like paranormal romance. Why read and review something if you don’t even like the genre?

If you do leave a review, please leave me a comment here and let me know, I’ll be sure to check it out.

So, whether you have a kindle or use a format that takes epub, you can now download The Dark Huntsman on three different venues. And when Prince by Blood and Bone, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court comes out, I’ll be uploading it to all three right away. No more Kindle Select in the near future. I enjoyed testing it out, and it was nice to not have to deal with uploading to or learning about so many new websites, but from now on I’ll be placing my eggs in lots of baskets.

What type of e reader do you use? Do you prefer to shop on the zon, or one of the smaller sites? Have you ever checked out ARe’s site? Leave a comment, inquiring minds would love to know!

Prince by Blood and Bone is almost ready for release!


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Tales of the Black Court Blog Tour and Where the heck is Book Two?

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Hi, I’m still on tour  with The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court, and there are only a few spots left to go. Here are all the fabulous romance blogs that I’ll be appearing on for the rest of the week:

the dark huntsman blog tourJan 9 Interview
Aly @ Aly’s Miscellany
Jan 9 Spotlight
Share My Destiny
Jan 9 Spotlight
Book Suburbia
Jan 10 Guest blog and review
Victoria’s Gossip
Jan 10 Spotlight
Paranormal Romance and Beyond
Jan 10 review
Mousehead & Tales
Jan 13 Spotlight and review
The Book Landers
Jan 13 Spotlight and review
On the Broomstick
Jan 13 Spotlight
Tattooed Book Review
I’m loving all my tour hosts, and guess what? So far, overall, they love the book. That’s amazing to me and has got me excited for Prince by Blood and Bone, which was supposed to be out by now. But it’s not. If you were wondering, I’ve hit a few snags. My editor got it back to me nearly a month late, and of course by that time I was working and I dropped the ball. I did get through all of her edits, but while I was doing that I realized I needed to tweak it one more time. And then there were the holidays. Also I’m waiting on my cover artist to get my cover to me. It’s harder than you think to put just the right cover elements together and she has a life too. Sigh.
No worries, the book will be out soon. All I need to do is get the cover together, finish my final run through, convince my oops editor that she has the time to get it done ASAP, and put it all together. Not much, right? LOL
At this point I’m having to say, okay, this book will be out much later than I had anticipated. And learn from the whole experience.
What have I learned?
Number One: Wait to tell anyone when the book will be out until it’s at the oops editor and has a cover.
Number Two: Get the cover way in advance. Much further than I think I need it, because there are bound to be issues.
Number Three: Don’t sweat it when life intervenes, because it always does. Just because I set the goal and thought I’d put it all in place to achieve it, doesn’t mean everyone else in my life will fall in line.
And Number Four: Okay, there really is no number four. That’s all I learned.
So, the book will be out when it’s out and I am doing everything I can to facilitate that. Then it’s on to book number three, Broken Mirror. Needless to say I’ll be applying all my hard won lessons. So when is book three coming out. Sorry, my lips are sealed, but I will tell you MY goal is before 2015!
What has fallen apart in your life lately? Have you had to give up control to other people and then wait for them to come through? What about your own planning, was it appropriate? Did it have fail-safes? Leave me a comment, I’m always interested in what you have to say. Unless it’s that spammy stuff about sales. Sorry, you all get deleted. 🙂


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The Top Three Questions Bloggers Ask Authors

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the dark huntsman blog tourI’m on an author BLOG TOUR for The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court, and one of the things I’ve noticed after doing several interviews is that most bloggers ask similar questions. So I decided to answer them here, just in case you missed my answers elsewhere. And of course these answers have a few twists of their own.

Here are the top three questions bloggers ask romance authors:

-Where did you find your inspiration?

For this one they are usually asking about the inspiration for the book itself, but sometimes it’s general. Inspiration for The Dark Huntsman came from desperation. I wasn’t sure what to write, so I chose a fairy tale to twist. Then I had to make it different, so it started to spin itself. I loved the idea of a series, so I had the three MacElvy cousins, Trina, Cassie and Bryanna. But wow! That made it difficult. Especially when I sat down to write Prince by Blood and Bone, book two and Bryanna’s story. I had a series idea, but I had to make it new and fresh and yet connect to book one and three. That’s where I really had to dig for inspiration. Thank goodness book two is super close to being done. I’m anxiously waiting on the cover and will be getting it off to the last editor very soon. A month late, but that’s the way the inspiration crumbles.

-Do you ever get writer’s block?

I always say no. Which isn’t exactly true. Writer’s block, to me, is sitting there not writing. And I never do that. There is always something to write. I can skip to another scene or chapter. I can write down something terrible and know I can come back and fix it later. And, if desperate, I can go to another book and write that. Sometimes I’ve even been known to blog. But I don’t sit there staring at the computer wailing about my writer’s block. So not me! How would anything get done?

I approach life that way too. If I can’t clean the kitchen because someone is in there, I go clean the living room. There is always another job to do in my life, far too many of them are left undone, and writing is the same way. Too much to do to be sitting there doing nothing!

-What do you love/hate about writing?

I love writing. I hate writing. Even though I don’t let myself have writer’s block, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Getting started on a project is tough. Today I’m struggling with writing the blurb for Prince by Blood and Bone. I have one, I just don’t like it, so I tweak it. And tweak it. Then tweak it some more. The hardest thing about writing is the perfectionism. ALL the writers I know have it. They never think the book is ready, or good, or done. But we have to send it out at some time.

And I don’t want to do anything else. I’ve done jobs I’ve truly hated, and this isn’t one of them. Even on the worst day I would rather be here staring at my computer and frustrated with my words, than doing something else. Okay, I always want to be on the beach and on vacation. Just reading. Or off socializing at the coffee shop. But it’s the love of writing that keeps me in the chair. If you don’t have that, you can’t finish a book. You can’t break that writer’s block. And you don’t get the next book done. And it’s always about the next book.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-interview for my blog tour. You can check out the rest of my tour and discover all the other questions HERE and enter the contest by leaving a comment. There are some killer reviews of The Dark Huntsman, as well as some interviews where the questions are more varied and my answers may be a little different. That’s the thing about asking a writer a question, the answer is always different. 

Did I miss a question? What would you like to ask me? Ask away and you’ll be entered in my contest, check the tour page for details of prizes and rules.


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