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Long Island Medium

Thursdays Bite

a glimpse into the supernatural

If you’ve missed my romance author news lately, check out Monday’s blog to see all the new venues The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court is now available on. It’s not just on Amazon, baby! And now that I’ve managed to load everywhere, I’m super excited to release Prince by Blood and Bone, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court, book two in the series. Just waiting on the cover. It’s been a few months coming, but I can’t wait to have it done. I’m thinking that February will be a good release month, but at this point I’m afraid to set the goal. Every time I do someone has a catastrophe and the book is delayed. I’m not sending anyone any more catastrophes, so no dates yet! I’ll wait until I have the cover in my hot little hands. 

Now on to the blog!

Last week I mentioned how excited I am to have Vikings on the history channel in February. I love the show and I find it a refreshing change from all the reality tv slush out there. But, I do have to say I have one reality tv weakness. My guilty pleasure is the show, Long Island Medium. I don’t know why I love watching Theresa Caputo go through her supernatural life on Long Island so much, but I do. There is something reassuring about her. She’s not a flashy medium with purple hair and woo-woo robes.

Okay, she is a little flashy, I’ll admit it. She has an amazing hair-do that must take hours and cans of hairspray to maintain, and her long white nails are a little intimidating for someone like me with the ability to tear a nail in seconds, but overall she’s just what she says she is, “A typical Long Island mom.”

Speaking of Theresa’s nails, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve watched a city girl with a NYT manicure milk a cow. It’s crazy! And she’s pretty good at it too. I think that’s why I like the show. Only Theresa could milk a cow with those nine-inch nails and give a psychic reading to a skeptical farmer at the same time. She’s amazing! (On a super cheapskate alert I can’t post this Youtube video because TLC charges you $1.99 to watch the episode. Yes, they want to make money every which way possible, but take my word for it, those nails can milk!)

And she even has a book! WOOT! I haven’t read the book, I just love watching the show. If you’ve read the book let me know what you thought. Some of my friends watch the ghost hunter guys shine black lights around basements and talk to themselves. I like watching Theresa bump into strangers in ice cream shops and tell them their moms are still looking out for them. What can I say? I’m a softie!

What is your guilty tv pleasure? Do you have one? Do you watch some of those reality shows or reruns of I Love Lucy? What about old black and white movies or late night horror? There must be a lot of horror fans because when I search for a movie on Demand there is almost nothing to watch that isn’t scary. Tell me your secret vice, shh, it’s just between us and the spirits!


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Take a Ride on the Ghost Train with the High Bridge

Thursday’s Bite

a paranormal blog

What’s creepier than living down a road that you’re afraid to drive at night because of a ghost train? You know it’s scary when an alpha male like Seth Montclair (Monty to fellow volunteer firefighters) is nervous.

My friend and fellow Passion in Print author, Elizabeth Haysmont‘s debut novel, The High Bridge, came out this month. My time crunch hasn’t allowed me to read it yet, but it is waiting in my e-reader queue for me to just have one weekend. I’m sure that’s all I’ll need for a fast paced romantic ghost story.


  Sandra Yorken made it her life’s work proving that spirit sightings are
the result of wishful thinking or willful misconduct. She’ll go to any
length to debunk a story that makes a location a ‘tourist attraction’.

    When she crashes her bike on a remote mountain road while
searching for the legendary Ghost Train of the Rocky Mountains, the last
person she wants help from is the mysterious (and breathtakingly
handsome) Seth ‘Monty’ Montclair. If her altitude sickness and an evil
spirit don’t kill her first, falling in love with the wrong man may just
break her heart forever.

The High Bridge is currently available at Passion In Print Press. Order here today!


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Spooky Tales of the Haunted

Thursdays Bite

a paranormal blog

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!

Scottish Prayer

When I hear stories such as Sherry Isaac’s tale (click HERE to read) of a visit from her sister who couldn’t possibly have visited, the little hairs on my arms all stand at attention.

A good ghost story, told well has always had that effect on me. Tension grows as the story spins out. And the spooky thing about ghost stories is that when it’s over, the tension lingers. It stays with us as we gather our things and head off into the night. It creeps into the tent and slides beneath the covers. We become the haunted.

Lights turn off and on when no one is touching them. Things move. All the nerves in your spine tell you something is behind you. And you turn. And there’s nothing there, but the cat whose entire body is puffed out screaming, “Didn’t you see it!”.

I’m one of those people who loves to read tales of the haunted. I love to hear personal stories, but you won’t catch me asking for the haunted room at the inn. That I leave to the brave who actually want to see the ghosts. The spirit spelunkers who delve into that other realm searching for proof that  ghosts exist.

I don’t need proof. I’ve had it. I’ve had brushes with the supernatural on dark nights in downtown Boulder. Places where the ghosts should have been long gone, but weren’t. We were lurking in leafy streets of the residences just off of Pearl Street, by the old elementary school on a dark October night when we should have known better than to go searching out ghosts.

You too may have this happen. Historic Boulder has a ghost tour in October and it happens at night. You take a map and walk in pairs through poorly lit streets and go from historic house to historic house hearing the stories of the architects and the families that have gone before. And in addition they also tell you the tales that are not public record. The experiences of the people who still live in the houses and their encounters with the previous residents.

It was on one such tour that a friend and I waited on the porch for the previous group to vacate. And while we were there, something dark touched my shoulder, My friend felt it too and we moved over away from the spot on the porch where there was definitely a dark presence.

That presence stuck with me all through the night as we walked through the neighborhood. While we walked from door to door like overgrown trick-or-treaters, ringing door bells and receiving tricks with our treats it hung on like a heavy over coat resting on my back. Dark and heavy, not cold, but very uncomfortable.

It makes my back creep just to think of it.

Why do we court the supernatural. Why do we want to be scared, thrilled or frightened. What is it about the human race that we chase down experiences that when we have them, we don’t every desire to have again?

Have you ever experienced a haunting? Do you believe in ghosts, past or present? Leave your story of the unexplained in the comment box. I’m dying to read them.


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