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I was recently on vacation and while I don’t usually bring up that I write books, my husband never lets a chance go by to tell people that his wife writes spicy paranormal romance. So I found myself in the position of explaining to strangers what I write. If I’d known I’d be doing this, I would have practiced my elevator pitch, but I was totally unprepared to be lounging on the beach and telling people about my hot romance books.

“Um, yes, I write paranormal romance. Twisted fairy tales.” Look at their confused faces. “For adults. Yes, um, they are very adult.” See the widening of the eyes. “NO! Not Fifty Shades adult, but spicy. Steamy…romance for adults.”

Yes, I should be able to do this. I do it every day on social media and here on the blog, but that’s not face to face, seeing their reactions. And let’s face it, most of the people I interact with on social media are romance fans. I socialize with romance writers and readers. I forget that out in the real world not everyone reads paranormal romance.

So, in addition to having to come up with what I write in a nutshell, I also had that question that authors dread, “If I read your books are they all about you?” Um, no. And yes.

No, I’m not a 22 year old shape-shifting werewolf with a hot body and a sexy alpha male in my bed. No, I’m not dealing with killer step-parents or an evil queen. No, I don’t cast spells (okay, maybe when I’m heading for that green light about to turn red) and I don’t have sex with men who ride snarky pucas or wield magic blades.

Yep, this is fiction kids. I made it up.

But yes, you’ll find out things about me. You’ll find I like men with an edge to them who also have a vulnerable side. How can you know this? I put them in nearly every book. You might find out that I love dark chocolate or walks in the rain. How will you know this? Well, you won’t know for sure, but if I have a character that likes that, maybe I do too.

Or maybe not.

Maybe I’ll have a character whose favorite flavor is vanilla and loves dry, hot weather more than the misty moisty mornings. Then how will you know if I’m a chocolate girl or a vanilla girl?

You won’t.

My characters are all different. Some of them stand up for themselves, like Red in Little Red Riding Wolf. Some of them take longer to figure out how to do that, like Trina in The Dark Huntsman. And they all have bits and pieces of me in them. But they also have bits and pieces that I just made up. And I’m not sure you’ll be able to figure out which is which.

I’m the first to admit, my husband and I do have a fairy tale romance and if I wrote contemporaries maybe I’d be writing our love story over and over again. But I don’t. I write twisted fairy tale romances with magic and mayhem. There are no Monday mornings in my books and cell-phones don’t work in the lands of the fae. But it is still me writing. And my romance experience is still a personal thing that must creep in sometimes, right?

Or maybe not.

It is fiction, isn’t it?

Are you a writer? Does your personal life and tastes creep into your writing? How about as a reader? Do you only choose books with heroines who are just like you, or do you like to read about different lives, explore different ways of being?

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