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Fighting the Muse

Moonday Mania

a blog on the craft (struggles) of writing

My guest for today’s Moonday Mania is Meggan Connors. Megan (as you might pick up from her post today) writes everything from dark paranormal to historical. Her debut novel, The Marker, not only has a gorgeous cover, but a terrific plot. Please welcome Meggan, and her struggles with her muse, to Jessica Aspen Writes.

If you’ve visited any of my sites recently, you’ll see that my muse has been giving me fits.

The issue is that she’s busy, but not in the way I want her to be. Conversations with my muse of late have centered around the sweet sounds of the seventies and what I should do with the two pounds of cranberries my husband bought a few weeks ago.

It is unfortunate for me that the seventies are alive and well in my head. It’s not like these songs are evoking memories for me. I barely remember the seventies.

And yet, I find myself pondering pina coladas and getting caught in the rain (I’ve decided that while I do enjoy a good pina colada, getting caught in the rain is cold. And wet, but not in a good way). I find myself contemplating showgirls named Lola, which invariably leads to thoughts of Charo.

Yes, Charo. I don’t get it either.

Somehow, Charo leads to memories of my mother’s Renault Le Car. I can sing every one of Neil Diamond’s songs because of the rocking eight-track in that car. It still doesn’t give me anything to write, but now I have Sweet Caroline on repeat in my head.

I’ve tried to drown out the voices with Rihanna and Mumford and Sons and The Killers.

Instead, I get, Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

               For the love of all that is holy, muse, give me something to write! Or at least stop the infernal singing. I’m begging you.

What happened to your love of the tortured stuff? I could at least work with that. Come on, if we’re going to sing songs from the past, why can’t it be something from my past? Depeche Mode, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, or something like that. I could work with that. But I can’t do anything with these vague flashbacks of being four years old and getting carsick to John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High.

It’s enough to drive a (relatively) sane girl completely nuts.

Thanks for having me, Jessica!

Meggan Connor’s (www.megganconnors.com) next book will be titled: Lola’s Rocky Mountain High is Close to You, Sweet Caroline. She smells a bestseller. At least, that’s what she thinks she’s smelling. However, the dog is close by…

Find the Marker HERE

Her real book, The Marker, was released December 14 from SoulMate Publishing, and

can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the SoulMate website (www.soulmatepublishing.com). She loves to hear from readers, and you can find her at www.megganconnors.com or on Facebook. We’ll be having prizes and giveaways, so friend her and find out about them!

Thanks for sharing your struggles with your muse, Meggan. Share with Meggan how your muse taunts helps you. Or let her know about your love for the seventies music. Cheesy, but fun to rock out to!


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