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Like many post Nanoites I’m in deep in the throes of editing. If someone had told me that I would be spending twenty percent of my time writing and eighty percent of my time editing, I might have thought twice about this career. Deep editing is one of the things that can be a chore, but it can also be a pleasure. Finding just the right word, twisting that cliche, backloading not just a sentence but a pargargraph, then the next paragraph, how about backloading a chapter? Ah, the joys of editing.

delicious by sherry thomasOf course there are authors who are masters at this sort of thing. One of my favorite authors is Sherry Thomas. I don’t care what your specific genre is, if you are a romance author you should read Sherry Thomas’s Delicious. Not only is it a masterpiece of details (warning, there are a lot of food descriptions and you will want to eat French pastries) but she is also a master of plot. Sherry dribbles in backstory and keeps us turning pages just to find out what happens.

One of the amazing things Sherry Thomas does in Delicious is something I have never seen done before, the hero and heroine do not set eyes on each other for the first third of the book. And it is HOT! How does she do this? You have to read it.

But I’ll give you a hint. She’s a master of words and details. Check out this post from Writers in the Storm that Sherry wrote


and you’ll see how she adds in tiny relevant, and even historical, details to make her writing strong. Not only does she do this to increase her romance between her couples, this is how she adds her backstory, and her story questions. This is what makes her a master of details, because you never feel like she is stating how her characters feel. There is no telling, only showing, in intricate, flavorful, intriguing details.

I loved Delicious as a reader. I couldn’t put it down. But as an author I want to study it, learn how she kept me on the edge of my seat cushions flipping page after page after page until that big fat book was finished. And if you’ve read what I’ve been doing lately you know it takes a month for me to finish a book. Not this one. I had to know. When would they actually see each other, what would happen, and why was all of this going on in the first place.

Yes, the backstory. Not only do we not get to see the hero and heroine together for a large chunk of the book, but you do

n’t really understand the backstory for nearly the entire book. No big explanations, just tiny details left for you

tempting the bride by sherry thomas

to find like yum
And then search out Sherry Thomas’s other books. my chocolate morsels you eat and then want more. So you keep turning pages. Want to see how an author can only reveal a tiny bit of the backstory? Want to read a master at the small intimate detail? Want to learn to write an amazing book? Read Delicious.

How do you learn how to be a better author? What books have helped you learn your craft? Do you make time to read masters outside of your genre?

ravishing the heiress by sherry thomasHow do you learn how to be a better author? What books have helped you learn your craft? Do you make time to read masters outside of your genre?

beguiling the beauty by sherry thomas

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