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Why Do We Find 500 Year Old Men Sexy?

Thursdays Bite

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Vampires are the rage.

And they’ve been the rage for so long that authors, editors and readers all wonder, how long can this go on? How long can we find new vampires to love? Well the answer is, forever. Because that’s how long they live. Forever.

And they just get sexier as they age.

I blame Bram Stoker. He wrote about a sleezy perv preditor who accosted innocent women in their sleep. Well, that’s what he thought he wrote about. But by exploring the idea that good women had secret sexual longings that the vampire could bring to light and satisfy, Bram did the complete opposite of demonizing vampires. He began the myth. If you want a good time, better get a vampire.

Maybe its their age, maybe its the experience. Maybe its the innate magical gifts they have that make them such good lovers. (It always helps to have a magical boost.) Vamps got it going on. From the secret pleasure Victorian women got from reading about the fall of Lucy and the thrill of seeing Mina almost reach nirvana, to the current frenzy about Edward and his amazing self-control, we love the blood-suckers.

Who wouldn’t want a man who is gorgeous forever and has been around enough to know true love when he finds it. A man who knows to seize the day and get the girl, no matter what obstacles stand in his way. A man who really knows that if you don’t hang on to a good woman, before you know it, she’ll be dead.

With a man of experienced years, oh say five hundred, you know he knows what he’s doing. You know he understands women inside and out. And there is none of that youthful sowing of oats. The oats have been sown, the rampant blood-sucking is over, the accidental killing of lovers is no more.

Five hundred year old men know what they want and how to get it. They have money and have had it long enough to feel comfortable with it. They are able to keep their lovers in luxurious settings, provide exotic foods, and designer dresses. And the house guests are the type of exotic interesting people every Manhattan hostess would kill to get. Every one attractive, well dressed and articulate. Every one rich. And every one with a “do tell” story of murder and mayhem.

Why wouldn’t a woman want a vampire lover. Great sex, money, appreciation. And They also provide the one of a kind adrenaline thrill that women everywhere desire. Every kiss is a brush with death.

Love to hear why you love or don’t love vamps, or any 500 year old men! Leave a comment by clicking on the purple bubble.


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