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Twisting a Tale

Thursday’s Bite

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I grew up on fairy tales. I should say I ate them for breakfast lunch and dinner. It could almost be true. I read every book our small school library had, as well as our four collections at home, over and over and over. Why? Because most young children’s literature of the time was based in reality, not fantasy.

As I came of age there were new fairy tales to discover. Science fiction and fantasy authors twisted tales in weird ways and published them in eclectic anthologies. The wide world of romance expanded to include time travel, witches and monsters. And finally the two combined to make the twisted fairy tale romance.

My novella, Little Red Riding Wolf, is just that. And it’s not just a twisted fairy tale romance, it’s also a modern day fairy tale. Set in today’s Colorado Rocky Mountains, Red is a girl for the modern age who deals with cell phones and internet as well as the complications of a Romeo and Juliet love affair with a human. Oh, did I mention Red is the wolf?

Taking an old cautionary tale of “beware of strangers” and twisting it into a modern day tale of “strangers can be fascinating fun” is what modern day authors are doing all over. If you haven’t watched ABC’s Once Upon a Time, you should. ABC is doing what paranormal romance authors love to do, taking an old dog and teaching it new tricks.

That’s what authors do anyway, we’ve all heard that there are only so many plots in the world and they were all discovered by the Greeks. Everything we do today is a twist on something someone else has already done. Taking a cautionary tale, like Little Red Riding Hood and morphing it with Romeo and Juliet in a modern setting is one way. What are some others? What are your favorites?


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