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So Long to Sensational Saturdays

Sensational Saturday

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Hello, loyal Jessica Aspen Writes fans. The good news that on Monday you can still tune in here for Monday Mania, and on Thursday’s, you will still find me writing Thursday’s Bite. But the sad news, the unfortunate news, the it-must-happen-for-the-good-of-the-blog news is that I am discontinuing Sensational Saturdays.

That’s not to say I won’t still be writing the occasional irreverent blog that really has nothing to do with the art of writing or paranormal romance. I will still be posting great posts like: TOO FUNNY! and Why Everyone Needs an Extra Set of Balls but you’ll be finding them on either Moonday Mania or Thursday’s Bite.

Why am I dropping a blogging day?

jessica aspen

Good question. I checked out my site stats and Saturday’s are low traffic days, as are Sundays. Looking on the site stats you all are visiting mostly on Monday’s and Thursdays, with some traffic Tues, Wed and Friday. The weekends you must all be out partying it up! Which is great fun, but not so great for blog traffic. And the truth is that I am getting bogged down in blogging.

Yep, I need to focus more on my writing and less on other things, but I am not giving up blogging! I love it and I love each and every one of you. You are terrific commenters, and lurkers, and sometimes-drop-byers. Thank you each and every one. (OK, I don’t love the spammers, you can all go back to where you came from.) This means that funny, extraneous posts may show up when you least expect them, so be prepared!

What have you done recently to slim down your commitments? Do you find that your social media is taking up more time than you thought? Do you look at your site stats and see how your traffic responds to what you post?


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Killer Blog Tour Continues

Sensational Saturday

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If you haven’t entered my Little Red Riding Wolf contest, you still can! The link is HERE to take you to the Rafflecopter plug in on http://paranormalfreebies. You can add another entry daily by commenting either on my blog Jessica Aspen Writes, or on any of my tour stops.

Yes, I’m still on the killer blog tour and here is a list of my February stops:

February 2012

Just FYI, the contest ends on February 28th, but I’m still going to be visiting some stellar blogs, including Gloria Richard’s Hammock on March 12th.
Today I’m at Josee Reynard’s blog HERE with my most open interview yet!
And more exciting news, Brinda Berry is helping me out with my very first every Twitter Party! Since most of you can’t be here to eat cake and pop the bubbly with me on February 18th, when Little Red Riding Wolf is released, Brinda suggested you all could celebrate with me on Twitter!
We will be using the hashtag #ridingwolf and I’ll be posting instructions closer to the date. Actually I still haven’t quite figured it out, but Brinda has promised me she will be disclosing all on Gloria’s blog on Wednesday. Check in on Brinda at the Hammock on Wednesday  and we’ll discover how to do this thing together.
As they say in the cartoon industry “That’s all folks!”, but I’ll be back on Monday with an exposé on my forays into Excel. Meanwhile, stop on by Josee Reynard’s today, leave a comment and then hop on by Paranormal Freebies and update your Rafflecopter entry.


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