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#RomCon 2012, The Aftermath

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I survived Rom Con 2012. I need the t-shirt.

Totally unprepared for what I was about to go through, I left my job 45 minutes early, thinking that would help me get organized. Because I truly wasn’t organized.

Melissa Mayhue, ML Guida, Jessica Aspen, Hillary Seidl

Melissa Mayhue, ML Guida, Jessica Aspen, Hillary Seidl

Even though I had signed up for Rom Con 2012 in August of last year, I had never attended a promotional event like this as an author. I’d attended as a reader. And they are different. Readers are there to be entertained. To have fun. To get to know their favorite authors, meet some new ones, and maybe get a little loose.

Jessica Aspen mints

Jessica Aspen Mints and stickies

Authors are there to meet readers and have fun, but really we’re there to spread the word about ourselves and our books. As fun as that is (and it really was fun) it’s still a lot of work. I should have started about three months ahead of time, strategically planning my swag orders and my appearances. What I would wear, and what my image should be. I didn’t do any of that. I winged it. And I had a blast!

But it was draining, and I want to thank everyone who supplied me with the asprin, Tylonal and Advil to get through my migraine. My buddies came through for me, even though we never quite managed the buddy meet, they were fantastic! Thanks ladies!

Do’s and Don’ts for the next author promo event.

Little Red Riding Wolf chocolate postcard

Little Red Riding Wolf postcard with kisses

Do buy swag. I have a terrible time deciding what to buy and how much to spend. As a working author every dollar counts, so where is the best place to put your money? If I had to do it again I would buy something small, like pens, to shower the event with. I had the mints, and they were great. Everyone liked them, and I would definitely do them again. And the chocolates stapled to the postcards were also a hit. Everyone loves chocolate, although maybe not the night of the Chocolate Mangasm event!

Do fork out the money and bring print books.

Rom Con is full of dedicated readers, and they all have e-devices, so I thought my books on a disk would be attractive. But they all went for the print books with their shiny covers first. It took me talking and handing them out to readers to get them into their hands, but that’s the better way anyhow. Readers are there to get to know you and they want a personal connection. They were all so nice and friendly. Great people to go have fun with. We rocked the casino event and I’m keeping secrets about the chocolate mangasm event, shh!

Jessica Aspen and Hillary Seidl at Chocolate Mangasm, Rom Con 2012

Jessica Aspen and Hillary Seidl at Chocolate Mangasm, Rom Con 2012

Do have fun!

No matter what you are there to have fun with a fun group of readers. And authors are readers too, so enjoy the event, make new friends and have a blast! I hope to see all my new friends next year! WOOT!

Have you ever gone to a reader event? What swag do you like to take home? Candy, bookmarks? Books?


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Announcing Winner of Rom Con 2012 Tickets

Sensational Saturdays

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rom con 2012 imageAnd the winners of the tickets to Rom Con 2012 are: Connie Kline and jovialvampyre! I’ll be sending you an email. Congratulations!

Good thing my kids are older, or I’d be in trouble! My house is filling up with mysterious cardboard boxes and crinkly brown paper bags. Rom Com is coming soon, very soon, and I’m accumulating goodies for treat bags. Sometimes the authors let me know they’re sending them, and sometimes they just arrive, a wonderful surprise gift.

Free Stock Image - Fat santa claus

It’s funny how none of this is for me, but I feel like it’s all for me. I get the fun of the arriving package, and the joy of opening it. I love pulling out the various books and chatzkes and anticipating how the readers will enjoy going through the bags when they open them. It’s like Christmas and I get to play Santa Claus.

And then there is deciding what I’m bringing to the party. I’ve already got my goodies for the Paranromal Freebies Treat bags, but Rom Con gives out bags at the door. Should I put something in those? What? And I’m dealing at Monte Carlo Night. What about then?

Free Stock Photography - Carnival mask
Actually I have a very special surprise planned for the first fifty people who drop by my table at Monte Carlo Night. Want a hint? They have feathers!

And as for my donations to the main Rom Con bags? Well I think I’ll donate what I love to do best. Write. So if you’re coming to Rom Con look on the back of those Jessica Aspen Little Red Riding Wolf promo cards and log on to your computer or smart phone to find a special gift. A piece of flash fiction, just for you.

And what if you’re not able to make it to Rom Con? Well, soon I’ll be doing another round of blogs and giving away more copies of Little Red Riding Wolf, so stay tuned and follow me around the internet! And I hope to see many of you next month at Rom Con!

Do you love giving things away? Is it better than receiving gifts? What kinds of things do you do on the spur of the moment? Or are you a long term gift giver, planning for months?

UPDATE: Unfortunately one of our winners can’t go, so I will be emailing a back up winner.


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Rom Con Ticket Giveaway, last chance!

Thursday’s Bite


Rom Con 2012I have the super secret code to two FREE RomCon 2012 tickets in my hot little hand. Yes, right here!

And today is the last day to enter to win! Just leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the drawing. I’ll post the winner on Sensational Saturday’s blog on May 26th.

Why is Rom Con a paranormal topic? Well it’s because Rom Con has terrific opportunities to not only meet new and favorite authors, but it also gives you an unparalleled opportunity to mix with your favorite authors. From lunches and games to dinners and freebies, Rom Con has it all. And best of all for me, it’s in Denver!

Denver is centrally located, so it’s easy to get to and affordable to stay in. We have the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and amazing weather, and very little humidity. Denver Rocks!

One note about Rom Con. You need to sign up for the limited events separately, especially the evening events. But there is still a ton to do if you don’t sign up, including just hanging out in the bar trolling for authors

Who are your favorite authors? Are they coming to Rom Con 2012? Check HERE for the list. Some of my favs will be there including Kelly Armstrong,Jeanne Stein and Delilah Marvelle. Who would you like to see in person?

And don’t forget this is the last week of the CRW bloghop. Prizes on the blogs and a grand prize drawing for all peeps leaving a comment! Click HERE for details.

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Rom Con 2012 Part Deux

Moonday Madness

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I’m sneaking in a Monday blog today, just so I can blog about Rom Con. I’m so excited to be giving away two tickets to Rom Con simply by blogging about it! WOOT! The lovely people at RomCon 2012 have told me if I blog twice about it, they will send the tickets, so leave a comment to be entered in the final drawing.

I blogged about some of the reader events on Saturday, and you can read about it HERE (and leave a comment, the more entries, the more likely you’ll win!). Today I’m blogging about the author experience.

Why would you attend Rom Con as an author? It is a lot of work. At Rom Con authors are the main attraction and it is a lot of work. We run the events. The carnival games, the author panels, the strip-a-hero. Oh, wait, I think that’s build-a-hero. Trust me, there will be live models there! Last year they posed for many, many pictures with rabid reader (and author) fans.

And you need to bring freebies. As a reader I came home with all kinds of cool stuff. Not just bookmarks, but useful goodies. Mirrored compacts, luggage tags and nail files. You name it, an author put their name on it. My laptop is now labeled with “She’s Gone Country” as well as my name. BTW if you like mainstream, it’s a great book! Won the Award of Excellence for MS 2011.

Why would any sane author want to work her weekend away and spend her hard earned cash? Because we get to meet readers! I met so many wonderful people last year. I joined the buddy program, and it was wonderful. As a reader I spent time with Jessa Slade and I met new online friends, like Evelyn, reader extraordinaire.

Events such as the Monte Carlo Mystery party (read the invite below) are great ways to meet readers and spend time with them.

You are invited to a party of Epic RomCon Proportions!

Casino RomCon, the largest most extravagant casino in romance conventions, is throwing a party to remember. With the highest rollers and the gutsiest gamblers, the stakes are going to be high and their is no limit to what could happen.

Everyone who is anyone in RomCon is sure to be in attendance for this grand event. Fromthe high rolling hotel guests to the sexy show girl, the cunning cocktail waitress to Elvis himself – the guest list is as unlimited as the possibilites of how the night will end!

Like everything in Vegas. the party will be a gamble and there is no certainty to the events of the evening. Whose secrets will be exposed? Which lies will be uncovered? And who will fall victim to the lawlessness of the night?

Your bets is as good as mine!

It was fun to be a reader, and I’m sure it will be a blast to be an author. Exhausting, but fun. Where else can you get out and meet people from across the country who love romance as much as you do? Where else can you spend an entire weekend saturated in the end product of what you love to do? Writing romance is a solitary activity, but conventions like Rom Con 2012 are where we get to socialize!

 This is our event people! Just for us! So take a chance, leave a comment, and you too might be able to rub elbows with other romance readers, and authors.

What kind of freebies do you like best? Do you use all the little items you find in your goodie bag? What about free reads? Or all those pens?


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