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Little Red Riding Wolf by Jessica Aspen

Little Red Riding Wolf

WOOT! Today’s the day I announce the winners of the Little Red Riding Wolf Contest! 

And the winners are:

4 e-copies of Little Red Riding Wolf

  1. Entry #48Sabine H.
  2. Entry #13ASHLEY
  3. Entry #43Phoenix C.
  4. Entry #46PaParanormalFan (.

2 Little Red Riding Wolf t-shirts

  1. Entry #10Jennifer M.
  2. Entry #53Renee B.
3 Little Red Riding Wolf tote bags
  1. Entry #21Sherry I.
  2. Entry #58Sue O.
  3. Entry #36Renee A. 

4 $10 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Gift Certificates

  1. Entry #52Lynn R.
  2. Entry #1Brinda B.
  3. Entry #37Renee A.
  4. Entry #38Claire L.

10 Little Red Riding Wolf sticky notes

  1. Entry #34Lynn R.
  2. Entry #38Claire L.
  3. Entry #47Sabine H.
  4. Entry #20Sherry I.
  5. Entry #14ASHLEY
  6. Entry #51Lynn R.
  7. Entry #9Jennifer M.
  8. Entry #56Sue O.
  9. Entry #40Claire L.
  10. Entry #24Elizabeth K.
Congratulations and thanks for entering!
Please send me your email addy using the contact box below, and if you are receiving an e-copy of LRRW I will need you to specify what type of format you would like. If you are receiving a physical prize I’ll need your shipping address as well as the correct name to ship to.

Winners were chosen using the Rafflecopter plug in and you can see it HERE on Paranormal Freebies. Prizes unclaimed by March 30th 2012 will be forfeit so please contact me ASAP to receive your prize!


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