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Mercury in Retrograde

Dealing with the downs of the fickle planet

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Mercury in retrograde? WTH?

I don’t know who planned this. (Okay, no one plans this, but we all have to deal with it.) I never think about Mercury being in retrograde, unless things are tanking all around me. And that’s what has happened this spring. I think I’m on track, and then things fall apart. And I think it’s just normal stuff, but then more things fall apart and someone says, “Hey, Mercury is in retrograde.” And I realize, wow, it really is!

People are crazy right now!

It’s true. During this time Murphy’s Law is in control. “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.” Like recieving the edits for Wolf Enforcer while trying to catch up on Pack Enforcer, and while prepping for vacation. After being sick for two weeks.

Oh, and I find out someone planned the pre-order for the Alphas of Summer during the same time. REALLY? Does everything have to happen all at once?

Yes. It does. Why?

Because Mercury is in retrograde!

What does that really mean? Well apparently the planet is moving backwards, so it screws with the entire psychic well-being of our planet. Want more detail? Here’s a super cool article that explains it much better than I can.


And want to know something super cool?

So, I do try to plan for Mercury’s wild shennangans, if I happen to think about it. And if my schedule stays the same. But that never happens. And there are some things you just can’t control. Like everyone else planning for you. Yikes!

But if you are a year long planner, like me, you can check out Mercury’s schedule and add it to your schedule. Then you can leave that month and a half for other things. Like lying in the sun. Or, taking lots of baths. Or, playing with the dog.

Sure, because we are all able to take an entire month and a half off because of a planet. Really???

But seriously.

Don’t plan big things (like book releases) during that time. If you can avoid it. If you can’t? Plan for things to go wrong. Double check, and triple check, all the little details. And then relax. You can’t control anything anyway so you might as well grab a glass of wine and let it all go. That’s what I’ll be doing. After I frantically try to clean up the retrograde mess.

Want to find out how your astrological sign is affected by Mercury in retrograde? There is a list of all the sign at the bottom of that Mercury article, so click this link, then scroll down and find your sign. Have fun!



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