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Meet Up with Other Indie Authors

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It’s cold outside! And baby, I only want to stay in and eat warm foods and snuggle by the fire. But yesterday I put on my sexy new boots and hauled my car up to the North Metro Area of Denver to participate in my very first Meet-Up. Meet Up is a website where you can find like-minded people and network, for just about anything under the sun. Interested in Primal Cooking? There’s a Meet Up group for you.

This one was set up for Indie Authors, and it turned out to be a nice group of people, of which I knew a heavy third. That’s because it was also posted on my local RWA chapter group, so several of us showed up. It was nice to meet new people and to meet authors in other genres, but one thing I noticed was that most of the romance writers really knew their stuff. Their publishing stuff, that is. 😉

Romance authors are ahead of the curve on marketing, pricing, and just getting our books out there. We were some of the first to jump on the indie bandwagon, but more than that, we’re enthusiastic sharers of information. That was pretty clear at the meeting. (Yes, I have to remind myself to not share so much!).

Are there other authors in other genres who know a lot about publishing? Absolutely, and we had a few of them there. But we also had a lot of new people, and that was nice too. It was interesting to see who’s writing what and how far they are in their writing journey.

The best thing for me from my Meet Up experience?

I always feel so behind in my life and in my writing, but when I started to talk about what I’ve done and where I’m going, I realized that I’m ahead of the curve! I’ve published six books in the last few years, and by the end of this year I’ll have at least four more out. That’s pretty incredible. I also know what I’m talking about. Just a few years ago that would have been me asking all those questions. Or, in reality, sitting there wondering what to say because I didn’t know enough to know what to ask.

Another great thing for me is that I think I’ll be joining a few of those fellow authors and spending Fridays writing. I’ve needed a dedicated day for writing for some time, and Friday’s have become it. But for me, dedicated usually means half the day. But they’re there writing all day!

Can I do that? I don’t know, but I’m going to try.

As I drove to the Meet Up I thought, I should be spending my time writing instead of socializing, but now that I’ve gone I think it was a good way to spend my time. It was a Sunday, and I never write on Sunday’s anyway because it’s a busy weekend day, so I didn’t miss any writing time. And the benefits I received from going and socializing with other like minded writers? Priceless!

Do you socialize with people in your area that have common interests? Have you tried a Meet Up group?

Let me know what your experience has been with networking. Where have you gone? Who did you meet? Was it fun?

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