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Terrorized by Twitter? Help is out there!

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This November I’ve been sharing with you some of my favorite places I go for advice. My first post introduced the indomitible Gloria Richard and Brinda Berry (click HERE), next I shared my secret source for social media, Kristen Lamb (click HERE). And last week I once again talked about the amazing Carolyn Cooper (click HERE). Last but not least I’m going to leave you with the inspiration for today’s blog, Mashable.

Mashable is a great blog for finding out all kinds of media information. It actually can be a little overwhelming. If you add Mashable to your list of favorites you’ll want to focus on the Social Media menu. There you can search for anything you don’t know you know about Twitter, Facebook and the new always challenging Google Plus.  My favorite post so far is  “10 Twitter Tools To Organize Your Tweeps“. This is the post that introduced me to Klout (another Kristen Lamb favorite) and Tweepler (something I have yet to explore, but is on that very long December list).

Klout is a very cool way to figure out if you are doing anything right on Twitter. It is another form of analytics, but is very easy to look at. It analyzes your social media so you will need to come up with a way to set goals and interpret the data for yourself. (Or you can take Kristen’s or Carolyn’s class and I’m sure those amazing women can help you.) I myself am checking Klout once a week, just to see what is going on with my Tweets. Am I going up or down? I seem to hover around 40+. I’d like to expand my influence. My goal is to be up ten points in six months and I’ll keep you updated in the future.

Mashable can help you do everything from creating a cool custom backdrop on your Twitter page to give you advice on how to use Twitter for a job hunt. If you are just exploring Google+ or Facebook, there are posts specifically targeted to those areas of SM. Whatever you have a question on, Mashable can help.

There you have it. My favorite places for technical advice on social media. From Pimping your Blog to detailed advice on Twitter these gurus cover the globe. I know you all have your favorites. Where do you get your advice?


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