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Paranormal Romance Book Trailers-Fall 2014

Thursdays Bite

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Hello and welcome to Jessica Aspen Writes on Thursdays Bite, my paranormal romance blog day. Well, Thursday is typically my paranormal day, but I have a HUGE announcement to make. I’m switching my paranormal romance posts to Fridays and calling them Fantastical Fridays. Why? Well if you read Monday’s post on my Fall Resolutions you will know that I’m reorganizing my time around writing my romances. Thursdays have become so busy that not only am I not home to respond to comments on the blog, but getting the blog done eats into my Wednesdays, which should be my writing days. Hence the Thursday sabbatical and moving on to Fridays!

This will be the last Thursdays Bite for some time. When my schedule shifts around, then I’ll look at adding it back in again. Or, if I just feel like it, I may do one for fun! Stay tuned. Next week I’ll have my typical paranormal romance blog on Fridays. Fridays are fun, right? No, they’re fantastical!

Now on to what you’re really waiting for, the Fall 2014 Paranormal Romance Book Trailers!

We’re covering the gamut today with our romance trailers, from magic shops-to Egypt-to Regency England. We also have some very different styles of trailers. I love how each romance author brings her own style to their paranormal book trailers.

The first book trailer I have today is Shannon Grey’s Shoppe of Spells, book one in the Gatekeeper’s series. It’s a simple text trailer, but I love the way the words shatter. It’s also pretty short, so I think the length helps keep your attention long enough to get to the end.

Now we come to Magic of the Nile by Best Selling Author and USA today HEA Sci-Fi Enounters Columnist Veronica Scott
I love Egyptian music, that and the sparklies in the video make me want to dance. Not that my Egyptian dancing is all that!

Magic of the Nile is one of Veronica Scott’s Gods of Egypt series. If you love exotic romance and a little history with your reading, check it out!

And last, but not least, is Angela Quarles new time travel paranormal romance, Must Love Breeches. Angela not only has produced her own book trailer, but she recently had an article on how you can do the same. Check out Jami Gold’s Blog HERE and find out how you too can make your book into magic.

So that’s all folks! See you tomorrow on my first Fantastical Fridays. Since I showcased my paranormal romance book trailers today, you’ll be able to click the link to Karen’s Killer Fixin’s and see what a paranormal romance author cooks up in the kitchen. It’s not just witches brew and fairy cakes!

Do you have a paranormal book trailer for your book? Would you like to see it featured on Jessica Aspen Writes? Please send me the YouTube link, as well as your name and buy links for the book and I’ll try to get it posted in the next Fantastical Fridays Paranormal Book Trailers feature.

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