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I’m a Techno Superstar! Ur, Well, Maybe Not.

Sensational Saturday’s

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I have an amazon author page!


And a Goodreads author page!      


I’m pretty stoked!

Me, the person who nearly a year ago was stumbling through her first blog, is now stumbling through the author pages at Amazon and Goodreads! I would never have thought I could do any of this. I still have technical issues sometimes. Yesterday I had to call my husband at work to beg some help with my Excel spreadsheet.

You people who come from a corporate background understand Excel. Me? I’m just tripping through somebody else’s ten page spreadsheet trying to figure out how the tab-by things work. I’ve lost my scrolling capability, but that’s not what I called him for. I’m finalizing the scores for the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence and the page is so long that I can’t see the whole thing. And since I’ve lost the scrolling ability, I’m tab, tab, tabbing along to one side to see if the book has made the finals, then shift-tab, shift-tab, shift-tabbing to the other, so I can see titles.

So I figured out how to squooosh the page in the middle so I could see both ends at once.


But then I needed to see the middle again. And I couldn’t. It was lost and I didn’t know how to get it back!


Lucy! Where did you put my page????

So I had to make the phone call to hubby’s work and get help from none other than his bosses wife. (She’s a star!) She helped me to un-hide my page, and now I’m a happy camper again. Now if those last few judges would just email me their scores, I’d be thrilled!

Running a contest of this size is something I’ve never done before. Okay, I’ve never run a contest before. I’m learning Excel the same way I learn everything nowadays, by the seat of my pants. By experimentation.

That’s why my motto is, back-up the file, and back-it-up  again.

So at least I wasn’t too panicked when I realized I couldn’t see any of the scores. I knew I had a back up. Whew!

Anyway, as I learn things you’ll see changes occurring on my website. Most will be things you may not even notice, like me being able to blog here and have it appear (like magic!) on my Goodread’s page. But some you might see. I hope they make the site better. I’d do it  all at once, but I’m a pantser, remember?

What are you learning that you never thought you would? Is technology an easy thing for you? Do you take classes, or call a friend for help? What would you like to learn, but haven’t yet?

I’m still looking for people to claim their prizes from the contest! Check out either the Rafflecopter Widget or my contest page for the list!


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