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March Moonday Madness has become Social Media Monday’s. We started off with Keri Silk and her new book Virtual Freedom: Stop Wasting Time on the Web – Get and Retain Customers Effortlessly. Read Keri’s blog “Don’t Should On Yourself” HERE. Last week I blogged on one of the easy ways we newbies can improve your blog. I’m sure some of you noticed I violated it immediately. To find out my number one tip for bloggers, click HERE.  Today I’m adding in another nugget in my series of where people go wrong with blogs.

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If you read Keri’s blog, she advised figuring out what you want to do with your blog and your business and directing your efforts. I’m going to take that one step farther and say, only do what you enjoy.

“So, my recommendation to my clients is: find things to do online that you enjoy (blogging, answering interviews, hosting a website, talking on twitter, etc.) and do those things in moderation. Be authentic, have fun with it, and keep the time commitment reasonable.” Sara Megibow, March 2012 Nelson Literary Agency Newsletter.

As busy beavers we work, work, work at out chosen career. And we blog, blog, blog trying to maintain what others have said we need to do. When we try to do too much it not only takes the focus away from our writing, but it rips all the enjoyment out of it. One of the lovely things about being an author is having a career you love and when you add in too many things you don’t love, what happens? You end up hating the career that is supposed to be your dream.

No one want to end up hating their dream. Writing is tough anyway, it should at least be fun.  Limit yourself, not just to doing what you have time for and advances your readership, but doing the things you enjoy. For instance, I don’t do Linked In. I tried it and I realized it didn’t connect me to readers, just business people. I don’t have time for that. Maybe some of you have found it valuable, but I think it’s just one more thing for me to do. So I’ve opted out.

I am still struggling with Facebook. I don’t love the format and just when I think I’m figuring it out, they change things. REALLY don’t like that. But I’m able to struggle along with it and it can be fun seeing what everyone else is up to. I figure it will get easier, so I’m keeping it. I do like seeing everyone’s comments and there is so much more room than Twitter. So for me, it’s a keeper.

The real keeper is Goodreads. I am just starting to explore Goodreads. I get to see what everyone else is reading and keep up on discussions. Not that I’ve got that much time to to that, but it looks like something I will enjoy, so it’s a keeper.

Twitter, I love.

No, seriously. I know I don’t always tweet, sometimes my life interferes, but I still like it. I love the sound bites. The skill involved in splicing a sentence down to it’s components so you can squeeze more in. I love the funny one liners. So Twitter is a win!

And of course there is the blog. I have two. This one and my first Friday of the month appearance on Paranormal Freebies. Paranormal Freebies is for sharing other authors with lots of readers, this one is just for me. And all of you, of course. Here I get to do whatever I want, bounce from topic to topic. Paranormal Freebies sticks to the supernatural side of things.

So I’m doing what I want, maybe a little over comitted and wishing I wrote more, but I’m having fun. How about you? What social media do you find fun? Do you use SM for your career, or just to connect with friends. I do both, how about you?


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