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Changing Goals for the New Year

If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know one thing for sure about me: I love setting goals even more than I love buying little boxes for organizing my stuff. And almost as much as my label maker! But like the little boxes and label makers,  goals are nothing if you don’t use them properly. If I waste hours making labels for my little boxes but I don’t ever get around to cleaning up my piles of stuff, or worse, compiling new piles while I’m making new labels for even more boxes….well, I’m sure you see what happens. Chaos!

Looking in

Or, the tools simply become another way to avoid true organization. Now, that’s procrastination at its finest. Looking like you are organizing while creating more obstacles to getting things done. True Genius!

Goals are like this too.

Set too many, too high and you can become lost in a sea of unachievable can-dos. Set them too low and you are a dillitante in the goal setting world, bragging about all you’ve done without really achieving anything. I’ve done both in my life, although I tent to err in setting too many, rather than too few. SMART goals are supposed to help this. A smart goal is:






You can spot my downfall in that list. Realistic gets me every time. And this year is no exception. I want to do it all! That’s one of the reason’s I am approaching my goals a little differently this year. It all started with this POST by Dean Wesley Smith. Dean is a straight shooter on the warpath of self-publishing and I love his rants posts. This series on achieving your goals hit the mark.

follow your dreamsMy Ah-Ha moment: All my goals were based on my top goals: my dreams of what I wanted to accomplish, not true achievable goals.

In order to figure out what is a dream goal and what is a realistic goal I have to figure out how fast I really work, and throw in some extra time for curve balls. Because life always sends a curve ball to mess up my goals.

So, my first goal for the New Year is:

Figure out how fast I write, edit, and how much time I really expect to spend doing that.

Then, base the remainder of my goals on those numbers.

Next, I’m going to apply Margie Lawson‘s approach to goal setting. This comes directly from Margie Lawson’s class on Defeating Self Defeating Behaviors, and is only one small nugget of gold in that class. I highly recommend the class for restructuring your life and goals and truly deciding what is important.

For my daily goals I do this already. I divide my goals into WINNER and SUPERSTAR. (Actually Margie uses superstar, I tend to label mine SUPERHERO. Comics and anime rule our house.) But I’m going to apply it to my yearly goals this year. What do I truly need and want to accomplish to further my dream? Those will be my WINNER goals. The ones I feel driven to try for will be the SUPERHERO goals. I’m hoping this will satisfy my need to go into goal overdrive and set unrealistic goals. If I get some of them done, well at Margie’s next New Year’s party, I’m sure she’ll be handing out stars!

How are your goals? Are they S.M.A.R.T.? My Achilles heel is achievable, but what’s yours? Do you even set goals for the year?

If you enjoyed this post, check out last week’s post Goals Past and Present and see how my goals went last year. And check back next  Monday for my updated goal list for 2013 and see how wild and crazy a goalsetter I can be!


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