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Ask the Author Free for All!

Thursday’s Bite

a paranormal blog

I’ve been answering interview questions for several blogs as I set up my blog tour. This week I’d love to answer questions about the paranormal, paranormal romance, and my paranormal in particular. I’m opening it up to you. What do you want to know? I’ll get you started with a few and then I want you to go for it!

1. What kind of paranormal stories do you write and why?

Well Jessica, my debut novella Little Red Riding Wolf is not just a twisted fairy tale, but it is also a werewolf story. The heroine is the werewolf and the hero takes on the modern role of the huntsman in the form of a forest ranger. I have several twisted fairy tales and I like them because they provide a familiar framework from which to hang the story. Very little of my stories remain traditional, but just enough hints come in to remind you of the original tale.

2. I can see why you chose to twist Little Red Riding Hood with werewolves, but what would you do with a different fairy tale, one that doesn’t have an obvious wolf motif?

In my story The Queen’s Huntsman, based on Snow White, there were no werewolves at all. I did add elves and witches and a complex world to support the longer story. And you’ll still find an apple or two as well as plenty of magic.

3. Do you plan on more stories like Little Red Riding Wolf?

I’m working on a second twisted tale set in the Colorado, Rockies. I love the town of Radon and now that I have it set up it’s easy to see how other werewolves could have their own fairy tales. Another Snow White or Cinderella would be easy to do. Whatever the final story ends up being I can tell you for sure, it will be set in Colorado and it will have shapeshifters.

Okay, I’m opening it up. Leave a comment and I’ll keep answering questions!


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