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Between the Sheets Holiday Blog Hop, finally!

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Today I am happy to announce that I am joining the Between the Sheets Holiday Blog Hop, first discovered on the indomitable Gloria Richard’s site HERE. At first Gloria’s challenge seemed simple. Either write a letter from your younger self about a Christmas memory or write it from a character’s point of view. The devious Gloria even suggested that we write from a villain’s holiday view. Who wouldn’t want to see the childhood visions of Snape or the Penguin?

Well this seemingly simple assignment has been biting me in the pa-tootie all month, I just could not come up with anything even reasonably interesting. I know, I know, with a wealth of memories between myself and my characters there should be something interesting, but nothing jumped up. Till this week. I was perusing a “green” magazine and they had a list of alternative types of Christmas trees one could use that could stay up all year round and one was a lemon tree.

Now that brought back memories.

So here it is, my memory of being nine and my first trip to visit my grandmother (all by myself) for Christmas.

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Thanks for sending me to Florida for Christmas. The beach has been wonderful and I’ve been in the pool almost every day. It’s really sunny here and all of Grammy’s and Papa’s friends are nice, even if they are very old and there is no one for me to play with. Last night was Christmas Eve and you were right, Santa managed to find me even way down here in Sarasota. (I’m sure that stapled shut paper bag you tucked inside my suitcase had nothing to do with it.)

First we went to a progressive supper. We started at Mrs. Smith’s condo, in the other building, for ordoovrees and she is so neat! She lives in the apartment right on the edge of the ocean. She said sometimes, when the weather is rough, the water hits her screened in porch. She had lots of fabulous food and even gave me a dried out hermit crab. I’m sure we can find a paper bag for him somewhere.

Next we went down the building and up two stories for the main course at Mrs. Hobbs. She is the one who wants to take me to the Ringling museum next week. I don’t know her very well, but Grammy says she is very nice. I’m sure I’ll find out. We ended up at Grammy’s condo for desert which we had spent all day making. The whole table was filled with pound cake and cookies and little nuts in tiny dishes. I wanted to try everything, but Grammy said there will be plenty of time this week to eat the leftovers. And she was right, we have a lot of left overs.

I was pretty tired by then and it was time to hang up my stocking. This is the cool part. Grammy and Papa don’t have a Christmas tree! She has a wrought iron lemon tree that hangs on the wall of her sun porch. The leaves are painted green and the lemons yellow. At night she flips a switch and there are tiny white lights behind all the lemons that make the whole tree glow. Grammy has hung a few sparkly glass and silver ornaments on the lemon tree and they all sparkle in the light. I like to turn all the other lights off and sit on the sun porch listening to the ocean and looking at the lights.

Last night Grammy told me to hang my stocking right on the tree! It’s very strong, so it was able to hold the weight up once Santa had filled it. And I was very happy to see it filled. Christmas is great down here, but a little strange with just Grammy and Papa and me. I’m looking forward to coming back soon. Tell everyone I love them!

Love Jessica

So that’s it! Hope you enjoyed a run down to Florida and memory lane with me. If you want to hop on the Holiday train, Gloria has  linky list set up and you can check out everyone else’s letters, or you can even write your own! I’ve hopped over to a few sites and they are all very cool! Happy Holidays!


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