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Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Welcome Lyndi Alexander. I met Lyndi at Margie Lawson’s Deep Immersion writing workshop, along with some other fabulous women, and was very impressed by her writing. Her first book, The Elf Queen, was about to come out and I loved the concept of a glass slipper breaking and tiny men escaping on a city street. Today she is writing about her latest release a paranormal romance, Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. What a great title and this book too has a very creative concept. Please welcome, Lyndi Alexander.

The last time I got divorced, I was in a pretty bad way. Drained. Feeling out of touch with my world and myself. So, about ten years ago, I went with some of my friends to a new class that studied energy from an Eastern perspective. We learned about auras and personal energy fields and chakras and self-healing. As a person who routinely thinks from inside my head instead of on a “touchy-feely” basis, this was a long, hard education for me, but I eventually understood it.

This class, although really foreign to me, a person who functioned from a center of logic and judgment, showed me how to function from a place of love and feeling and emotion. You really can accomplish a lot of different things when you approach life from that angle.

I also came to understand how others’ actions affected me, and how others can drain your energy, in a very toxic way. You know, the person who calls at all hours of the day and night, just to whine about the terribles of their life, though they never take your advice and never change the way they do anything. They suck the life from you.

Try doing that when you’re a family law attorney, too, your clients trapped in the cold court system, and they always need, need, need…. And I was happy to give it to them, when I could, but after awhile, when I was giving and giving, to clients, to kids, and not getting much back in return, I was wiped.

So I used this class to help build up my own defenses and my own walls, but not in a negative way. As Dr. Rick Paulsen teaches Sara Woods in LOVE ME, KISS ME, KILL ME, the purpose of studying these healing arts is to realign your chakras, to make you energetically strong, so that you can withstand the daily attacks we all encounter. Of course, the forces after Sara are much more dangerous than just a sad client or two. She begins an investigation into a series of deaths that moves into a supernatural realm before very long, and she’s dealing with forces of this world and darker ones as well. I hope I shared enough of what I learned with her so that she can survive her battles ahead. J

Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by Lyndi AlexanderLove Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Running away isn’t necessarily the answer.

In her mad rush to escape a failed marriage, Sara Woods takes the first job available and lands in the middle of a mystery. Her first assignment as a news reporter for the Ralston Courier is the investigation of a string of deaths, all young women, all her age.

She becomes a patient at the Goldstone Clinic, a local mecca of healing, to deal with chronic pain from her past. But all is not as it seems at the Goldstone, its doctors and nurses are all the picture of perfect beauty and health. Patients at the clinic first seem to get better, then they deteriorate. Sara enlists the help of Dr. Rick Paulsen, who teaches her how to access her internal power, skills she never knew she had, revealing secrets from her past. Police officer Brendon Zale also takes an interest in Sara, but he acts like a stalker, watching her every move, and he won’t leave her alone.

As she digs deeper into the story, and more young women die without explanation, she tries to choose allies wisely, but not till the last confrontation does she discover the identity of her true enemy.

By then, it’s too late.

hydra publishingLove Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me is available now from Hydra Press

Buy it at here at Amazon or here at Barnes and Noble

EXCERPT from Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me:

I watched Rick Paulsen in disbelief. “You’re talking crazy, you know. What do you think I am? A battery, charged or not charged or something? That’s not possible. Is it?”

“It would explain what happened. Dedra’s life force was ebbing and you replenished it.”

“Life force. Okay, so we’re in X-Files territory. Next you’ll be talking vampires.”

Rick twitched as if I’d slapped him.

That raised my eyebrow. “No way.” I thought about Talman and his charisma.

He walked behind his desk, as if putting the solid wood between us would insulate him. Or was it me he was trying to protect? He studied me, clearly torn about something. Still on the issue of trust?

“What does that have to do with the clinic?” I asked, as the silence went on.

He didn’t answer.

“Why did Dr. Ruprei show up so quickly?”

He shook himself and leaned forward, elbows on the desk. He looked so much more tired than he had the first day we’d met. “I don’t know why Ruprei was here. I didn’t send for her. She didn’t hurt you, did she? Or Dedra?”

I shook my head.

“What was it you said? A battery? That’s a good analogy. You’ve been at the clinic recently, haven’t you? Within the last 24 hours? Within the last week?” He poured another glass of juice for me, disapproval in his voice. As I started to argue with him, he held up a finger. “I know you have. Let’s just work this through, all right? Please work with me on this. It’s very close to Lily’s story. It may be the key.”

           “All right, fine. I did go, five days ago. But my life force was just fine. In fact, I felt terrific. Better than I had in years.”

He rubbed his forehead, lost in thought a moment. “I hadn’t thought she would move so soon. Drink the juice.”

What use was there arguing at this point? I drank the juice. I had to admit, it seemed to be having a positive effect. “Who’s she? Dedra was seeing Chal Talman. But he wasn’t doing anything wrong. I told you. I felt great.”

“Of course you did. You might have had all your own energy and some of his besides.” He leaned back, arms crossed.

“What are you saying, that they put it into me?”

“I’m not sure. It’s not easily done. Have you ever done any energy work? Studied chakras, tuning meridians, that sort of thing?”

“Speakee English?” I passed an arch look. Had Lily understood any of this, been a willing partner? “I never studied anything like that.”

“Amazing,” Rick said. “You’re a natural. I had to study four years with a healer in California to even begin.” He blew air through pursed lips. “Tell me about your treatments again, both yours and Dedra’s. Whatever you know, even if you don’t think it’s important.”

Thinking of the dead woman, and the near-dead one down the hall, I settled in and told him what he wanted to know, all of it, holding back only the deep smoky attraction I’d felt for Chal. Rick seemed most interested in the first, where we had both felt drained, and the last, when I’d been so charged. When I finished, he read over his notes, then looked at me, speculation written on his face.

“Can I try something?” he asked. Uncertainty must have showed in my face, because he actually laughed. “Nothing bad! It’s an experiment. Not dangerous, I promise. I just want to get a feel for your energy field.”

“You mean those areas governed by the chakras, the alignment and so on. But you just said I’d given Dedra any power I had.” Not that I was buying that. I was guessing if that’s really what had happened, that it was one of those miracle emergency adrenaline bursts, like the guy who could lift a car off his child in crisis mode. That made sense. Such events had been documented in the past.

Rick persisted. “I’m not looking for what you’ve got, just testing your usual state.”

“Then will you tell me about Lily and the others? And what this has to do with vampires?”

“Yes. Then I’ll share what I know.”

            Quid pro quo, Clarice… The dark words echoed in my brain. I eyed Dr. Paulsen. Which of us was Hannibal Lecter?

BIO:   Lyndi Alexander dreamed for many years of being a spaceship captain, but settled instead for inspired excursions into fictional places with fascinating companions from her imagination that she likes to share with others.

She has been a published writer for over thirty years, including seven years as a reporter and editor at a newspaper in Homestead, Florida. Her list of publications is eclectic, from science fiction to romance to horror, from tech reporting to television reviews. Lyndi is married to an absent-minded computer geek. Together, they have a dozen computers, seven children and a full house in northwestern Pennsylvania.


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JL Bowen’s Healer & Brinda Berry’s Whisper of Memory, WOOT!

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Wait, it’s not Thursday?

Who said that?

No, you’re right, it’s Friday. And I’m posting late. My life since January has taken on a frantic quality that has me spinning, and now I’m back to work until July, so I’m going to have to take drastic measures. And the first one I’m taking is changing my blog.

I’m putting Moonday Mania and Thursday’s Bite on hiatus until further notice. INSTEAD,  I’ll post on Sensational Saturdays a variety of topics that will sometimes be writer oriented, sometimes paranormal oriented, and sometimes just be whatever the heck I’m thinking about.

There, I did it, I cut back. My friends will be so proud of me!

So, today will be the last Thursdays Bite for a while, and I’m going to share with you some YA links to some fabulous books that my very cool friends have just put out! Now I don’t write YA, and most of you may not read YA, but I’ve found quite a lot of adults do read YA. And those that don’t sometimes have children who do read it. So I’m sharing the links and books in order to spread the word!

 I’m very excited to say that JL Bowen‘s debut novel Healer is available in e-form from Featherweight Press. This is the first book in the series, but it’s not a cliffhanger, so don’t worry about being held hostage till the next book. Plunge into Armand’s world as he discovers that everything he’s every thought was true, is totally wrong.

healer, by JL BowenThirteen-year-old Armond Costa heals in three days, no matter what abuse his uncle and aunt inflict upon him. On his fourteenth birthday, he sprouts wings and discovers his aunt and uncle had lied to him. He’s the lost Golden Demon’s Healer. His father, King of the Golden Demons, insists he return with him and save his people from being persecuted by their mortal enemies, the Dark Demons. Now, Armond must choose between the Ellis brothers and seventeen-year-old Rusty Owens — the only family he’s ever known — or condemn the Golden Demons to extinction.


And now, most of you know Brinda Berry, she’s a fabulous source for authors finding out about social media and techie stuff, but you may not realize she’s also a YA author! Her new book in her Whispering Woods Series is called Whisper of Memory. It continues the story of Mia, who is special in two ways: she has Synesthesia (want to know what that is, click HERE to read Brinda’s post on Paranormal Freebies.) and she has a gift for extraordinary perception.

Weapons training and winter formals… a deadly combination

Brinda Berry's Whisper of MemoryAll Mia ever wanted was to fit in at Whispering Woods High. But being a portal-finder who dates a guy from another dimension sort of makes it hard.   Mia’s brother disappeared over a year ago, and now agents from the IIA are policing people’s movements through dimensions. She’d trusted Dr. Bleeker from the local university when he’d told her the IIA were the bad guys. But even a girl with an extraordinary ability to sense things can make mistakes.

Now two people are dead, and as a portal gatekeeper for the IIA, Mia needs to find Dr. Bleeker before he hurts anyone else. And her boyfriend Regulus, an Agent for the IIA, carries secrets of his own. Between learning about weaponry, finding the perfect dress for the winter formal, and catching bad guys, who has time to fit in?  

So that’s all folks. I’ll be hard at work editing and doing all the other stuff that has kept me crazy, but I won’t be blogging quite so much for a while. You can find me here on Sensational Saturdays and also on the first Friday of the month at http://paranormalfreebies, where I will still be doing paranormal focused bites.


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Three Hot Paranormal Releases!

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Just a little business before we get to the real meat of the blog. If you are a winner of my Killer Blog tour please contact me through my contact page and send me your information so I can either email your book or mail your prizes. List of winners can be found HERE.

I picked up my copy of Joan Swan’s FEVER last Thursday and held my breath till I could finally dive in on Sunday. Loved it! To read my review on Paranormal Freebies, click HERE. For those of you who can dive in right now and are looking for a book, I highly recommend FEVER. I’ve been waiting since 2010 for Joan’s book and it has seemed like forever!

Joan did let us sneak a peek in 2010, it wasn’t even quite through edits, but I knew then that I wanted more. So now I have it in my hot little hands and I’m thrilled!

Here is the blurb and I hope each and every one of you will run out and buy Joan’s book so she can write more! And for lots of chances to win FEVER click HERE and follow Joan on her Fever book tour.

Dr. Alyssa Foster will admit to a bad boy fetish…

But when she finds herself face to face with a convicted murderer with a ripped body, a determination for freedom and an eye on her as his get out of jail free card, Alyssa knows she’s in deep trouble…. Not just because Teague Creek is a prisoner desperate for freedom, but because his every touch makes her desperate for more.

A man with a life sentence has nothing to lose…

Teague Creek has one shot at freedom, but his plan to escape with a hostage develops a fatal flaw: Alyssa. On the run from both the law and deadly undercover operatives who know of his strange abilities, he needs to avoid trouble, but every heated kiss tells him the fire between them could be just as devastating as the flames that changed him forever.

The other book I picked up (finally!) is Melissa Mayhue’s Warrior’s Redemption. Another book I’ll have to wait to read, but now that I own it I can read it any old time I want to! Want to read a review of Warrior’s Redemption? Click HERE for ML Guida’s review.

Will the magic of modern romance help him defeat an evil ancient power?

MALCOLM MACDOWYLT sees himself a failed warrior, haunted by the death of the woman he married to become laird of Clan MacGahan.  Neither his Viking heritage nor his claim to descend from Norse gods can restore his confidence in his ability to protect his people.  His sister is held captive, her life in jeopardy, and his Magically powerful half brother wants him dead.  The last thing he needs is more responsibility, but that’s exactly what he gets when his Faerie mother-in-law arrives seeking justice for her daughter in the form of an enticing woman from seven hundred years in the future.

DANIELLE DEARMON has waited fifteen years to discover the life she is supposed to live.  She just never dreamed she’d end up in the thirteenth century with a handsome Scot bent on saving everyone but himself.

With the lives of those most dear to him hanging in the balance, Malcolm sets out to battle a powerful evil Magic, only to learn that the redemption he seeks exists only in the arms of the woman he loves.
I’m still waiting anxiiously for JL Bowen’s YA release, Healer from Featherweight Press. I shared the trailer (along with Melissa’s) HERE last week. This week I’m sharing the cover and the blurb. Enjoy!

Thirteen-year-old Armond Costa heals in three days, no matter what abuse his uncle and aunt inflict upon him. On his fourteenth birthday, he sprouts wings and discovers his aunt and uncle had lied to him. He’s the lost Golden Demon’s Healer. His father, King of the Golden Demons, insists he return with him and save his people from being persecuted by their mortal enemies, the Dark Demons. Now, Armond must choose between the Ellis brothers and seventeen-year-old Rusty Owens — the only family he’s ever known — or condemn the Golden Demons to extinction.

Can’t wait JL!

Now if you have all of these on your list I’m leaving you with a link to the Vampire Book Club and their list of March 2012 releases. They’ve done such a terrific job of compiling the releases that I simply had to send you over there. Enjoy!


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Discover Three Rockin’ Videos From my Paranormal Pals

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Book trailers, Baby!

That’s what’s happening!

All my paranormal author friends are creating hot new trailers for their releases, and now debut author JL Bowen has a book trailer for Healer, her YA due to release next week, so here it is!

Healer is due to be released February 28th from Featherweight Press, the YA branch of my publisher and I can’t wait to read JL’s dark paranormal story. She’s going to be blogging again on ParanormalFreebies on February 28th, the day of her release, so make sure to check it out!

Melissa Mayhue’s trailer for her first book in her new series is also by Lex Valentine of Winterheart Design , the same artist as JL’s trailer. Here is the fabulous trailer for Warrior’s Redemption:


If you haven’t read Melissa’s Daughters of the Glen series, she’s a fabulous paranormal author who shares my love of the Fae, but Warrior’s Redemption is the first book in a brand new series. You can check out ML Guida’s review HERE on Paranormal Freebies and Melissa’s interview HERE.

The unique YA paranormal The Waiting Booth, by Brinda Berry has a rockingly fast paced trailer:

We’re waiting breathlessly for the next book in Brinda’s Whispering Woods series, the sequal to The Waiting Booth. If you want to find out more click HERE to explore how Brinda wove the fascinating and rare condition of synesthesia into her paranormal.

Leave a comment, and don’t forget to go to Paranormal Freebies and enter my contest HERE at the Rafflecopter widget. We’re drawing close to the end of the month and we’ll be drawing for free copies of Little Red Riding Wolf as well as t-shirts, chocolates and more! Next week I’ll be at The Dames of Dialogue on Monday the 27th blogging on Twisting in the Wind or how you twist a fairy tale. And I’ll be at Erin O’Riordan’s blog on the 28th. Both of those are eligible for comments and contest entries too!


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