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Introducing a New Adult Gothic Contemporary Romance

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I thought today I’d introduce my upcoming new Gothic novel, Ghosts of Christmas Past. I’m delving into new territory with this one because it isn’t a fairytale twist. It is a…hold your breath…

halloween toombstonesNew Adult Gothic Contemporary Christmas Romance.


What in the world is that?

Well, I wanted to write a modern ghost story. And I’ve always loved Gothics. I personally think Gothics are New Adults, they just weren’t called that when they were published originally. (Check out my blog on the similarities of Gothic and New Adult covers , HERE.) Girls on the cusp of being true adults. Young women who are out on their own for the first time. Yada, yada, yada.

You get it, don’t you?

Anyway, I love Gothics and ghost stories, so I decided it was finally time I wrote one. And I needed a holiday release, so the idea was born to have a series of quicky novellas I could write as a break from the fairy tale twisting. I don’t want to just write Christmas stories, so I’m writing a series of holiday novellas, Haunted Holidays: A series of contemporary love stories where the heroes and heroine’s take on the supernatural.

Okay, the log line needs work, but it’s a fun series!

And, yeah, this one turned out a little longer than a novella. It edged into short novel status when it sneaked past the limit of 40,000 words, but hey! Every one of those words is needed!

I don’t have a cover yet, but here’s the blurb:

Ghosts of Christmas Past

A Haunted Holiday’s Novel

Jen MacNamara flees the Christmas wedding of her best friend and cheating fiancé and runs to the country to spend the holiday alone. It’s the perfect plan, until her unexpectedly sexy neighbor and landlord, Nate Pierce, insists on bringing the holiday to her—complete with a Christmas tree, hot chocolate, and an unexpected kiss. 

And that’s not Jen’s only problem.

 The cozy country farmhouse is already occupied by something evil. Now Jen’s nights are spent wrapped in sensual dreams of a past life, and her days growing closer to Nate as they solve the mystery of the malevolent ghost that haunts not only the house, but also wants Jen dead.

So I hope you’ll join me in my pursuit of the supernatural. If you’re interested in all the early details of the release sign up for my newsletter HERE, where you can find out about all my upcoming releases and specials. Look for Ghosts of Christmas Past to be out sometime in July for Christmas in July! WOOT! Stay tuned for details.


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Halloween Horror

Thursdays Bite

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  • You might have guessed that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I grew up with a mother and a grandmother both born on Halloween, so we always had a party. To celebrate, my mom handed out FULL SIZE candy bars. Needless to say we were popular with the neighborhood kids. But I think the best thing about Halloween is being scared. 

That’s why I’m loving writing Gothic. Spooky houses, ghosts, creepy feelings snaking up your spine. Brrrr! Maybe that “Who I Write Like” website was right. Maybe I do write my paranormal romances like Ann Rice and Stephen King. One can only hope! (If you want to read that post, check it out HERE).

What I do know is I’m super excited about not just Halloween but also Christmas this year because my spooky, sexy, Gothic romance novella will be ready for release. Ghosts of Christmas Past, is the first story in my new paranormal romance series: Haunted Holidays. All novellas and all featuring romantic ghost stories. It’s like having Halloween at Christmas time, and I’m anticipating all the ghostly fun.

Yes, Jack, Christmas would be better with a little bit of Halloween thrown in. We already have Scrooge and his ghosts, why not add more?

halloween toombstones Writing paranormal means my plots always have zing, but writing horror means the zing is always creepy. Hmm, I may enjoy this too much! IN fact I think I do. I’m already thinking ahead to my next Haunted Holiday novella and I’m not even finished with this one? Love  ghosts. Love romance. So how could I not write a ghostly romance?

I grew up reading not just ghost stories, but Gothics. From the very old stories like The Turn of the Screw and The Woman in White, to the later romances that Victoria Hold and Phyllis Whitney used to write. Gothic is in my blood.

And who can forget Ammee, Come Home, by the classic Gothic author, Barabara Michaels. Brrr. I’m not sure I can live in a house built before 1992 without wondering if there is a ghost.

What other ghosts in love stories can you remember. My mother used to love The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Have you seen that one? The TV show reminds me of adult Scooby Doo, funny and a little spooky. It was based on the movie of the same name, which has a terrific romantic and haunting piece of music to go with it: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Suite. You can listen to that and imagine the ghost falling in love with the lovely and young widow.

Do you like a little horror with your romance? How about mixed in with your Halloween or Christmas? Did you ever read a true Gothic romance? Or delve into old fashioned mysteries?

I’m still on tour. Tommorrow I’ll be hopping by Romance and Beyond. If you’d like a glimpse into romance in my life, come on by.

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