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Grimm Suvivial

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We’re on a second season of Grimm, and I’m thrilled. I wasn’t too sure when the show first started (Check out my post on Will Grimm Survive? HERE), but I’m a fan now.

My main complaint last season was that the hero, Nick Burkhardt played by David Guintoli, had no depth. He just wasn’t dark enough for the show. Too nice, too good looking, too naive. It was tough to believe him as a homicide detective, let alone as the alpha male to take on all the supernatural beasties. But they’ve developed him nicely. He’s accumulating secrets, and has developed some street smarts. He’s still not a tough guy, he just misses the mark. But he is now a more believable character and I love tuning in.

The show has fantastic make-up artists, and I love the German themes that flow through the show. They’ve made a real effort to not only include the Grimm Brothers fairytales, but they have a dark forest feel to the entire set. Everyone lives in a lovely jewel of a craftsman home, with exposed beams and stained glass. While that may not be realistic, it helps set the cottage in the woods feel of the show. And they’ve developed some nice secondary sub-plots with my favorite character, Monroe; the clock-maker vegetarian reformed Blutbad (read werewolf). Even Hank, Nick’s detective partner, is growing in depth. And of course the main mystery of the show, the prince disguised as the police captain, is tantalizingly being developed.

Will Grimm survive? This season for sure. If it were up to me, it would get a third season. I’m thoroughly enjoying this season’s character arcs and story development. But I loved the Dresden Files and the mainstream network cut those. Who can guess what motivates the execs?

Do you watch Grimm? What about Once Upon a Time? I love the twisted fairy tales and I’m thrilled they are in the mainstream. Just curious about how long they’ll stay. What do you think?


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