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Paranormal Romance Howloween Blog Hop Starts Today!

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resurrected from the dead

howloween paranormal blog hopIt’s here! The scariest paranormal romance blog hop of October with over 60 authors, prizes at each stop, and a grand prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

To participate, read my blog and enter my contest then hop to Jane Weekly’s Hops With Heart:


and discover all the other authors on the list. Oh, and don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter drawing for the grand prize!



To enter my contest read through the excerpt below and tell me in the comments box if the yummy Nate Pierce would be enough to get you to stay in a haunted house, or would you turn tail and run back to Boston?

Winner receives an e-copy of my contemporary Gothic GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST

Ghosts of Christmas Past

excerpt: chapter one

Jen turned, gazing over the bare winter fields to the tangle of trees. No explanations, no obligations, no complications. For two whole weeks she could just hide here, and write.

The first genuine smile she could remember since April spread her face wide.

Then the pickup arrived.

Black, large, and full of male attitude it parked right next to her vacation house, dwarfing her small car and taking up the entire drive.

“Oh, there’s Nate now.” Mrs. Castlebury waved at the man pushing an eager black Labrador back into the cab while trying to exit the vehicle.

He got the door shut, faced them, and grinned. Dressed in New England casual of laced-up work boots, jeans, and plaid shirt under a denim jacket, Nate Pierce, striding across the snow, hand out in welcome, was a commercial for settling down. Tall. Good-looking in a rugged, works-for-a-living kind of way. And he had a dog. A big, sloppy, super-cute dog, wagging its tail and drooling on the driver’s side window.

For one impulsive moment Jen wished this was her life. She loved big dogs, the country, and secretly, men in plaid shirts, but she hadn’t had the opportunity for any of it since her dad’s death. Their daddy-daughter fishing trips, where he’d gotten to get out of his suit and she’d gotten to be free of her school uniform, had stopped cold the year she’d turned twelve.

This was the first time since then she’d ventured outside of somewhere hot and warm with a very clean, very controlled hotel. Her mom’s idea of a vacation. Of course, neither her mom nor her ex, Jason, tolerated dogs of any size. And as for living outside of the Boston city limits?

Neither of them would consider the horror.

She squashed the sudden surge of loneliness and desire for something she’d probably never have, and pasted on a smile.

Mr. Good-Looking Country Boy tramped through the snow to the porch, pushed his overlong forelock of sandy brown hair off his face, and held out a hand. “Hi, I’m Nate Pierce, your landlord.”

“My what?” She shot a quick look at Mrs. Castlebury.

“Your landlord, dear. I’m just the listing agent. Nate owns the house and he’ll see to any upkeep you need.”

“In fact, I’ll be back in an hour or so after you’ve gotten settled and bring the Christmas tree.”

“The Christmas tree?” She’d forgotten. She’d purchased the Christmas in New England package because it had been cheaper than renting by the day. “That’s not necessary,” she said, her voice chillier than she’d intended.

“I’ve already cut the tree down.” Nate’s friendly grin wavered as did his hand hovering in the air between them. “It would be a shame to waste.”

She didn’t want to be friendly with the neighbors. She wanted to hide out and recuperate. Make up her mind as to what in the world she was going to do next. But good manners won out.

Jen repressed a sigh, reached out, and slid her bare hand into his. As it disappeared into his tan callused grip, her hand seemed slim and small. He squeezed gently and a tingling warmth spread across her skin.

Hot caramel sensation slid from the connection between them, up her palm, along her arm, and through her entire body. Her hand tightened automatically, and a responding spark lit in his eyes.

Jen swallowed. Shoot! She wasn’t ready for this. She was here to lick her wounds, not some guy’s abs. And given the strength in his hand and his wide shoulders, she’d bet he had some killer abs.

She gazed up into Nate’s warm chocolate brown eyes and his face blurred. For a moment she saw another face superimposed over his. Same brown eyes, same tanned, rugged New England skin, but more boyish, broad-boned and black haired.

Every hair on her scalp tried to climb out of its slicked back, ponytailed restriction.

Then her new neighbor’s sharper, more intense features came into focus. Jen panicked and jerked her hand away. Wiping her buzzing palm on her long red wool coat she backed up, nearly running into Mrs. Castlebury.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Pardon me.” She circled around, putting the older woman between herself and Nate Pierce.

What the hell just happened?

Jen tucked her hands into the safety of her coat pockets, surreptitiously rubbing her tingling right palm along the silk inside her pocket. Trying to get rid of the strange feeling spreading along her skin and telling her pounding heart that everything was fine. That something bizarre hadn’t just happened to her. And that life was safe and normal.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Jen MacNamara flees the Christmas wedding of her best friend and cheating fiancé and runs to the country to spend the holiday alone. It’s the perfect plan, until her unexpectedly sexy neighbor and landlord, Nate Pierce, insists on bringing the holiday to her—complete with a Christmas tree, hot chocolate, and an unexpected kiss. 

And that’s not Jen’s only problem. ghosts of christmas past by jessica aspen

The cozy country farmhouse is already occupied by something evil. Now Jen’s nights are spent wrapped in sensual dreams of a past life, and her days growing closer to Nate as they solve the mystery of the malevolent ghost that haunts not only the house, but also wants Jen dead. 

Dare to discover Jessica Aspen’s sexy, new adult, contemporary, Gothic romance, today.

 Available at:  Amazon, Barnes and NobleKoboIbooksAllRomanceEbooks

Add Ghosts of Christmas Past to your Goodreads shelf.

Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at http://JessicaAspen.com

To sign up for Jessica Aspen’s new release email and get your link to download your free book, please click HERE.


Author web links:  

Website: http://jessicaaspen.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5759763.Jessica_Aspen

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JessicaAspen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaAspenAuthor

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/jessicaaspen/

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Friday Feature Jessica Aspen Ghosts of Christmas Past

Fantastical Fridays

a paranormal blog

I’m being featured on CD Hersch’s blog today Friday Feature Jessica Aspen Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Come on by and check out my interview and comment to win a copy of my contemporary Gothic romance, Ghosts of Christmas Past. That’s right. EVERYONE can win a copy. Just leave a comment before the deadline on 10/20/2014 and you can win.

ghosts of christmas past by jessica aspen

Haunted Holidays

Short, sexy, contemporary love Stories with a Gothic twist.

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Ghosts and Ghoulies and Things That Go Bump in the Night

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bringing out the ghost in paranormal

Hi, I’m blogging again. I was taking a blog break and had every intention of not blogging until September, but it turns out I miss it! I like the schedule and I like writing about fantasy and paranormal romance. So, I’m back! And in honor of my new modern Gothic, Ghosts of Christmas Past, I’m writing about ghosts.

I’ve always read ghost stories. Do you remember those book orders the teachers used to send home with the kids in elementary school? Arrow Books and Scholastic? I lived in a fairly rural area. Our library was in a small house, and my mom had been one of the people to start it. It had a lot of books people had donated, but very few new ones and I loved all the choices that came home in that flyer.

Especially the mystery and suspense.

And there wasn’t much of that. I read Nancy Drew and had devoured all the ones within my reach by the end of second grade, and I loved Scooby Doo, but at that time books for kids were mostly focused on kids having adventures, so I was hungry for more mystery, more suspense, more supernatural. (Okay, technically in both Scooby and Nancy’s books the supernatural turned out to be some guy named Bob hiding behind a wall, but for a moment you could pretend there was a ghost.) Enter the short ghost story books.

scary stories by alvin schwartz

Do you remember reading these?

Books about haunted sailing ships and the sad stories behind them.  Books about men who married women with ribbons around their necks, who turned out to be already dead. Books about haunted houses, courthouses, and outhouses. You name it, if it was out there it had been haunted.

So when I decided to write a ghost story, I had plenty of fodder in my imagination. I needed an older house, because having a new house be haunted doesn’t carry the same thrill. I needed a ghost, well, that’s self-evident. And I needed a reason for her to be a ghost, and not just a ghost, but a malevolent one.

That was tougher.

Enter Agnes. Now I sympathize with Agnes. Her life wasn’t easy and she’s really trying hard to do the right thing. Unfortunately, it’s really wrong to do what she does. Should I tell you and spoil the book? No, I think I’ll let you read it yourself. But trust me, I put a lot of thought into why Agnes would do what she did, and how she thought she was justified.

And then I had to make her scary.

That was the fun part. That’s when all those books that kept me awake at night when I was nine came into play. All the creepy things that make you want to run but when you turn and really look at them, you can explain them away. So you stay in the house.

Did you read ghost stories as a kid? Do you read them now? Do you like to be scared? Have that shiver run up your spine?

Because I want to let all my regular readers have a chance to pick up Ghosts of Christmas Past it’s on a limited time offer of 99cents through the end of August. After that it’s up to $2.99, so grab it while it’s cheap!



Contemporary Love Stories with a Gothic twist.

ghosts of christmas past by jessica aspen


Ghosts of Christmas Past

A Haunted Holidays Novel

Jen MacNamara flees the Christmas wedding of her best friend and cheating fiancé and runs to the country to spend the holiday alone. It’s the perfect plan, until her unexpectedly sexy neighbor and landlord, Nate Pierce, insists on bringing the holiday to her—complete with a Christmas tree, hot chocolate, and an unexpected kiss. 

And that’s not Jen’s only problem.

 The cozy country farmhouse is already occupied by something evil. Now Jen’s nights are spent wrapped in sensual dreams of a past life, and her days growing closer to Nate as they solve the mystery of the malevolent ghost that haunts not only the house, but also wants Jen dead.

 Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Ibooks, AllRomanceEbooks

Introductory price of 99cents! Goes up to $2.99 on September 1st, 2014

Join my new release newsletter for early information on specials and new releases! Click HERE to sign up.

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Introducing a New Adult Gothic Contemporary Romance

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a fantasy romance blog

I thought today I’d introduce my upcoming new Gothic novel, Ghosts of Christmas Past. I’m delving into new territory with this one because it isn’t a fairytale twist. It is a…hold your breath…

halloween toombstonesNew Adult Gothic Contemporary Christmas Romance.


What in the world is that?

Well, I wanted to write a modern ghost story. And I’ve always loved Gothics. I personally think Gothics are New Adults, they just weren’t called that when they were published originally. (Check out my blog on the similarities of Gothic and New Adult covers , HERE.) Girls on the cusp of being true adults. Young women who are out on their own for the first time. Yada, yada, yada.

You get it, don’t you?

Anyway, I love Gothics and ghost stories, so I decided it was finally time I wrote one. And I needed a holiday release, so the idea was born to have a series of quicky novellas I could write as a break from the fairy tale twisting. I don’t want to just write Christmas stories, so I’m writing a series of holiday novellas, Haunted Holidays: A series of contemporary love stories where the heroes and heroine’s take on the supernatural.

Okay, the log line needs work, but it’s a fun series!

And, yeah, this one turned out a little longer than a novella. It edged into short novel status when it sneaked past the limit of 40,000 words, but hey! Every one of those words is needed!

I don’t have a cover yet, but here’s the blurb:

Ghosts of Christmas Past

A Haunted Holiday’s Novel

Jen MacNamara flees the Christmas wedding of her best friend and cheating fiancé and runs to the country to spend the holiday alone. It’s the perfect plan, until her unexpectedly sexy neighbor and landlord, Nate Pierce, insists on bringing the holiday to her—complete with a Christmas tree, hot chocolate, and an unexpected kiss. 

And that’s not Jen’s only problem.

 The cozy country farmhouse is already occupied by something evil. Now Jen’s nights are spent wrapped in sensual dreams of a past life, and her days growing closer to Nate as they solve the mystery of the malevolent ghost that haunts not only the house, but also wants Jen dead.

So I hope you’ll join me in my pursuit of the supernatural. If you’re interested in all the early details of the release sign up for my newsletter HERE, where you can find out about all my upcoming releases and specials. Look for Ghosts of Christmas Past to be out sometime in July for Christmas in July! WOOT! Stay tuned for details.


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Ghoulies and Ghosties, guest author Meg Benjamin

Thursdays Bite

This month and next I’m featuring a different paranormal author every week. My guest author today, Meg Benjamin, is a prolific romance author who covers the genres from contemporary Texas Hill country novels to paranormal stories of mediums and ghosts. She’s addicted to travel and cool Texas music, and loves animals. Please welcome Meg Benjamin to Jessica Aspen Writes.

My first paranormal novel, Medium Well, was released recently by Berkley InterMix (followed by Medium Rare on August 20 and Happy Medium on December 17). All three novels are ghost stories because, well, I’ve always been sort of intrigued by ghosts. Haven’t you?

When I was a kid, I devoured every ghost story I could lay my hands on at the local library, and I still enjoy reading those “ghosts of Colorado” books they sell to tourists. So when I started working on my ghost books, I found that I knew quite a lot about what ghosts were supposed to be like. I knew that a lot of ghosts were looking for closure, and if you could figure out what they wanted, they’d go away. I knew that twilight was ghost time, or at least you were more likely to see them then than at other times of day. And I knew that ghosts tended to stick around places where they’d had traumatic experiences, sometimes places where they’d died.

But that was all pretty standard stuff. As I started to work on my medium books, I found lots of questions I didn’t know the answers to. How do you protect yourself from ghosts, for example? Different cultures had different answers, but elements like iron and salt seemed to be pretty standard. Did ghosts ever threaten humans with anything besides just a good scare? Yes, as it turned out. Most cultures have stories of malevolent spirits that could really do a number on the living if you weren’t careful.

All of my research gave me ideas to play with. What if you had ancient ghosts who were a little like vampires, drawing strength and “staying power” from humans? What if you were a reluctant medium who really didn’t know how to go about using your power? And what if your “spirit guide” was a real pain in the posterior?

In the end, I came up with a mixture of traditional ghost lore and my own inventions, all of it set in a very real place—the King William District of San Antonio. And I had a lot of fun doing it. After all, who doesn’t like a good scare, assuming there’s a happy ending somewhere down the line!

Here’s the blurb for Medium Well:

Medium_Well72WebMedium Well

Love At Second Sight

Real estate agent Danny Ramos has always had a knack for selling homes, but when his boss saddles him with a neglected carriage house, Danny discovers that his abilities are more than simple intuition…

On his first visit to the house, Danny is confronted with visions of a violent murder. His assistant, Biddy Gunter, doesn’t seem affected, and Danny starts to think he’s going crazy—until he gets a visit from his mother, who suggests that Danny’s uncanny talent to sell old houses may stem from his family inheritance: psychic empathy.

When Biddy reveals to Danny her own strange dream about the carriage house ghosts, they team up to investigate and discover both the house’s dark history and their own unexpected attraction. But as the hauntings turn from unsettling to downright dangerous, Danny and Biddy need to figure out how to rid the house of its ghostly inhabitants, before their budding romance meets an untimely end…

Amazon | Barnes and Noble


Before I came to Texas twenty years ago, my husband and I lived all around the U.S., including Kansas, Iowa, Washington, Oklahoma, Alabama, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Pennsyvania, with brief visits in California, Connecticut, and New Mexico. In fact, one of my favorite things to do (in pre-gas price hike days) is to travel around the country, preferably off the Interstate.

A couple of years ago my husband took a new job in the Colorado foothills, so I’ve now relocated to the northwest Denver suburbs. It’s a big switch, but my mom grew up on the Western Slope, and she gave me an abiding love of the mountains, so I’m not expecting too many problems (and no, I don’t mind the snow).

In Texas I taught English, desktop publishing, Web design, and editing, among other miscellaneous things, before finally retiring after putting in my twenty-five. At the same time, I worked as a freelance writer and editor, on projects ranging from computer manuals to underwater photography books.

My husband and I managed to raise two wonderful sons, along with a variety of cats and a couple of dogs. We still visit South Texas, and we still love to wander around the country when the spirit moves us, although these days we’re likely to fly in and rely on public transportation (let’s hear it for light rail trains!).

Visit me on Facebook

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I’m on Pinterest.

Next week I’ll be on the blog with the Tortured Hero Bloghop and giving a way a copy of my own tortured hero’s book, Snow and the Seventh Wolf. Check out the link HERE to see what other fabulous authors will be on the hop. There will be some terrific prizes on most of the sites and a large swag basket, so plan to be hopping April 25th-28th.


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Who’s Haunting the House on Third Street?

Thursdays Bite

a paranormal blog

I’ve written my first ghost story. Brrrr.

I was inspired by watching My Ghost Story on the Bio Channel, which I was inspired to watch after reading Hillary Seidl’s blog Hillary’s Haunts on ParnormalFreebies.com. I frequently watch historical programs on hauntings because I love hearing the old stories about castles and haunted inns, but My Ghost Story has a more personal bent. On My Ghost Story modern people tell the stories, although they may be about older ghosts and spooky mansions.

This particular story was written also because I had a need to fill. On Paranormal Freebies we will be having a sign up for our e-zine and as a bonus for signing up we are going to be giving away free fiction! So I needed something to give away. Something short, for our anthology and something paranormal. For some reason I had trouble writing a short romance. But a ghost story, ah, now that came fast.

I love ghost stories. I have those collections I bought as a kid, and some I’ve purchased as an adult. I love to go on the tours (especially the night tours) and get scared. Stories about tragic deaths, murders and lost souls turn me on. I guess I’m a little twisted.

I have ghosts knocking around in my head that want to have a full length novel too, but I’ve told them they have to wait in line. The elves and witches and were-wolves were there first. No, no! Say the ghosts. We were here first. We’ve always been here.

And they are right.

Ghost stories have been with us as long as we’ve had death, and they’ll be with us until the end. We even have stories of ghosts in space. Want to see a truly scary movie, watch Event Horizon. You won’t sleep.

We write stories, make movies and even sing songs about ghosts.The Highwayman, Have You Seen the Ghost of John? are two examples that come to mind. “Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on?”

One would think ghosts were a new phenomenon. Suddenly there are almost enough shows on TV to have an entire network. You can watch celebrity’s share their stories, go on ghost hunts, and sleep in haunted rooms. If you want ghosts, they’re out there.

I prefer the older types of ghost stories, so The House on Third Street is modern but has an old fashioned feel. I think it’s something about ghosts, that even the newest ones feel old. Like they’ve been there forever. Maybe it’s because they will be.

What kind of ghost stories do you like? Are you a fan? Do you love to secretly watch them bang around in the dark with all that equipment on TV? Or are you like me and love the historical houses with their years of tragedy. Ghost layered upon ghost. Leave me a comment and share how you get your ghost fix.

And if you want to read The House on Third Street it’s  available HERE.


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Spooky Tales of the Haunted

Thursdays Bite

a paranormal blog

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!

Scottish Prayer

When I hear stories such as Sherry Isaac’s tale (click HERE to read) of a visit from her sister who couldn’t possibly have visited, the little hairs on my arms all stand at attention.

A good ghost story, told well has always had that effect on me. Tension grows as the story spins out. And the spooky thing about ghost stories is that when it’s over, the tension lingers. It stays with us as we gather our things and head off into the night. It creeps into the tent and slides beneath the covers. We become the haunted.

Lights turn off and on when no one is touching them. Things move. All the nerves in your spine tell you something is behind you. And you turn. And there’s nothing there, but the cat whose entire body is puffed out screaming, “Didn’t you see it!”.

I’m one of those people who loves to read tales of the haunted. I love to hear personal stories, but you won’t catch me asking for the haunted room at the inn. That I leave to the brave who actually want to see the ghosts. The spirit spelunkers who delve into that other realm searching for proof that  ghosts exist.

I don’t need proof. I’ve had it. I’ve had brushes with the supernatural on dark nights in downtown Boulder. Places where the ghosts should have been long gone, but weren’t. We were lurking in leafy streets of the residences just off of Pearl Street, by the old elementary school on a dark October night when we should have known better than to go searching out ghosts.

You too may have this happen. Historic Boulder has a ghost tour in October and it happens at night. You take a map and walk in pairs through poorly lit streets and go from historic house to historic house hearing the stories of the architects and the families that have gone before. And in addition they also tell you the tales that are not public record. The experiences of the people who still live in the houses and their encounters with the previous residents.

It was on one such tour that a friend and I waited on the porch for the previous group to vacate. And while we were there, something dark touched my shoulder, My friend felt it too and we moved over away from the spot on the porch where there was definitely a dark presence.

That presence stuck with me all through the night as we walked through the neighborhood. While we walked from door to door like overgrown trick-or-treaters, ringing door bells and receiving tricks with our treats it hung on like a heavy over coat resting on my back. Dark and heavy, not cold, but very uncomfortable.

It makes my back creep just to think of it.

Why do we court the supernatural. Why do we want to be scared, thrilled or frightened. What is it about the human race that we chase down experiences that when we have them, we don’t every desire to have again?

Have you ever experienced a haunting? Do you believe in ghosts, past or present? Leave your story of the unexplained in the comment box. I’m dying to read them.


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