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Halloween Horror

Thursdays Bite

a halloween is coming blog

  • You might have guessed that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I grew up with a mother and a grandmother both born on Halloween, so we always had a party. To celebrate, my mom handed out FULL SIZE candy bars. Needless to say we were popular with the neighborhood kids. But I think the best thing about Halloween is being scared. 

That’s why I’m loving writing Gothic. Spooky houses, ghosts, creepy feelings snaking up your spine. Brrrr! Maybe that “Who I Write Like” website was right. Maybe I do write my paranormal romances like Ann Rice and Stephen King. One can only hope! (If you want to read that post, check it out HERE).

What I do know is I’m super excited about not just Halloween but also Christmas this year because my spooky, sexy, Gothic romance novella will be ready for release. Ghosts of Christmas Past, is the first story in my new paranormal romance series: Haunted Holidays. All novellas and all featuring romantic ghost stories. It’s like having Halloween at Christmas time, and I’m anticipating all the ghostly fun.

Yes, Jack, Christmas would be better with a little bit of Halloween thrown in. We already have Scrooge and his ghosts, why not add more?

halloween toombstones Writing paranormal means my plots always have zing, but writing horror means the zing is always creepy. Hmm, I may enjoy this too much! IN fact I think I do. I’m already thinking ahead to my next Haunted Holiday novella and I’m not even finished with this one? Love  ghosts. Love romance. So how could I not write a ghostly romance?

I grew up reading not just ghost stories, but Gothics. From the very old stories like The Turn of the Screw and The Woman in White, to the later romances that Victoria Hold and Phyllis Whitney used to write. Gothic is in my blood.

And who can forget Ammee, Come Home, by the classic Gothic author, Barabara Michaels. Brrr. I’m not sure I can live in a house built before 1992 without wondering if there is a ghost.

What other ghosts in love stories can you remember. My mother used to love The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Have you seen that one? The TV show reminds me of adult Scooby Doo, funny and a little spooky. It was based on the movie of the same name, which has a terrific romantic and haunting piece of music to go with it: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Suite. You can listen to that and imagine the ghost falling in love with the lovely and young widow.

Do you like a little horror with your romance? How about mixed in with your Halloween or Christmas? Did you ever read a true Gothic romance? Or delve into old fashioned mysteries?

I’m still on tour. Tommorrow I’ll be hopping by Romance and Beyond. If you’d like a glimpse into romance in my life, come on by.

My Goodreads Book Giveaway is still underway. If you haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity to win a print copy of The Dark Huntsman, then what are you waiting for? It’s spicy, fantasy romance at it’s best! (If I do say so myself. wink wink)

The Dark Huntsman

by Jessica Aspen

Giveaway ends October 22, 2013.

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Take a Ride on the Ghost Train with the High Bridge

Thursday’s Bite

a paranormal blog

What’s creepier than living down a road that you’re afraid to drive at night because of a ghost train? You know it’s scary when an alpha male like Seth Montclair (Monty to fellow volunteer firefighters) is nervous.

My friend and fellow Passion in Print author, Elizabeth Haysmont‘s debut novel, The High Bridge, came out this month. My time crunch hasn’t allowed me to read it yet, but it is waiting in my e-reader queue for me to just have one weekend. I’m sure that’s all I’ll need for a fast paced romantic ghost story.


  Sandra Yorken made it her life’s work proving that spirit sightings are
the result of wishful thinking or willful misconduct. She’ll go to any
length to debunk a story that makes a location a ‘tourist attraction’.

    When she crashes her bike on a remote mountain road while
searching for the legendary Ghost Train of the Rocky Mountains, the last
person she wants help from is the mysterious (and breathtakingly
handsome) Seth ‘Monty’ Montclair. If her altitude sickness and an evil
spirit don’t kill her first, falling in love with the wrong man may just
break her heart forever.

The High Bridge is currently available at Passion In Print Press. Order here today!


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Campfire Ghost Stories Round Robin

Thursday’s Bite

a paranormal blog

Do you remember sitting around the fire, in the dark, telling scary stories?

In honor of the Third Writers Platform-Building Campaign I’m opening up my blog to all commenters. Did you ever try a round robin? Where one person starts a story and the next person adds a line, then the next? Well if you didn’t, now is your chance. I’m starting the story off, each reply should extend it. I’ll wrap it all up at the end of the day.

The fire crackled and popped, putting out so much heat that Rachel’s face burned, but her back stayed icy. She’d never been anywhere this cold or dark or remote. But Chad had wanted to show her the back range of his ranch. When she’d agreed, she’d thought they’d be staying in a nice cozy cabin, but when they got there she realized they only had a tent.

“Is the moon going to come out?” No bathroom and just a flashlight. She wanted the moon to help her find her way to the bushes in the dark.

“Nope, no tonight the moon stays dark.” He pulled her closer. “We can see the stars better.”

It was a hopeful statement. Dark clouds scudded across the sky and the wind had picked up. Rachel shivered.

She’d never been anywhere this quiet. Then….

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