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ThanksGetting? Really?

Sensational Saturdays

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It’s been a funny year, full of ups and downs. My family has had some issues that while not impossible to deal with, have definitely impacted how I spend my time and what I worry about. But overall, it’s been a great year and as I look back I am very thankful.

One of the things I love about the holidays is the time I get to spend with my family, especially the extended family that we don’t see all the time. That’s why when I saw the “massive company not to be named” ad campaign about “ThanksGetting” I nearly choked on my turkey. ThanksGetting? Really?

Brown eyed susans 1It’s bad enough they make all those poor sales people work the day after the holiday, on Black Friday. And now so many of the stores are actually open on Thanksgiving itself, it’s sickening. Who is shopping on Thanksgiving? The only shopping we do is running out for emergency butter. You think by now I’d now we need two pounds, not one, but no. Every year someone has to run to the store for the butter. Oh, and more wine. Can’t forget the emergency wine.

But to actually leave my cozy house and all my guests and the disaster that is my kitchen after the big meal and to go shopping? No way.

Now, I have shopped on Black Friday before, but as soon as I saw that ad with GETTING instead of GIVING. I decided no more. Yesterday, Black Friday, I stayed home. And I wasn’t one of those people shopping on the computer either. No, I worked on getting RED, A Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance, formatted and sent off to Betwitching Book Tours, so that I can get some early reviews. I also finished cleaning the pans that didn’t get done on Thursday night because we were totally exhausted from cooking a meal for eleven people. And I spent quality time with the girls.

It was tea and murder at my house on Black Friday. We watched our favorite Midsomer Murders and had to decide whether we wanted Vanilla Chai or Earl Grey. D1 crocheted and D2 got out a puzzle. And we laughed and we talked and we shivered at the ghosts in the Christmas murder. Because it isn’t Midsomer if there isn’t something spooky.

So, I’m done with being drawn into the shopping frenzy. There is nothing I need badly enough to turn my day of thanks into a day of GIMME, GIMME, GIMME. Thank you ThanksGetting. Thank you to the advertising campaign the big company designed to draw me into their store. I stayed home instead and had a fabulous day with my girls.

What did you do on Black Friday? Is shopping a tradition for you? What about Small Business Saturday? For me, that’s another story.

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Every Christmas Celebration is Unique

Merry Christmas and Happy Monday Mania!

snowmen nativity

Not everyone’s family is the same. No two Christmas celebrations are identical. No matter what the media would have you believe.

At our house we have two Christmas’s, Christmas Day with Jeff’s family and Christmas Eve with mine. Christmas with my family is  twenty plus people at the table and  two rounds of the rambunctious white elephant gift exchange topped off by the yule log (yum!).

Christmas at Jeff’s house is calmer. Only seven of us, sometimes a friend who has no family in town and individual presents. It’s calm and peaceful and we top it off with a traditional dinner at the table, candles and all. And desert varies. (I believe this year we are having pumpkin pie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone sneaks in a chocolate cream pie too!)

Two different Christmas styles, but we love them both. Not every party can be a nutcracking free for all. We’d be exhausted! And what’s important for us is we get to spend it with family.

No matter what your family looks like, if it’s made up of the family you chose or the family who have to take you in, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday with the ones you love.

There have been some terrific Christmas blogs this year so take some time and make sure you’ve hit the best!

Start off with Jenny Hansen’s More Cowbell and check out all the Holiday Yum she’s had cooking all month. From candy’s to cookies, Jenny and her pals have it covered. Oh, and if you are into more than just recipes, scroll back through some of Jenny’s posts. She is a very funny gal and makes me LOL all the time!

Kristen Lamb is another funny gal who always has something informative to say, check out her Holiday Style Post HERE.

Lizzie T. Leaf has been celebrating December with the Wenches of Words. If you’d like some new reading this holiday, HERE is the link. My choice for Christmas reading is Holley Trent and her new novella Mrs. Roth’s Merry Christmas. Gotta love a paranormal Christmas!

And if you’ve stopped here, let me know what makes your Christmas unique? And yes, that really is my nativity set. How could I resist a snowmen nativity with jewels in their bellies? Could you?


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