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Writing Linkies for Monday

Moonday Mania

a blog for writers by (you guessed it!) a writer!

I’ve been all over the net lately sucking up valuable information and insight from other authors and bloggers, so today I thought I’d share some of my favorites. I’m taking a page from Jenny Hansen (Jenny calls this “pimping”) and asking you to share your own favorite links, either a post you love of your own crafting, or someone else’s that you love.

1. For a good kick in the keister check out Writer’s in the Storm guest author Jane Porter’s Ten Keys to Success and Survival in the Romance Industry.


she's gone country by jane porterJane’s been an author for a long time and she’s seen many of the changes that have rocked out publishing world. I first was introduced to her with her single title She’s Gone Country, the story of a divorced mom of two going back to her home on the range. Loved it!

There are so many lines in her blog post that I wanted to quote here that I realized I ran the risk of copyright infringement! So here is just one, and you’ll have to visit Writer’s in the Storm for the rest.

“I put Attitude near the top of the Survival list because attitude is everything.

Your attitude will make or break you.  Your attitude is what will set you apart from other authors.  Attitude is what will get you to the finish line—will define how successful you’ll be.  And attitude doesn’t just happen.  You make attitude happen.  You choose your outlook, the way you cope with rejection.  You choose your friends.  You choose when and if you’re going to keep writing.”

See! You want to read the rest of the article now, don’t you?

And there is a follow up blog Ten Keys to Success and Survival Part 2


2. Another fascinating post is by one of my favorite bloggers, Dean Wesley Smith. Dean (Yes, I am assuming first name basis here. After all I visit his blog all the time.) If you want to know what is really going on with our crazy industry, you need to be reading his blog, and his wife, Kathryn Rusch’s blogs as well. They’ve done it all from script writing, to working with the Big Six, to owning their own publishing company and they spend a lot of time thinking and reading and writing about publishing. This blog is about how Indie Authors can sell in book stores and why it’s not just feasible to try, but it’s happening now. To them. This will change how print books sell. Actually, it already is.


3. Her Story Calls is a fun writer run blog where some of my pals write about all sorts of topics from their day to day lives to OMG writing! But starting May 25th they are dedicating their blog to fighting cancer. If you are an author with a cancer story: survival, friends, family, whatever has affected you and yours, they want you as a guest blogger. Check out their site for this amazing opportunity to share your story and to raise money for The American Cancer Society. And if you are lucky enough to be someone who hasn’t been affected, hop on by May 25th-June 25th to support those who have.


That’s all folks! So, what links do you love this week? You can pimp your own or someone else’s, or both!


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linkies you’ll love

Moonday Mania

practical links for authors

One of the best things about the internet is the amazing quantity of helpful posts available, but how do you find your posts? I personally have a few blogs I use Google Reader for, oh wait. Google is discontinuing it’s reader function, so I’m going to have to find some other way to list my favs all in one place. That’s kind of a relief because I feel like Google is taking over everything. Someday, when Amazon and Google merge, we’ll simply have everything run by “The Company”. Just like in the book Beauty Queens, by author Libba Bray. One of my must reads for anyone of any age over, hmmm, maybe thirteen? (Check out my blog George Orwell Meets Barbie HERE.) I did ask on FB and got a few suggestions, but I am open to any other suggestions of where I should move my RSS feed, so if you have any ideas feel free to let me know!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I have several blogs on writing that I regularly peruse to see what is going on in the writerly world and in particular the world as it relates to the changes in the publishing industry as it relates to ME! As that is the most important thing  in the world, right? Today I’m sharing a few articles that made the grade over the last few weeks.

The first one is entitled 10 Best Chrome Extensions on AuthorMedia.com, but it has some other favs of mine that are not actually things you need Chrome for. For instance, Dropbox. I love Dropbox. I use it daily. It is my ace in the hole as I try to save everything I write, share files, and worry about losing information on my laptop.  Check out this post to learn about a few other fun tricks to enhance your internet author experience.

Steve's Sundry and BooksThis past week there was a kerfuffle on writer boards everywhere as we debated the fairness of contracts.  As I’m signing my contract this week for my third Passion in Print release, Goldi and the Bear, this debate caught my attention. Luckily Passion in Print has a fellow author at the helm and her contracts are more than fair to authors, but I might someday sign with someone else and need to pay attention to some of these topics. One of the sites that I love to visit to get the skinny on self-publishing, the pitfalls of standard publishing, and some all around good advice is the website of author Dean Wesley Smith. This week he has a fantastic blog on revision clauses. Something we authors really need to pay attention to. It is shocking to me that in this day and age when authors have more choices than ever about publishing the publishers themselves are making a land grab for authors rights. These aren’t just issues for paranormal romance authors, or even just romance authors in general. Every reader and consumer of books should be interested when these things occur.Dean says it is no longer the gold rush for self-publishing, but we’re still living in the wild west when publishers try to keep your rights for downright forever.

And when you’re done being shocked at the changes in contracts and the nerve of some publishers you can hop on over to CJ Lyons website, No Rules, Just Write! I regularly check out CJ’s posts, why? Because she has made straddling the line between self-publishing and traditional publishing look easy. CJ does both, and is a fabulous success. And her advice on writing and the business of writing is always spot on. This post is about the difference between Tactics and Strategy and made me think, am I scrambling around trying to apply new tactics to my marketing, or am I using long term thoughtful strategy? You’ll have to read the post and think about your own career to decide where you are. I personally think it is a balance. You need both, but CJ is right, many authors just focus on the short term, how many sales can I get now, rather than the long term, where do I want to be in five years. What do you do?

Now you have a good idea of where my head has been over the last few weeks. Grappling with the loss of Google Reader, stunned at the short term tactics of the big publishers, and focused on re-vamping my own strategies. Where has your head been this month? Are you thinking short or long term? Are you checking out those contracts? And have you used any of those ten suggestions from Author Media? Once again, if you have an RSS solution to my Google Reader problem then leave a comment and let me know. I also would love to hear what you think about these thought provoking posts.funny face


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