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Editing is the Pits

Sensational Saturday

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Whenever I think I have a handle on life my bowl of cherries turns out to have pits. It’s normal and natural and not what I want in my teeth. But there they are. Pits.

Life lessons.

When I was younger I had no clue about life lessons. I didn’t know why things happened to me. I bounced from event to event, not learning what the universe was trying to teach me. Picking seeds out of my life.

But now I know. This is our class room and those pits are there to teach us lessons. And when you learn that one, there is another and another and another. Maybe some of you have achieved perfection, but not me.

Even though I figured out a few years ago that life was like that, I had to extend it to writing. When you edit, you tend to focus on what you’ve just learned, what’s fresh at the time. You are looking for raspberries in your manuscript, so you don’t see the cherries. Till you are happy with it and send it in, then suddenly, those cherries stand out.

<Stock Image - CherrypieLuckily there is usually another chance. And your editor is happy to sit down at the kitchen table with you and get out the hardware and cut out the landmines waiting in the cherries. All the pits will be gone. Or not. Don’t forget, your editor is human too. She has her own issues and might miss a few. So don’t be surprised if you think you have a perfect pie, but when you bite in, there are pits.

It’s just the lessons you have to work on next time and you can take the time to figure them out and apply them to the next manuscript. Or you can be like me and go to the dentist.

Hope you are all having a wonderful beginning to your summer. I’m off to Rom Con in a few weeks, getting excited! Hope to see some of you there!


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