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What Should a Book Trailer Do?

Moonday Mania

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While looking for more hot paranormal romance book trailers, I realized that some of them needed more. More words, more description, more oomph! What do you put into a book trailer and why? What do you look for in a book trailer. Of course I’m looking for a new cool way to put the pictures together, possibly live action, definitely something that catches my interest. This first book trailer is live action, but instead of a full story that the author filmed, they put together clips. I thought this was a smart way to do a less-expensive live action.

Very cool, huh! But do you know what the story is about? Was it enough to only show you the pictures? Do you want to find out more enough to now look up a book description and then maybe go on to buy it? As an author I think I want not just cool clips, but I want the viewer to be intrigued by the story. Love the action here, but when you ask a reader to then have to find your book to find out what it’s about, I think the trailer misses it’s goal.

Here’s a more common way to do a book trailer with pictures and music only, but I left this one also wondering what the heck the story was really about.

See? The pictures were there, but the words seemed like they were brief awkward one-liners. This had a huge opportunity to use verbiage to pull you into an entire series and I think it too missed the mark. I do love the opening where the cityscape wavers as if it’s underwater. It definitely pulled me in, but the lack of a story line left me again feeling like the author missed an opportunity. Not just missed an opportunity, likely she paid someone for it.

The author provides the guidance for the book trailer. Unless you produce you trailer yourself, like Brinda Berry and Isis Rushdan did for the Kindred of the Fallen trailer, most authors hire someone else to do the actual production work. We provide the words, the ideas, and the theme that the artist uses to put together a trailer. It’s our responsibility to make sure that trailer packs as much punch as it’s able to into those few minutes and what’s the most important job a book trailer does? Hooks the reader.

Here’s one that did an excellent job hooking me, even though it really didn’t have the words that told me a story line. I loved the clips she used. Very professional and intriguing.

I still would have liked to see a few words about story lines, but in this case I think the quotes letting me know how fabulous the books are, worked!

What do you think a book trailer’s goal is? Is it to hook new readers? Entertain your current readers? Just make you more searchable on YouTube? Are book trailers worth the money? Do you think readers only want to see live action, or is a well put together series of clips enough? As a reader, do you look for trailers? What do you like to see?

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