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Dig Deep and plan for the Future

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It’s halfway through April and I don’t even have a single seed planted.

Gardening is like writing. You need to get started, or you miss the season. Spinach needs to be planted early, so does lettuce. Soon, you’ve passed the time period for planting the early season crops and you’re on to the tomatoes and melons. And then it’s fall and you have nothing to harvest.

If you are a pre-pubbed romance author, you too have a possible harvest deadline. Many of us are going to try to enter the Golden Heart, but you need to start your seeds of your outline now. Have your outline done? Then it’s time to nurture it into a rough draft. Once that’s ready, get out the hoe and mow down some weeds, it’s the middle of the growing season and editing time. And then you have your final draft. Your story. Your harvest.

If you don’t plant early, you’ll find the opportunities for contests and pitching opportunities have passed. I’m going to RWA Nationals, and I plan to pitch a particular story, is it ready? No. But it’s close. I’ve planted the seeds, now I’m hoeing the weeds.

Snow and the Seventh Wolf is in its last bit of editing before I send it off to my publisher. I’ve planted the outline, nurtured the rough draft, now I’m hoeing the last weeds from the very end before sending it to market, where I hope someone buys my harvest. It’s always a little risky, but if you don’t start, you don’t have a harvest at all. And I should have gotten it finished last month. What happens when it languishes, waiting for me to pay attention to it? Does the opportunity fly past? I don’t know, but I guess we’ll find out!

What projects in your life need some nurturing? Have you started a garden? Do you have a manuscript in need of tending? Do you have a harvest date that you need to plan for?


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Thursdays Bite

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Little Red Riding Wolf by Jessica Aspen

Little Red Riding Wolf

WOOT! Today’s the day I announce the winners of the Little Red Riding Wolf Contest! 

And the winners are:

4 e-copies of Little Red Riding Wolf

  1. Entry #48Sabine H.
  2. Entry #13ASHLEY
  3. Entry #43Phoenix C.
  4. Entry #46PaParanormalFan (.

2 Little Red Riding Wolf t-shirts

  1. Entry #10Jennifer M.
  2. Entry #53Renee B.
3 Little Red Riding Wolf tote bags
  1. Entry #21Sherry I.
  2. Entry #58Sue O.
  3. Entry #36Renee A. 

4 $10 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Gift Certificates

  1. Entry #52Lynn R.
  2. Entry #1Brinda B.
  3. Entry #37Renee A.
  4. Entry #38Claire L.

10 Little Red Riding Wolf sticky notes

  1. Entry #34Lynn R.
  2. Entry #38Claire L.
  3. Entry #47Sabine H.
  4. Entry #20Sherry I.
  5. Entry #14ASHLEY
  6. Entry #51Lynn R.
  7. Entry #9Jennifer M.
  8. Entry #56Sue O.
  9. Entry #40Claire L.
  10. Entry #24Elizabeth K.
Congratulations and thanks for entering!
Please send me your email addy using the contact box below, and if you are receiving an e-copy of LRRW I will need you to specify what type of format you would like. If you are receiving a physical prize I’ll need your shipping address as well as the correct name to ship to.

Winners were chosen using the Rafflecopter plug in and you can see it HERE on Paranormal Freebies. Prizes unclaimed by March 30th 2012 will be forfeit so please contact me ASAP to receive your prize!


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Killer Blog Tour Update

Moonday Mania

typically a blog on the craft of writing

My book is out  and I’m still excited! February 18th Little Red Riding Wolf went on sale, I had a fabulous Twitter party (thanks Brinda!) and I had a fabulous live party with actual (not virtual) cake and champagne.

Now comes the hard part.

What do you do once the book is out? I’ve been blogging like crazy on other people’s sites, and I’m running a contest (see details HERE) but soon it will all trickle down to just me, myself and I. Then what?

Well, it’s actually very easy. After the killer blog tour and the exciting book release, after the contest winds down and my engagements slow down. I get to do it all over again!

Wow! Do you think there will be more cake?Stock Photos - Cake

And how does this happen?

Because I’m still writing.

I’ve been writing all along and I am over halfway finished with Snow and the Seventh Wolf, the sequel to Little Red Riding Wolf. Not only that, but I have several long novels that at some point I will pronounce ‘ready’ and they too will be released to the world. Then I’ll be back on the roundabout headed to another blog tour and another contest.

Meanwhile I’m still focused on Little Red and the Killer blog tour.

How is your roundabout? Do you write while waiting for the submission results? Do you submit more than one project at a time? How do you keep everything going so that you don’t get a chance to breathe? Is that what you want?

Today you can find my blog, Twisting in the Wind or How to Twist a Fairy Tale on The Dames of Dialogue HERE.

And tomorrow find me at Erin Riordan’s Pagan Spirits blog HERE.

Leave a comment there, then skip on over to the Paranormal Freebies site HERE to register it with the Rafflecopter widget and get one more entry into my Little Red Riding Wolf Contest, ending soon.

And of course you can always comment here, then skip over to the Paranormal Freebies site!

Come into the woods with Little Red Riding Wolf*, a spicy paranormal romance novella available from Passion in Print Press. What if Little Red Riding Hood was a werewolf, and a sexy forest ranger wandered into her woods?

Little Red Riding Wolf by Jessica Aspen

Buy Little Red Riding Wolf Here

Fraternizing with humans is taboo, but when feisty werewolf Red runs into hunky new forest ranger Evan Brewster, she jumps on the opportunity to let loose her desires. Evan is stoked when he meets the petite red haired hottie, and combined with his new discovery of wolves in Colorado, thinks his career and life are made. Then Red pushes him away, her hostile brother threatens his life, and things begin to spiral out of control. Caught between her sexy lover and her pack can Red trust Evan with her secrets, or must she sacrifice her human lover and her heart?

*Honaroble Mention in Passionate Ink’s 2011 Stroke of Midnight contest


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Discover Three Rockin’ Videos From my Paranormal Pals

Thursdays Bite

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Book trailers, Baby!

That’s what’s happening!

All my paranormal author friends are creating hot new trailers for their releases, and now debut author JL Bowen has a book trailer for Healer, her YA due to release next week, so here it is!

Healer is due to be released February 28th from Featherweight Press, the YA branch of my publisher and I can’t wait to read JL’s dark paranormal story. She’s going to be blogging again on ParanormalFreebies on February 28th, the day of her release, so make sure to check it out!

Melissa Mayhue’s trailer for her first book in her new series is also by Lex Valentine of Winterheart Design , the same artist as JL’s trailer. Here is the fabulous trailer for Warrior’s Redemption:


If you haven’t read Melissa’s Daughters of the Glen series, she’s a fabulous paranormal author who shares my love of the Fae, but Warrior’s Redemption is the first book in a brand new series. You can check out ML Guida’s review HERE on Paranormal Freebies and Melissa’s interview HERE.

The unique YA paranormal The Waiting Booth, by Brinda Berry has a rockingly fast paced trailer:

We’re waiting breathlessly for the next book in Brinda’s Whispering Woods series, the sequal to The Waiting Booth. If you want to find out more click HERE to explore how Brinda wove the fascinating and rare condition of synesthesia into her paranormal.

Leave a comment, and don’t forget to go to Paranormal Freebies and enter my contest HERE at the Rafflecopter widget. We’re drawing close to the end of the month and we’ll be drawing for free copies of Little Red Riding Wolf as well as t-shirts, chocolates and more! Next week I’ll be at The Dames of Dialogue on Monday the 27th blogging on Twisting in the Wind or how you twist a fairy tale. And I’ll be at Erin O’Riordan’s blog on the 28th. Both of those are eligible for comments and contest entries too!


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Little Red Riding Wolf Teaser

Thursday’s Bite

a paranormal blog

It’s almost here!

The release day for Little Red Riding Wolf is on Saturday, February 18th for the PDF version. Other versions (kindle) will be available the following week.

So, just for fun, I’m including a brief excerpt from chapter one, when Red (our heroine and a werewolf) meets Evan (the forbidden human hero). Red is frustrated with her family’s refusal to see her as an adult and is ready to rebel.

Little Red Riding Wolf

Little Red Riding Wolf by Jessica Aspen

Little Red Riding Wolf

The ranger looked to be just under six foot, but that was tall compared to her petite five-foot two. Long and lean, he had the look of someone who spent a lot of time outdoors, hiking or maybe skiing.

He stepped forward and swept back his shaggybrown hair, revealed warm brown eyes. His face held that look. That look that a man gave a woman, open, appreciative, but a touch guarded.

She returned it with a bold appraising one of her own. He was just what she needed to distract her from her family issues.

He was hot, male, and a stranger.

And a little later we have Evan’s view of the encounter:

Without warning she’d lifted her head, seemed to sniff
the air. Her head swiveled and she looked at him. Found him
hidden, where he stood stunned in the shadows at the side of the
trail. Her eyebrows rose, dark pupils contracted in astonishing
golden eyes.
Excitement pumped danger through his veins.
His instincts took over. Held him completely still. Afraid of
startling her, like a wild creature. He held his arms down at his
sides and looked straight at her, non-threatening, barely able to
Then her eyes warmed, and she’d smiled.
He’d let out his breath, and smiled back.
Even now, as tired as he was after chasing her up half-a-mountain,
he got hard as he remembered her looking at him.
Remembered the touch of her hand, soft and hesitant and as
lethal as lightning.

Hope you enjoyed it and are ready for the rest of the book! I had a tough time choosing an excerpt. (I suppose I should just give in and post hot excerpts and have a warning every time you enter the blog.) Leave your opinion in the comment box (but only if it’s a nice one!).

And don’t forget, every time you leave a comment here or on my killer blog tour be sure to register it on the Rafflecopter widget HERE on Paranormal Freebies News page. Your entries don’t count unless you enter them into the Rafflecopter widget!

Also Saturday is the big release day and Brinda Berry is throwing a Twitter party for me in celebration of  Little Red Riding Wolf’s big day! Find out the details HERE in her amazing blog detailing what and how to have a Twitter party. Don’t forget 5pm MST hashtag #ridingwolf.


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It’s Not New Years Any More, Dorothy

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What happens when you set a huge mountain of goals, and then life interrupts?

First, you panic.

Then you look at the goals and wonder: What was I thinking?

Then you get back to work and try to get back on track.

This is my epiphany now that it is the middle of February. In January I happily set a huge amount of goals. (Click HERE to see the mountain) I knew that I wouldn’t get every single one crossed off the list. I even said that. But I wanted to dream big.

So I wrote them all down. And then life kept interrupting.

Okay, it’s not the end of the year, but it is the middle of the second month and I am not where I expected to be. To start with, I had planned to have all of my edits, including the galley’s, done for Little Red Riding Wolf in January. I was going to edit an old ms while I waited for them to show up and work on my plotting for my new novella.

And I did get my edits, and I did get them done. And I do have my novella plotted. But what I didn’t plan for was the family emergency that sucked a week out of January. Poof, gone.

Oh, and the other thing I didn’t plan for was the CRW Award of Excellence contest (that I am running) to come to a head the same week as the family emergency. Nor did I plan for that week to be the week my second round of edits came in.

Life sucks happens.

But what do you do when you are a tight goal setter? What do you do when it snows and the kids and husband don’t leave the house. Or you get the killer head cold and can barely even stand to look at the computer for a week? Or those same kids get sick and not only are they home, in need of Mom’s homemade straight-from-the-chicken soup, but they also then need to be driven to school when they are finally almost feeling better?

All these things made my January crazy.

Actually the killer head cold was last week. I did get some writing done, but not enough. And this week I also had another family crisis. Not an emergency, but still….

I’m at the point where I need to be firm and say, I’m not answering the phone between the hours of nine and three. If I was at work, they would have to wait. Why is it so hard when I’m at home?

I’m the sandwich generation. I have parents who need a little more help and my kids still need me. I’m trying to work at my writing career, and (in the spring/summer/part of the fall) I hold a job. I’m trying to keep up with my Dr. Oz recommended healthy lifestyle (the 85 pound Labrador helps get me out the door) and oh, yeah. My husband.

Let’s not forget about him. He seems to think that being married requires that we spend time together. Where has he been the last ten years? Modern couples just text  I LUV U, and roll over exhausted.

And yet, no one but me set those goals. I knew things might come up. What was I thinking?

I’ll tell you what I was thinking. IN fact you can go back and read the original post if you want to, but I was being optimistic. Is that a bad thing?

No. I don’t think so. But now when I know I’m falling behind, now is the time to reexamine those goals. To figure out if I can buckle down and make my word count double this week and catch up for last weeks head-cold. To realize that I’ve not just been busy with other people’s crisis, but I could have worked harder when I had the time.

Yeah, I admit it. I’ve slacked off too much. So now is the time to get back on the track. Now is the time to not answer the phone for a few hours, check messages at lunch, and then get back to work. Now is the time to treat my time at my computer as sacred.

Because if I don’t, I’m not even going to get halfway up the mountain. And I expect to do at least that.

Have you stopped by Gloria Richard’s blog an seen Sherry Isaac’s Step Away From the January, It Might Be Loaded posts? Unlike me Sherry has a reasonable approach to goal setting. Where are you on your goals? Did you set any and have you reviewed them?

My Little Red Riding Wolf Contest is still open. Leave a comment today and click HERE to enter.

This week I’ll be on Sutton Fox‘s blog on Friday and don’t forget to RSVP for the Twitter Party that amazing Brinda Berry is throwing for me on February 18th at 5pm Mountain time.


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V-day is Coming, Do You Know What to Buy Your Supernatural Sweetie?

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It’s time to stir things up and what better way to do that than with a mash-up. Paranormal style.

Valentine’s Day weekend is going paranormal on Bitten by Paranormal Romance. Drop by and they promise “We’re putting a different spin on “The Day” this year by taking a look at love in music and film.  It may not be your typical lovey-dovey, gooey, mushy…..hmmm, I’m not quite sure what to expect.  Stop on by, you’ll be glad you did!” That has my curiosity whetted and I’ll be dropping by to see what paranormal twist they can put on such a sticky sweet day.

Valentine’s day approaches and I’m sure there are some of you wondering what to get  for your supernatural man. Yes, that’s what I said, gifts for someone who already has special gifts himself.

For some creative ideas on what to buy for your vampire lover, your steady werewolf, even if you’re dating a zombie or a dragon look no further than the amazing authors at Harlequin. Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe have a new book out, Dating the Undead, and it’s chock full of useful tips. Get a taste HERE .

Looking for some cheap and easy V-day reads? Check out the Valentine’s Day Promotion from Sourcebooks HERE on Paranormal Romance Novel. Choose carefully because not all the titles are paranormal. Here are some that are:

Title: 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover by Linda Wisdom
Promotional Price: FREE (1/31/2012 – 2/15/2012)
Category: Paranormal Romance
Jazz can’t decide whether to scorch him with a fireball or jump into bed with him.
Jasmine Tremaine, a witch who can’t stay out of trouble.
Title: The Fire Lord’s Lover by Kathryne Kennedy
Promotional Price: $1.99 (1/31/2012 – 2/15/2012)
Category: Fantasy Romance
If his powers are discovered, his father will destroy him…
In a magical land ruled by ruthless Elven lords, the Fire Lord’s son Dominic Raikes plays a deadly game to conceal his growing might from his malevolent father—until his arranged bride awakens in him passions he thought he had buried forever…
Drop by Squidoo for a list of Gothic Valentines to purchase for your big day. From exotic cards to stamps this site has all the big-eyed vampy girls a man could desire. Okay, maybe not, unless you too look like a svelte Betty Boop with fangs. But you should drop by and check it out anyway!
And finally, even if you don’t have time to fly to Sydney for a good Valentine’s day scare, you can read all about it when you drop on by this post about the Valentine’s Day Ghost tours, HERE. haven’t you always wanted to spend Valentine’s Day getting spooked?What better way to celebrate a day of love and remembrance than touring a haunted mansion or graveyard?
And I’ve saved the best for last. You can create a card with an IOU and a picture of my cover for Little Red Riding Wolf. Give it to your sweetie or let him give it to you, but it’s out just four little days after the big V-day. A little delayed gratification can add spice to any romance holiday!
Are you having a paranormal Valentine’s day? Going to a castle for the evening or perhaps a scary movie? What are your plans to celebrate romance’s biggest holiday of the year?
Don’t forget to leave a comment and register it at the Paranormal Freebies site HERE on the Rafflecopter widget. The contest is till open through the end of February and there are lots of great prizes, including that Valentines day favorite, quality chocolate!


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Irresistibly Sweet?

Thursday’s Bite

A paranormal Blog (usually)

I’ve won my very first blog award! Marilyn Wigglesworth has awarded me the Irresistibly Sweet Award. Thanks Mare!

Here are The Rules 

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the Award on to 10 deserving blog buddies.

4. Contact those buddies and let them know.

So, instead of a Paranormal Themed blog today, I will be fufilling the requirements of The Rules!

Seven Random Facts about Jessica Aspen

  1. I’m veganish and I hate tofu
  2. I love big dogs (I own an 85 pound lab mix and there are days she looks small!)
  3. I don’t like white chocolate, but I love dark chocolate (mmm, don’t forget I added the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory gift certificates to my Little Red Riding Wolf contest for the next two months! Enter often!)
  4. I love big floppy flannel pjs. (My husband asks, “Why not something slinky or sassy?” and I respond, “Because it’s Colorado, dude!”)
  5. I’m fiercely loyal, but very slow to commit
  6. While I love reading paranormal romance, I also love Jane Austin and Mary Higgins Clark
  7. I’m allergic to too many things, including cats and dogs and trees. But that doesn’t stop me from having a cat, a dog and lots of trees. (Guess that means I’m stubborn)

Okay, now I need to tag ten (only ten??) of my favorite blogging authors!

Whew! That was really tough! I have so many blogs I love, I’m hoping that my blogging friends will get the message and pick some of my other favorites!

My Little Red Riding Wolf promo contest runs through the end of February. With every comment you can earn another entry, don’t forget to go to the Rafflecopter widget on Paranormal Freebies and register HERE. And find out other ways to enter. (Sorry WP.com doesn’t support the widget!)


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Discover how to Create Connections, with Summer Mahan

 Moonday Mania

a blog on the craft of writing

Today I have on guest author Summer Mahan. Summer is a blogger from Her Story Calls and a fellow romance author from CRW. She’s lively and fun and one of the best people to hang around with if you meet her at a convention or a retreat. She also has great advice for aurthors on making connections today, so read on!

Creating Connections

 Connections. The number one trait all best-selling authors have is creating a connection with their audience.

Somehow they can fulfill a need or satisfy a want within their readers. Loyal fans who wait for months for their books and then stay up late into the night and forget to cook dinner for their loved ones.

How can some authors make this hair pulling journey of writing seem so simple and effortless from the start of chapter one down to the end? If you find out please let me know. Now, I’m no expert, but my research has pointed me on the path that begins and ends with characters.

While it’s true that you might pick a book in a grocery store line because of the back read,  mostly due towards plot, or because of a great cover-the reason you continue to read is because characters.

Story is about the characters. Great story is about great characters.

Take your favorite book, movie or play. Now dissect why you love it so much.

Is it because of the heart pounding plot? The flow or voice of sequence? The eloquence of speech, scenery or structure? Perhaps. But I’d bet nine times out of ten the story you love is all because of the characters.

For some reason their struggle has become your struggle. Their pain has become your pain. And you’re rooting for them right up until their hopefully happy ending and they get what they deserve. Because you’re right there with them all along the way.

And fingers crossed, in the end we all get what we deserve.

So how does one go about creating this awe inspiring connection?

  1. Make your character likeable
  2. Make a compelling and interesting career or past
  3. Honorable, loyal
  4. Flawed and/or  vulnerable
  5. Capable of fear
  6. Heroic in some way (big or small)
  7. Unique in their voice
  8. Capable of learning and/or changing
  9. Real to the reader due to motivations, desires, loyalties(this is big)
  10. A dirty little secret. Or just a secret
  11. Let them struggle for redemption (big or small)

And no matter what you do don’t…

  1. Let the characters be stupid
  2. Or do stupid things
  3. Stereotype (always add spice and special twists)

I hope this helps in some way in your writing. I’ll continue throughout the month with more details about these above traits on my blog www.herstorycalls.com .

Please add any connections you think are notable in the comments. The wonderful thing about writers is all the great information we share.

Take care and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Thanks for having me, Jessica! Until next time. 😉

Summer Mahan



 Summer Mahan 

Loves to laugh. Adores sparkling conversation, wit, and charm. Believes reading is a pleasure one should indulge in at least once a day and writing is for the fearless. She loves her family, diet Coke, Scotland and pasta. Contemplates that picking a favorite genre to write is much like choosing a favorite child-it’s not possible. Summer hopes to never stop learning what the world has to offer and telling the stories it reveals.

You can find Summer blogging at Her Story Calls and at SummerMahan.com

Thanks Summer. Please leave a comment for Summer below and don’t forget to enter to win great prizes  (including 4 copies of Little Red Riding Wolf, by Jessica Aspen) during my January and February promotion. To enter please click HERE and follow the directions.

(Details available on the contest page HERE).


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The Tricky Part About Writing Anthologies

Moonday Mania

A blog about the craft of writing

Starla Kaye has published 19 novels, 22 novellas and 6 anthologies and today she is sharing with us the tricky part about writing anthologies. Her current release, Cowboys in Charge, includes seven stories of strong, loving cowboys and the women who try their patience. If you like your reading on the spicy side add Cowboys in Charge to you TBR pile. Please welcome author Starla Kaye to today’s Moonday Mania.

The Tricky Part About Writing Anthologies

There has been a growing market for anthologies, especially after the many “Chicken Soup for…” books have started being published. Anthologies are easy reads and offer a reader numerous temporary stopping places while reading. And they are available from many publishers and in many genres. I, too, enjoy reading anthologies…and writing them.

While I have only been a part of two anthologies with other authors, I have five others published where I am the only author. With each of these anthologies I have learned different tricks about writing them. It isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

I have two anthologies of my own from Black Velvet Seductions: Cowboys in Charge and Her Cowboy’s Way. And I was part of the anthology Spanked!

I also have three anthologies of my own from Blushing Books: North Pole Magic, Ranch Christmas, and Ranch Heat. And I was part of the anthology Blushing Cheeks Volume One.

The two anthologies I am part of, Blushing Cheeks Volume One and Spanked! have a common theme: spanking in all of the stories. In turn, the titles reflect the theme so the readers know what types of stories are included.

That is a key element to any anthology: using a theme that will pull all of the stories together. Equally important is the title, as in all books.

In Ranch Christmas and Ranch Heat, it is clear that the stories will in some way have to do with ranching and cowboys. The same is true for Cowboys in Charge and Her Cowboy’s Way.

North Pole Magic is a Christmas contemporary fantasy romance that deals with three stories about Kris Kringle’s grown up children. The title fits well because it hints at a Christmas story and something to do with Santa and the magic elements involved in anything to do with him.

Her Cowboy’s Way is a different type of anthology than any of the other anthologies. This is a group of twelve short stories that deal with one couple’s life over a year. I see these stories as snippets of their life.

My newest release from Black Velvet Seductions, Cowboys in Charge, combines the stories of seven different couples (cowboys) at Christmas time. So the common theme here was cowboys, and there was an additional theme of Christmas romances. These stories also all involve some kind of domestic discipline element, which is hinted at by the “in charge” part of the title.

Writing Cowboys in Charge was the most complicated of the anthologies I’ve done to date. My publisher and I were looking for 6-8 stories with the common elements of cowboys, Christmas, and domestic discipline. Each of the individual story titles also reflects elements of their story.

In “Snowed in with Her Cowboy,” James and Kelly are a ranching couple dealing with the disagreement over starting a family. They get snowed in together, finally having time to face their issues.

In “Too Much Red at Christmas Time,” Trent and Lizzie deal with financial matters that are getting worse with her addiction to Christmas shopping. Since this is a dd story, that is hinted at from “too much red” in the title.

In “For the Love of His Cowgirl,” Adam and Amber are drifting apart in their marriage. The title hints at how much Adam, a cowboy, loves his wife and what he is willing to do to save his marriage.

In “Cowboys and Their Toys,” Jason is not only a cowboy but also a Dom. “Their Toys” refers to part of Jason’s interests. They are dealing with how far to take his interest in BDSM and whether she can deal with any of it anymore.

In “Naughty, Naughty Cowgirl,” Justin and Nicci reach a point where she isn’t sure she can continue with his being head of their household and the dd issues.

In “All I Want for Christmas (Biggest Prize Ever),” Ryan is a bad-ass bull rider who has always believed that one day he would stop the rodeo and settle down with Krystal, his lover. Unfortunately she has finally given up on him. The title hints at his winning prizes as a bull rider and that he needs to work to make his desire of marrying Krystal come true, with a goal of Christmas time.

In “A Special Gift for Her Cowboy,” Joshua and Christina are both working hard and going in separate directions. They each struggle with how to save their marriage and she comes up with a special gift that she hopes will entice him back.

CONTEST INFO:  Leave a comment and an email address at each of the following blogs between 12-12-11 and 12-15-11. The randomly selected winner who has stopped by each blog and left a comment will receive a copy of the ebook Cowboys in Charge AND a special Christmas gift.

Blog:  Gabrielle Bisset – I’m talking about “Shhh, don’t tell anyone…Starla Kaye is in love with 7 cowboys”

Blog:  Jessica Aspen – I’m talking about “The tricky part about writing anthologies”

Blog:  BVS Reader’s Blog – I’m talking about “The poignancy of Christmas stories”

Cowboys in Charge Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Domestic Discipline Length:  114 page anthology Release Date:  December 1, 2011 Publisher:  Black Velvet Seductions Amazon Buy Link:  http://www.amazon.com/Cowboys-in-Charge-ebook/dp/B006HCWU30/ref=sr_1_24?ie=UTF8&qid=1323090538&sr=8-24

All Romance Ebooks Buy Link:  http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-cowboysincharge-648793-149.html

Publisher Buy Link:  http://www.blackvelvetseductions.com/cowboys_in_charge.html

You can find Starla at  http://starlakaye.com/ or on her Amazon Author page http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002ZH8K3U follow her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/StarlaKayeWriter or on Twitter  https://twitter.com/starla_kaye


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