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Martha Stewart Has Balls

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I think by now you know about my obsession with balls.

Just in case you’ve missed it, you’ll want to start at the beginning. It all began with my quest for a way to make my laundry a more green experience, and it ended up feeling blue. Read the post on Why Everyone Needs an Extra Pair of Balls and you’ll understand.

For those of you in the know, here is the next installment in my tragic tale.

No, it’s not a laundry story, but it does have to do with my husband.

Chuck itOn the weekends we pack the car up with the dog, Jeff, and myself, and head off to the dog park. (Code name DP, since our dog speaks limited English.) The most important piece of equipment is, THE CHUCKER.

Actually the brand name is ChuckIt, but we call it…THE CHUCKER.

And it’s terrible if we leave it at home because between my lack of sporting ability and Jeff’s bad shoulders (One had surgery a few years ago and the other will need it before too long.) the dog can run much farther than either one of us can throw.

I can hear my husband protesting in the background. He can throw without THE CHUCKER it just hurts like hell after  ten or twenty throws. Me, on the other hand,  I suck.

Now sometimes we bring our own balls. (Not the blue laundry balls, of course). But most of the time we use the gnarly tennis balls that inhabit the mud at the DP (remember, we don’t say Dog Park. Shh.)

Molly is a lab and she loves to run after the balls. So we pick up four or five (since Jeff has her mostly trained to drop one while she’s running for the next) and walk around the DP tossing ball after ball. Most of the balls are a faded Oscar the Grouch green. Some look like they used to be yellow, and occaisionally we spot a real live Chuckit ball, of the orange and blue variety that we know someone paid big bucks for and lost in the weeds and mud at the DP.

WE love those balls. They are special. We look for them. Do they last longer? I don’t know. But they stand out compared to the faded tennis balls. We can spot them when Molly loses one in the brush.

martha stewart dog ballsBut one day we found a pink ball. Not just any pink ball. (Most of the tennis balls are hot pink, but this one was a very pretty pastel pink.)We loved the ball. It stood out against the mud and the drought ridden weeds. It bounced and flew and didn’t even break when Molly savaged it with her 85 pound jaws.

And guess what brand it was.

Martha Stewart.

Yes, Martha Stewart has balls.

Pale blue, pale pink, and a very rebellious red. Just in case the standard tennis balls aren’t good enough for your pooch, you can have a special balls. Just like Martha.

And only $5.99 each.

Considering how fragile balls are when you tear at them with your teeth, I think these are a little pricey, but it may be worth it to you to color co-ordinate with your leash and collar set. Me? Well, Jeff, Molly and I, we’ll be hoping for more people to lose theirs at the DP. And when we donate our balls they’ll be of the usual variety. Used.

Having fun in November? I’m still Nanoing it, check in HERE for my progress on my gorgeous word count progress meter. Want one for yourself? Click HERE to find out all about them. Need your own new set of balls? Click HERE, and you too can have balls just like Martha Stewart.


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