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I’m stuck at the Mall!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I’ll keep it short and sweet as I’m actually writing this on Friday and yes, I still have Christmas shopping to do. It’s awful, but I’m not a good shopper. Every year I plan to be done early because I dislike crowds and leaving it late means I’m bogged down in the worst crowds of the year. (With the exception of the return lines in January)

What I should do is shop online, but that is just as bad. It takes too much time. This is why I like one stop shopping. I like to go to one store, with my list, and get it all done. Kohl’s is my hero! They have almost everything I need. Between Kohl’s and Michaels I can get ninety nine percent of my shopping done and not have to go to the mall. But then there is that pesky one percent left.

And that’s what I face today. I face the mall. I need something (and I can’t type it here because the person is sure to look) and I have looked at Kohl’s and been let down. They don’t have it. So I’m forced to make the trek to the mall and deal with the granite floors that hurt my joints (don’t say I’m getting old, my joints started to hurt at 20). I have to push my way through the crowds and figure out where I am by the map on the kiosk. If I can find a kiosk.

At least there are no tele-marketers at the mall. I remember a time when they would loiter in the hallways trying to get you to take surveys, or watch ads in a tiny room and give your opinion. No longer are we subjected to that. But there will be crowds. And the worst part about shopping. Making the decision.

That’s my real issue. Can I get this particular item in the store (that’s a half mile walk down the granite pathways) cheaper? Will it be nicer? Or if I walk all the way down there will they be out?

How much time will it really take to buy one item once I get into the trap that is the mall?

With any luck I’ll be finished by the end of today. Otherwise, I’ll be out shopping Christmas Eve with the crazed husbands. (shudder)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good write!


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