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Ahoy Sea Serpent

Today is the day! All month excited Third Campaigners have been working on the Choose Your Own Adventure Bloghop the brain child of Kerry. If you don’t remember the amazing Choose Your Own Adventure books then this is how it works. First you go to Kerry’s site and read the begining of the adventure. Then you will make a decision. Click on the link to the site that has the next section and you will hop over to the next site. Then continue to read and make decisions till you read, The End. Each time you are faced with a decision you can change the story.

If you haven’t started at Kerry’s post, please click on the Adventure Starts here and begin.

If you are here because you made a the decision to Turn and swim away as fast as you can -without bursting your lungs, then read on.

Jessica’s entry: Turn and swim away as fast as you can-without bursting your lungs.

You turn away and swim as fast as you can go and head for a shadow that looks like it might be a pile of rocks you can hide behind. You glance over your shoulder at the creature. Its mouth opens wide, incisors gleaming in the purple glow of the dome. You swim faster. You are terrified of being sucked in or once again being held prisoner of the snaky tongue, but instead a loud bubbling wail comes out of the huge maw.

The pressure from the beast’s wail sends the water surging and you are carried away on the tremendous current. Seeing rocks ahead you cling to your oxygen tank and swim frantically for their possible shelter. But the awkward weight and shape of the tank is too much and the pulse of the swell carries you past.

When the swell finally slows down and you are able to look around, you find yourself far from the glowing purple dome and the creature. Instead you are floating near a coral reef in sunny clear, but deep, water. Bright Caribbean sun illuminates a school of hundreds of flat dazzling  yellow fish that swim in a dizzying array around you. The loud snaps and crackles of the reef echo in your ears under the bright water and you are amazed by the variety of creatures that lure you to explore.

You swim further into the reef. Without fins the going is slow, and you must watch out and keep your bare toes from touching the viciously sharp coral. Keeping an eye on the coral, and looking from side to side at the unbelievable amount of ocean life swimming through the reef, you come around a clump of sea grass and suddenly the reef drops off into a deep abyss.

Down below you spy what you think is the top of a mast. Excitement thrums through your veins. You have stumbled across a sunken ship.

You swim closer, anxious to see just what treasure might be inside the ship that has lain undiscovered for years. As you draw closer to the ship you notice the windows emanating an unearthly green glow.

Just as you are about to swim down, through the garbled sound of the water you think you hear something that might be the horn of a large ship. Your oxygen is getting lower. Should you take the chance and explore?

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