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Rom Con 2012

Sensational Saturday

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Before I get to my topic, I want to remind you about the CRW blog hop. Check out the list HERE and don’t forget there are prizes. Most stops have a free book and at the end we’ll have a gift card drawing, so check out your favorite CRW authors today!

Rom Con 2012 is fast approaching and I’m excited to say that they sent an offer to all their attending authors stating that if we posted two blogs about Rom Con, they would give us some tickets to give away to our readers! So here goes!

I attended RomCon 2011 as a reader, and vowed that I’d be back as an author. Little did I know that my contract for Little Red Riding Wolf would be accepted by Passion in Print Press about a month later. So this year I am attending as an author!

A a reader I found something I didn’t even know existed, a reader centered conference all about romance. We played silly games with our favorite authors and got to know them in a way I never thought I could. I met people like Jessa Slade,  Kimberly Frost and Darynda Jones. And brought home more free books than I could carry.

It was a blast, and this year should be just as fun. I’m very excited about attending the paranormal dinner. This year it’s all about science fiction and representing your species. I’ll have to find a suitable werewolf or fairy costume. Fairy sounds more comfortable, and I think we have wings somewhere!

And I’m going to be a dealer at Monte Carlo night too! I have special gifties for the first fifty people to come to my table. And ML Guida will be a character in the mystery at Monte Carlo that will be going on while everyone is playing cards and having fun. Can’t wait to see who did it.

Tune in next blog to hear about Chocolate Mangasm, Build a Hero, and speed dating authors. Or check out the Rom Con 2012 website and explore. They have book giveaways and a newsletter sign up too. And leave a comment today and on the next Rom Con blog and I’ll have a drawing for those promised free tickets. Comment to enter and win!

Have you ever been  to a conference? Was it centered on writing, business or fun? Have you ever attended a star-con, comic-con or manga-con? What was your favorite part? Shopping? Activities? Being star struck?


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