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Can the Big Bad Wolf Become the Hero?

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Alpha males. Alpha females. Paranormal romances have both and when you have strong protagonists you have to have strong antagonists. But what do you do when you know you are going to have to turn that antagonist into the hero of the next book? Is it even possible?

When I had finished my novella, Little Red Riding Wolf, I knew I had the potential for a sequel in the antagonist Seth. But in order for Little Red’s plot to work, he needed to be a bad wolf. A very bad wolf. And he is bad. He’s angry, and impulsive, and there is an edge to him that has him teetering on irredeemable.

But is he irredeemable?

Sullen and dark, he’s Red’s brother and ultimately his motivation is good. He loves her, he loves the Pack, and he is just trying to do what’s right. His problem is that he is willing to cross any lines for anyone he loves. And that has all the makings of a hero.

After all what is an alpha hero but a tortured soul looking for redemption? Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books are full of them, and in fact the best ones have the darkest heroes. Zarek, from Dance with the Devil, is a good example.He’s so dark and tortured even the other Dark Hunters think he’s over the edge. And yet he finds redemption and love.

I think that is what really makes paranormal alpha heroes different from beta heroes or even from alpha heroes in other genres. Frequently they are dark and brooding because they are atoning for a sin, or a perceived sin. Or they are laboring under punishment from someone else for doing something wrong for the right reasons.

Sometimes, as in Laurel K. Hamilton‘s works, they are good men with bad natures. The vampires can’t help being vampires. They is what they is. It’s what they do with it that counts in the end.

Can Seth come back from his near brush with the dark side? Can he go from being the Big Bad Wolf to being the Alpha Hero? I’m finding out right now as I plot his story, and I think it is going to be interesting plumbing the depths of someone who is willing to do anything for those he loves. Even when he falls in love with the enemy.

Do you like dark tortured heroes? Why or why not? Who are your favorite dark heroes? Were they bad in another book or series? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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