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NaNoWriMo is Coming…Are Your Prepared?

Moonday Mania

some NaNoWriMo ispiration!

black nanowrimo winner t shirt

Have to win Nano this year because the shirt is amazing!

National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us and I’m so not ready! I’m working hard on my third book in the Tales of the Dark Court series, but for NaNoWriMo you really should start a new book fresh on November first, and then work through to the end of the month. Usually I have an outline and I’m ready to go, but not this year. So I thought I’d put together a mash-up of some advice out there on getting going with Nano and help jump start my writing.

Post one: Bob Mayer

If you are an author and haven’t heard of Bob’s fabulous writing course, Write It Forward, then click on the link and you too can be posting fabulous Bob quotes on your refrigerator. It’s not really a course on how to write, but on how to move your writing career forward. Actually, it can apply to almost anything in your life you need help moving forward on. Now Bob has a NaNoWriMo Survival Kit with not only Write it Forward, but also How to Write The Book: The Novel Writer’s Toolkit and How to Succeed in Today’s Digital World: How We Made Our First Million on Kindle. All for $9.99. Frankly, I’d pay that for just Write it Forward, so I think it’s a fabulous deal.

He’s also blogging about writing and has fabulous Nano tips on his blog. You can check out his post on Why Do You Write and get started getting motivated for Nano!


Post two: Bella Andre.

The folks at Nanowrimo recruit “pep talker authors to send emails to your inbox throughout the month of November. Now, you have to wait until Nano actually starts to get this year’s fabulous line up, but if you go to the Nano site you can read past years and get motivated. I saw Bella Andre talk at this summer’s RWA writer’s convention and she is amazing! Not only is she beautiful and multi-published, but she is a go-getter. Reading that she has trouble getting writing really made me realize that I’m not alone. Everyone struggles. Even authors who write 11 books in 30 months. Go figure! Click on the link below and check out her 2013 Nano pep talk.


Post three: Julie Daines

And last, but not least, some tried and true tips to get you started from author Julie Daines. What I think is cool about Julie is that ALL of her published books are Nano books. Just imagine if you did that, every year you would publish at least one book. Love it! My goals are to publish at least one full length book and one short one every year, but imagine if I could add in one more and write and publish three a year. I could Nano a short in the fall, and Nano a short at Camp Nano in the spring. It’s got me thinking!

While you’re on Julie’s site make sure you check out her pictures of her ideal house at the bottom of her home page. I want to live there too!


So, are you going to Nano now? I’m working on getting my word count up when I sit down to write. I’m now at 1,600+ every time I write. That’s really good for Nano. Now I need to work on getting that done every day. Or get that number up to 3k!

Tell me your Nano plans. Are you going to try it? Have you Nano’d in the past? How did it go?

Still need some help? Check out the Nano Prep Page HERE and get started today!

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