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Ashes is here!



Just for you, I’ve put ASHES, my brand new fantasy romance, up everywhere, so it’s available on Ibooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

This way every single one of you get’s a chance to read the book in their preferred venue.

And because I love you, it’s only 99 cents!


Alas, I have a car payment now and that baby needs to be paid every month, so the price will be going up, up, up in just a few days!


I’ll be taking ASHES down from every distributor except for AMAZON.  So, if you want ASHES on iBOOKS, KOBO  or BARNES & NOBLE, buy it today before it’s gone.

Here’s the link: https://books2read.com/ashesromance


If so, then you have the choice—Buy Ashes during release week ONLY for only 99 cents…
or wait, and I’ll put it up on Kindle Unlimited, just after release when I raise the price.

Thank you!


P.S. Hurry and buy the book during release week for the low, low, very limited price of 99 cents. After that, the price will be going up, up, up!!!

Click HERE to download for only 99cents!


ashes by jessica aspen

ASHES: a twisted Cinderella tale of romance and magic

Princess Ellasin has been living a life of drudgery in her own castle working for her step-mother, the Crimson Queen. When sexy, devil-may-care Finn Aduain breaks in and invites her to take a walk on the wild side, instead of danger—Ella sees opportunity.

Disgraced prince turned charming thief— Finn has his own secrets. But when he meets the charmingly innocent ash-girl, he’s intrigued. Seducing Ella into leaving the life she’s always known becomes his new mission.

Desperate for power, the queen has decreed a ball for Ella’s step-sisters to find husbands and Ella decides—this is the perfect night to escape. With the assistance of Finn, the castle ghost, and her own surprisingly strong magic, Ella finally discovers freedom. But freedom comes at a price. Ella learns that her step-mother drained Ella’s father of his life and his magic—and now intends to drain her too. Ella vows to take back her throne and put an end to her step-mother, once and for all.

Dare to discover Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance in her brand new twisted fairy tale series: Tales of the Crimson Court

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WOOT! It’s almost time for fairy tale romance!

Hi there!

Super excited to be unveiling the cover for ASHES, the first book in the TALES OF THE CRIMSON COURT. My cover artist spent a lot of time getting this one just right, including changing not only Finn’s eyes to this luscious blue, and adding subtle blue highlights to his hair, but making sure he has the ears of an elf! You wouldn’t believe how hard that is. 🙂

And I love the darling pumpkin coach, it looks just like the one in the book!

An enslaved princess, a charming thief, and a power-hungry step-mother out for revenge…

ASHES: a twisted Cinderella tale of romance and magic

I hope you love it as much as I do and look forward to hearing your opinion on the newly renamed Facebook group: Jessica Aspen Book Party!

Have a great day!

Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at http://JessicaAspen.com

Your Jessica Aspen Starter Library is waiting.

Click HERE to discover Jessica Aspen’s fast-paced world of paranormal romance

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DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase. Myself and my coffee fund thank you! 🙂

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