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The Dark Huntsman is RELEASED

Moonday Mania

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The Dark Huntsman, my fantasy romance, has been RELEASED! And it’s now available in both print and Kindle versions on Amazon! I’ll be hopping around to lots of guest blogs this month, today I’m on Joan Leacott’s blog, Wednesday is Gloria Richard, and Friday is Romance and Beyond. For a full schedule  of where I’ll be check out my NEWS page and my Google Calendar. It has all the latest updates on blogs and personal appearances.

the dark huntsman by jessica aspenOn Friday, October 4th, 2013, I hit publish on Amazon and sent out the announcement to all my newsletter subscribers. What an amazing feeling to finally have my first full length book out there in the world. I love my novellas with Passion in Print, they’ll always be the first books I put out there. But, The Dark Huntsman: A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court, is the first full length book I ever finished. And it’s the first book I’ve been able to hold in my hand and say, “Yes, Mom, it’s a real book.”

And I already have a few sales. 🙂 Thank you newsletter people! This is the first time I’ve ever sent out a newsletter and it was way easier than I ever thought it could be. All thanks to Mailchimp.

Getting this book to market has been way more challenging than my Passion in Print books. At PIP, my editor Lawan Williams, shepherded me through the process. All I had to do was get my edits done and turn them in on time. Of course there were three rounds of edits and then the proofreading, but since they were all novellas it was super easy.

For The Dark Huntsman I had to do all of that, plus play the part of Lawan. And let me tell you, that’s a lot of work. And worry. I also had to make decisions that the owner of the company would make. How many rounds of edits? Who would do the editing? Who should I use for a cover artist? How much money could I spend.

And I had to write the checks. Or, actually, push PAY on the Paypal button!

I’m thrilled to have the final, physical, product in my hands. I love the book and the way the print version feels. I can’t wait to open up my box full of copies of The Dark Huntsman and get them out to my Goodreads Giveaway Recipients. If you are a member of Goodreads you can still sign up to win a PRINT copy, and if you’re not, why not join? Goodreads is a fun site where you can keep track of all your reading. It’s a virtual TBR shelf. There are fabulous chatrooms and giveaways too.

I chose to do Kindle Select with this book, so the e-book is available only on Amazon for 90 days. Nowhere else. If you read the article next Monday here, you’ll find out why. And, if you need to purchase the e-book from a different site, it will be available in January across many different e-outlets. So be patient, it will happen!

I want to thank everyone who has come with me on this amazing journey and let you know, this is just the beginning. Not only do I have The Dark Huntsman coming out, but book two in The Tales of the Black Court, Prince by Blood and Bone, will be out in December 2013. And I’m still on pace for my spicy, gothic, new adult, Christmas romance, Ghosts of Christmas Past. That one should be out in late November. (Although I’m having a little trouble typing with my crossed fingers!)

Any questions? What would you like to know about The Dark Huntsman, Prince by Blood and Bone, Tales of the Black Court or my writing in general. I always check back and answer my comments, so feel free! Thanks again for all your support, I couldn’t even think of doing this without all my online peeps. 🙂

Oh, and don’t forget…Buy The Dark Huntsman on Amazon today. 🙂


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