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All Romance Ebooks, B&N, and other Venues

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It’s official! Abracadabra Publishing is now on All Romance Ebooks and Barnes and Noble. You can get The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court in both epub and mobi formats on ARe, and epub on Barnes and Noble.

After working with Amazon I was a little nervous to load somewhere new, but ARe went off without too many hitches. The interface was a little tricky, and it had to have a cover photo of a very precise nature, but after several tries (and an emergency email to my cover artist) I got it loaded. And I’m super excited! This is the first time The Dark Huntsman has been available anywhere besides Amazon and Createspace.

all romance ebooks

If you haven’t gone over to check out All Romance Ebooks, you should. They are a dedicated romance readers website, so they not only have some fabulous books, but they also have a great support for them. The ARe Cafe has interviews and reviews of books available on the site, and there are even purchase incentive programs available.

One of the nice things is that many of the books are available in different formats, so if you have one of the esoteric e-readers, then you can still find books to read. I had the choice of several different formats, but I only loaded mobi and epub. Those are the most popular formats, and they are the two that I’ve done successfully. At least I hope they are a success!

It is a member site, they  have a form of chat and I think you can find a reading buddy, as well. Since it’s all romance, it’s easy to search for what you want. And you won’t get children’s adventure books! All four of my books are available there and I was able to find them by title, publisher, or by author, without any trouble. They also let authors post information about themselves and blog. I’ll be a guest on their blog in February writing about Happily Every Afters in my stories, something I hope I know a little about.

Now that I’m free of the restrictions of Kindle Select I not only have the book up on ARe, but also Barnes and Noble and soon Kobo and Ibooks.

If you’ve read any of my books and have posted reviews on Goodreads or Amazon, please consider leaving a review on Barnes and Noble as well. I don’t seem to have as many reviews there and the only one for The Dark Huntsman was someone who apparently doesn’t even like paranormal romance, and got my heroine’s name wrong. Needless to say, I would love a few more reviews from readers who actually like paranormal romance. Why read and review something if you don’t even like the genre?

If you do leave a review, please leave me a comment here and let me know, I’ll be sure to check it out.

So, whether you have a kindle or use a format that takes epub, you can now download The Dark Huntsman on three different venues. And when Prince by Blood and Bone, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court comes out, I’ll be uploading it to all three right away. No more Kindle Select in the near future. I enjoyed testing it out, and it was nice to not have to deal with uploading to or learning about so many new websites, but from now on I’ll be placing my eggs in lots of baskets.

What type of e reader do you use? Do you prefer to shop on the zon, or one of the smaller sites? Have you ever checked out ARe’s site? Leave a comment, inquiring minds would love to know!

Prince by Blood and Bone is almost ready for release!


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