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Finding time Part II with author Lynn Cahoon

Thursdays Bite

Guest blogger extraordinaire!

Welcome back to author Lynn Cahoon. Lynn’s post on finding time was extrememely popular and I’m thrilled to have her back here with not only more on the same topic but a second fae paranormal book to  follow up her fantastic first paranormal, A Member of the Council. Lynn is one of the amazing members of my GaimX5 Goal setting group, and I’ve loved watching her this year as she comes out with book after book. Congrats Lynn on your huge success this year and on managing your time!

Last visit (https://jessicaaspen.com/2013/05/09/finding-time-with-author-lynn-cahoon/) I talked about cementing your dream – What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

This visit, I thought we’d get down to some detail work or how to plan what you’re going to do.

First, let’s set a goal – After signing my first two contracts last March, I knew I wanted to write the sequels to both series while the editors still knew my name.   Return of the Fae was my summer project. Although I wasn’t contracted for either of the two sequels, I set deadlines for myself.  And both books were completed and sold.

I want to write a book.

Good goal, but how will you know when you’re done?  And how are you going to start? Let’s try again.

I want to write a category length book by the end of the summer.

Okay, better but still that’s kind of vague, let’s tighten it up a tad.

I will have a completed first draft of a 55,000 word book by the end of September.

Much better.  This one is specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and time-based – or SMART.

Now that we have our goal, we can look at our calendar and figure out how much time we have to write. Starting today there are 21 days left in July – 31 in August – 30 in September. (You can subtract days here if you’re going on vacation or can’t write on Sunday’s but for now, I’m leaving them all in.)  So 82 days until I am done.

55,000 words (the average size of a category romance) divided by 82 days equals 671 words a day. Or 4697 words a week.

Totally doable.  Or, if that’s not reachable for you, you’ll have to kick out that deadline.

I like planning by the week because if I know I won’t have time to write on a Monday (day job deadlines, soccer practice, guitar lessons) then I just have to double up my words on another day (usually Saturday) and I can still meet my goal.

I know what you’re thinking – Sounds good, but it will never work for me.  And if you are thinking that, you’re right, it won’t work.  Before I said the magic is in the work. And I believe that. You have to find your own rhythm and how the process works for you.

And if you’re not meeting your weekly word count because you’re too busy?  At least you have something to show for the summer.  Half a book is better than an idea floating around in your head.  If you don’t meet your goal, adjust it.

Final word on the subject?  Write. Write hard. Write often.

What’s your favorite goal achieving tip?

return of the fae by author lynn cahoonReturn of the Fae

A witch in training, a hunter on the prowl, and a world in jeopardy.

Learning the rules of being a witch takes years, but Parris McCall needs to master them in only weeks. Ty Wallace is going mad with his desire for Parris, but she’s a distraction in his quest to find Coven X before they take The Council and everyone he knows down.

The couple searches for Ty’s mentor, but he’s disappeared. Their only clue comes from a banished witch. When they return, not only are their own lives threatened, but a new life hangs in the balance.

Available at Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Return-of-the-Fae-ebook/dp/B00DJVH8V6

lynn cahoon authorBIO – Lynn Cahoon is a contemporary romance author with a love of hot, sexy men, real and imagined. Her alpha heroes range from rogue witch hunters, modern cowboys, or hot doctors, sexy in scrubs. And her heroines all have one thing in common, their strong need for independence. Or at least that’s what they think they want.


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Finding Time with author Lynn Cahoon

Thursdays Bite

I first met Lynn Cahoon through my Gaim Goal Setting Group and while we’ve never actually met in person I feel like I know her very well. We’ve shared our ups and downs in life and in publishing over the last three years and my goal setting internet friends are some of the people I make sure I stay in touch with during  life’s chaos. From a small band of totally unpublished authors our group now has a preponderance of published authors and one of the most prolific is Lynn. How she finds the time and the energy to do all she does is a mystery to me, but I sit back in awe at all she’s accomplished over the last few years. Please welcome multi-published and multi-genre author, Lynn Cahoon.


I’ve been approached by several people who, after finding out I’m a writer, express their own dreams. They want to write or sing or (fill in the blank here). But right now isn’t a great time for them to strike out on their own. Or try something new.

I wonder when the right time would be.

I used to feel the same way, someday, when things settled down, I would write the great American novel. Then I found out that for some of us, someday never comes. I’m not going all pity party for Lynn here. But having cancer really slapped me in the face and made me realize that tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

Failure isn’t a bad thing. It teaches us lessons. Especially people like me who need to experience something to learn it. Writers fail all the time. We fail to snag the agent. We fail to get a request from our pitch.  We fail to win the attention of an editor from a partial.  But sometimes we win.  And those are the good days.

I’ve said before that playing the writer game is like being hooked on crack. Especially after you earn some success, you want more.  Faster responses, more yes’s, and bigger wins.  And the rejections get bigger too. But it’s the work you do when no one’s looking. The day to day word count or the hours of edits to complete a project. That’s where the true magic in writing lies.  In the stuff that’s not sexy. In the days we aren’t hanging out at conferences with other writers, agents, editors, or even, cover models. We work on a sentence or a page and after we’re done, we do it again.

Over and over.

We create something out of thin air and when we’re done, we have a story. That’s the magic.

But the magic only works when we put in the elbow grease.  And treat the process with respect.

So today is your challenge. What are you going to do today to take a step toward your dream?  I’ve got my list, what’s on yours?

a member of the council by lynn cahoonA Member of the Council, Book 1 of The Council Series. 

A rogue hunter, a clueless witch and a mission to save an unknowing world. 

Parris McCall, owner of the dive bar, The Alibi, has finally constructed a life where her little quirks don’t show or matter to anyone. As for her grandmother’s warnings that she’s different, well, she’ll cross that bridge if she comes to it. But when Ty walks into her bar, both lives are instantly changed.

Ty Wallace loves his life. How could he not? He’s a powerful human lawyer by day and the Magic Council’s rogue witch hunter by night. But after he agrees to substitute on his secretary’s dart team, all hell breaks loose. Now Ty has to help Parris admit who she is before her long-lost relatives kill her.

e -Book http://www.amazon.com/A-Member-Council-ebook/dp/B00A262YW4

Goodreads –http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5857424.Lynn_Cahoon

Twitter – https://twitter.com/LynnCahoon

Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/LynnCahoonAuthor

Website – http://lynncahoon.wordpress.com/

Amazon author page – http://www.amazon.com/Lynn-Cahoon/e/B0082PWOAO/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Lyrical press – http://lyricalpress.com/a-member-of-the-council/

lynn cahoon authorBIO – Lynn Cahoon is a contemporary romance author with a love of hot, sexy men, real and imagined. Her alpha heroes range from rogue witch hunters, modern cowboys, or hot doctors, sexy in scrubs. And her heroines all have one thing in common, their strong need for independence. Or at least that’s what they think they want.


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