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January Goals 2016

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It’s that time again! Goal setting time!

I’ve fallen off of the posting wagon, but rest assured I’ve still been setting and checking off goals. Even when fighting the killer virus I looked at my goals and moaned in despair, but I still looked! So here’s what I posted last January and what I accomplished.

Here are my goals for 2015:

  1. Publish book 2.5, Cassie’s backstory from just before Broken Mirror. done
  2. Publish Broken Mirror, book three in the Tales of the Black Court. done
  3. Re-brand and publish the three novellas in the Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods series done (published 1/2/2016 but all the work was done in 2015)
  4. Write three more novellas for Twisted Tales Series and publish. written and they will be published 2016
  5. Write fourth book in the Tales of the Black Court. (Would love to have this out and published by end of 2015, but realistically it’s looking like 2016. But I’m going to try!) Definitely 2016-not done
  6. Put all 6 Twisted Tales into an anthology. (This is also a bonus goal, but I think it’s doable!) I pushed this one into 2016

Overall it was a good year.

Of course I had a few bumps in the fall that made me fall behind, but I got nearly everything done on the list and I learned a lot. One of the things I learned is how I like to arrange my writing schedule, so I’m looking forward to putting that into place in the new year.

And in addition to these goals I actually completed my very first Nanowrimo goal during the July camp. WOOT! Someday I’ll actually write the 50k and hit the November goal, but in the meantime I’m celebrating my Camp Nano success.

Now on to 2016!

  1. Publish CINDER, SCARLETT & SILVER, the next three books in Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance
  2. Write 2 books in the Tales of the Black Court
  3. Publish 2 books in the Tales of the Black Court
  4. Write an additional novella TBD
  5. blog a little more consistently
  6. keep up with my newsletter and new street team
  7. Put the Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romances into boxed sets
  8. Write more!

I like my KISS philosophy of last year for the blog post. I have a super detailed goals list for myself where I chart and put things on the calendar, but this is the basics. If I get all of this done I will consider my year a success!

How are your goals for 2015? Did you get any of them done? A few? All of them? Leave a comment in the box below and let me know how you did. And let me know what you’re looking forward to accomplishing in the New Year!

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